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Kathie Walters: "GETTIN READY for the Movement of God--NOW is the TIME to DECIDE WHAT YOU BELIEVE"

by Kathie Walters
Feb 5, 2008


kathie waltersNiagara Falls, Revival and Suddenlies

We all love the thought of a powerful move of God. As God moves, we think "souls saved, healing, miracles, and demonstrations of God's presence." In the Hebrides Revival of 1948-1952, the presence of God literally chased people and whole towns were saved. (You can read about this in my book, Bright Shining Revival.)

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God showed me several years ago that His coming move is going to be like the downpour of Niagara Falls. I was standing in that water and it was swirling around my feet, drawing me towards the Falls. The thunderous noise got closer and closer as I was being drawn under it. It was frightening in the natural. God asked me, "How would you like to get under that?"

It was overwhelming to see that God's power is not something we can control or fit into our comfort zones. Although God will override stiff-necked people if there are others who are sold out to Him, let us remember from past revivals, God will leave a place if people continually resist Him. Every revival has ended in control and the Spirit of God has withdrawn when He is continually resisted. We have to learn to discern the will of God and know what He has for us. The enemy would like to take you in the opposite direction of the will of God. There is no such thing as a revival that doesn't interrupt your life and lifestyle.

This year there will be a lot of suddenlies! Be ready. Be at the door. Sometimes doors open and close quickly. When God gives you a suddenly door, you won't want to be procrastinating; it may close before you can make up your mind.

Hidden Things, an Unusual Encounter and Moving of the Spirit

Although miracles and such take place, many things are shaken when God really does show up. For one, all kinds of things dormant or hidden come to the surface. I have been around churches where everything seemed to be fine and generally speaking, people were happy, not facing much of a challenge or anything. But when God begins to show up, many things are suddenly made obvious because the light shines on those things which are not seen by the natural eye. Like I said, things begin to shake. People who seem happy sitting there Sunday by Sunday, suddenly take offense when they see things maybe they haven't seen before. Maybe someone starts to confess sins, and that can make people uncomfortable. Or maybe some people start to weep, cry and laugh, and that also can make some people uncomfortable.

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Years ago, David and I were ministering to a group where God greatly manifested. We were birthed into the spirit realm in revival, and we were used to seeing the manifestations of His presence. We were on an island off the south coast of England, staying at a Christian guesthouse and held meetings in a hall, attached to the house. God was moving and we were having a good time. After a Sunday night meeting, most of us moved on into the guesthouse for some snacks, while some of the teenagers stayed behind in the hall. They were standing in a circle and worshiping the Lord. There was a young teenage lad among them who had just been saved that morning.

As we were drinking our tea and chatting in the guesthouse, there came the sound of running feet from the hall. Voices were yelling, "David, Kathie come quick." As we went in, we saw the teens still standing in a circle. The young man who had been saved that day was actually on the floor, kneeling, and his right arm was outstretched with his finger pointing. His arm was moving around the room. As his finger pointed to one of the other kids in the circle, they would fall to the floor and start to confess things as the Spirit of God moved on them. The other kids were trying to run away, but their feet were glued to the floor, and they were unable to get out of the way. We just watched until the last one hit the floor. The young teenage lad who God was using in this way did not know afterwards what really happened.

Afterward, we went back into the guesthouse and told some of the people what had happened. People there were still drinking their tea and coffee, and snacking on cookies. Suddenly we heard a noise. To me it sounded like a train which came closer and closer. The presence of God which had taken over in the hall was now moving toward the guesthouse. I saw people trying to put down their mugs and plates before His presence got to them. (I don't know how to explain this really, except to say that you knew God's presence was going to come upon you.) As the presence of God (the train) came upon people, they would hit the floor and start to weep, confessing things to each other. After a while that seemed to lift and people were tearstained but glowing, and the glory of God was on them.

The Holy Spirit had moved on to the upper floor where the children had been asleep. He moved on them and woke them up, dealing with their hearts as well. Then suddenly the children came running down the stairs weeping. By the way, God doesn't leave out the children; they don't have a junior Holy Spirit. I have seen a room full of kids in a trance being lifted up into Heaven, as well as roomfuls of adults lifted up too. There is so much joy in the presence of God. He wants to sweep you away in the Spirit.

In the Hebrides Revival, the intercessors would leave their body for a week at a time--that's what I call abandonment! (There is a firsthand account of this in my book Bright and Shining Revival as mentioned above.) I have seen things like this many times and sometimes, the people get offended. That's usually because of religious and old mindsets. Some don't like the uncomfortable feeling of God taking over and the control of man being put under. When God takes over, anything can happen.

Have a Spirit of Abandonment--Decide Now What You Believe

In the 5th-6th century in Ireland, there were monks who were called the Peregrini. These monks would get into a little boat in the shores of Ireland. The boat had no rudder and no oars, just a sail. They trusted God to send the winds to take them where they were supposed to go. They had amazing adventures and appointments with God. (This story is in my book, Celtic Flames.) I would call this a spirit of abandonment to the purposes of God, wouldn't you? That is what is required if you really want God to come in His power. I don't mean you have to get in a boat, but you must have that same spirit of abandonment to the purposes of God. You can't keep telling Him what to do or how to do it. Let God be God.

God is looking for His sons and daughters to rise up and be who He has called them to be--the sons and daughters of the Most High God. He doesn't want you to just work for Him, and He isn't running around the world trying to recruit workers for the Kingdom. Learn to really get in and stay in the anointing. Most of all, have the spirit of abandonment to Him and His awesome purposes just like the Peregrini did. Everything you need is in the anointing of God on your life. He has put His desires deep in your heart so that when you yield to Him, it's delightful because it's in your heart. As the psalmist says in Psalm 40:8, "I delight to do Thy will, oh my God."

A friend of mine, Pastor Alan Ryden who is from Alaska, was recently in the seas for 10 hours in 30 foot waves when his boat capsized. Let me tell you, the devil's intention was to take him out. It's a good thing he had already decided what he believed before he got into that situation. He did not have the time to start questioning and figuring out the situation, he was simply abandoned to God.

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Don't wait until God is moving strong before you decide what you want. Don't wait to decide what to believe when you have a crisis. Decide now what you believe. Don't wait until you are sick before you really decide what you believe about healing. Don't wait to decide whether or not you want the river of God to flow in your life when His move comes. You will waste precious time standing on the bank, trying to understand what's happening instead of getting into the river. Sometimes the river isn't flowing in a calm way; sometimes it can be tumultuous and scary. But if it's from God, it's OK isn't it?

We must have a spirit of abandonment to God. People in my meetings have been abandoned to God, saying, "Whatever" to Him. This is a good thing to say, keep saying it. Have a "whatever" heart. You will come out the right way up. I'm telling you, now is the time to get ready. Now is the time to decide what you believe.

Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries

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