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KIM CLEMENT: "A Cure for Autism, Alzheimer's, Diabetes and Rare Forms of Cancer Are Already in the Making"

By Kim Clement
Nov 8, 2007

"A Cure for Autism, Alzheimer's, Diabetes and Rare Forms of Cancer Are Already in the Making"


October 20, 2007--Frederick, Maryland

The Spirit of God says, "There's a wall, a strong sturdy wall built by Ahab." God says tonight, "I want you to press in for the wall must be shut down." For God said, "Victory must come with a blast and a shout. There is a strong wall that is coming down in the Northeast. Therefore--pray, shout!"

God says, "I want to hear the sound of a people that knew, and now know, that they will not tolerate the control of religious power. You came to obtain religious freedom," but God said, "in this day, you have received religious bondage. Therefore tonight, receive and obtain the freedom that you came to this Nation for: spiritual liberty, spiritual freedom. Let this wall come down!"

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Dead bones, live! Dead bones, live! Generation, they call you dead, but God said, "You will live and you will be a great army. Live!"

The Spirit of God says, "I hear the sound, the familiar sound that I heard when I confronted Abram at the Ur of the Chaldeans and said, 'Get out of your family, get out of your country, get out of your father's house, and I will send you to a place.' That same faith is distinct. For that kind of faith leads to friendship with God. Did I not call Abraham My friend, forever? The everlasting covenant is your comfort."

For God said, "There is an everlasting covenant, long before you were born, and what existed in that covenant is available tonight. The distinct faith that Abraham had is in this place, in the soil of the northeast as well. There shall be a greater faith than has ever been, for the spirit of acceleration has taken its time proceeding from the West Coast to the east, but it has come."

"The rock that could not submit water will now bring forth--gush forth--water in abundance by the Spirit. Your scientists shall say even as close as the month of December, 'What we have found, what we have discovered in a root, will bring significant changes to our Nation's progress with the crisis of energy.' Crisis? Ha," says the Spirit of God. "Crisis is hidden opportunity for Me."

"No, there is no danger, but as you come before Me tonight, before the prophet in the house--that the prophet is created for the Lord to speak. As you have been lifted up and the walls have been coming down, I say to you--what has come in and entered into your atmosphere is a massive Spirit of acceleration." Now God says, "What you've struggled with, what you have struck, what you have labored for--now shall be released in the presence of Jehovah in this place, tonight."

"A faith is attracting Me, a faith is calling Me, and your praise filled with faith has struck the heart of the angel of the east. Not the angel of the Middle East, but the angel of the east of the United States of America. There is a snake hidden in the capitol." God said, "I will bring it out. And this exposure shall cause the Nation to shake," but God said, "the shaking is good for America. You are about to embark on a journey that you have never embarked upon and from the south of your land, and throughout the middle of your country, from the west to the south, and east and north they shall say, 'This has never ever happened before in our country, in our culture.'"

God said, "I'm gonna do something that I've never done before and you will hear the marketplace saying, 'Truly, we have to reevaluate our belief system,' and I will jar the laws of this country." And God said, "I will give you what you've been praying for." God said, "Fear not, a miraculous intervention has taken place tonight. Take it for yourself, for your house and rejoice," says the Lord, "for this has never ever happened before! This has never ever happened before, this has never ever happened before. It's a miracle, a supernatural miracle!"

"I will strike at the United Nations," says the Spirit of God. "I will strike at the United Nations," for God says, "They have stolen from Me, they have stolen from America. They have taken from the Nation that has allowed them the soil to build and to help and give aid to other nations. But they've not done it." God said, "The Church shall arise to the occasion. I will strike at the United Nations and give you what you have to do in this day and age," says the Spirit of God.

God said, "I'm taking this region that has been closed and there shall be scientific breakthroughs, political breakthrough." And God says these words to you, "I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For your Christmas shall be the exciting Christmas season of exposure and triumph. Christ, like never before, shall be exposed on the networks over your Christmas season in a way that will bring salvation, in a way that will bring deliverance. And your New Year," says the Lord, "shall be a year filled with fascination, with fascinating things. Get ready," God says, "Happy New Year!"

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"The Nation has shed its tears and now it's over. America will stand upright again. The White House shall receive My Holy Spirit. And from the top, you'll hear the sound of Yeshua." For He is worthy of our praise, worthy of our praise, that's why we bow before the Lord and give Him praise.

"Something special is happening; something beautiful. Something wonderful--there is a rain coming down. You will hear the sound Yeshua in the night. Because America, it's the end of a night. Today, I begin the sound--now is the time to receive."

God says, "Rise up, rise to your feet, raise up your hands, and stand upright. For you shall not walk from this place without this that I have promised," says the Lord!

The victory and the freedom, the prosperity, the scientific breakthroughs, and Alzheimer's rapidly cured. God says, "Do you understand the rapidity, the acceleration of the Spirit of God to heal, but also to bring a cure for autism, Alzheimer's, diabetes and certain rare forms of cancer--that are already in the making? They are already in the making." God says, "You know this year was the year of acceleration. It will show in the new year what you have already stepped into."

Kim Clement
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Kim Clement's Itinerary:

November 9-10, 2007
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November 16-18, 2007
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6650 Rankin Road; Humble, TX
Contact: 281-319-4673

December 2, 2007
Secrets Hollywood
Mott Auditorium (7pm)
1539 East Howard Street; Pasadena, CA

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