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By Matt Sorger
Oct 19, 2007

Matt Sorger:

"Never forget that mantles always have a price. Salvation is free, but the weight of His glory will cost you something."


I was recently caught up into a Heavenly visitation during one of our "Awakening Gatherings." That morning, as I stood to the pulpit to preach, I was instantly brought into an "open-eyed vision" where I was taken to a room in Heaven. Peering through the door, I could see many robe-like garments hanging along the wall. As I entered into the room, I could see that these garments were different sizes and patterned with many different colors. I intuitively knew that this was the "Mantle Room of Heaven." The Lord spoke to my heart, telling me that these garments were mantles He created and prepared for His people to wear on the earth. They would empower His children to fulfill their Heavenly callings and mandates.

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In my vision of the Mantle Room, I saw that not one of these mantles were the same. Each was a unique size and color. I understood that God did not want carbon copies, but originals. He has a unique mantle made just for you. God does not want you to pattern yourself after another person or ministry. He wants you to be uniquely you. There is an aspect of His nature and power that He wants to display through your life. Each mantle, when worn by an individual on the earth, expresses a unique facet of God's nature and glory in Heaven.

Get ready! Some of these mantles are right now hovering over the Church and are about to be released in the earth. God is looking for those He can place them on. Some mantles will resemble things we have seen and are familiar with, while others will empower people to do things that have never been done before this time in history! God is looking for those He can anoint with fresh oil.


In a recent dream, the Lord showed me one of the mantles about to be released over the corporate Body of Christ. In my dream, I was in a house full of people. I heard a knock at the door and went to open it. When I opened the door, a very elderly woman was standing there. She could barely stand and looked like she was just about to pass over into eternity. I instantly recognized her. She was a very old "Kathryn Kuhlman." I reached down and put my arms under her, picked her up and carried her into the house. As I stepped over the threshold into the house, I awoke from my sleep. --End of dream.

For weeks I prayed over this dream, asking God for understanding. As I waited on the Lord, He began to unfold its meaning to me.

The Lord used the picture of Kathryn Kuhlman (along with her age) to symbolically speak to me. Once again, there is about to be released over the Church, a mantle that is similar to the one this great woman of God wore. Not only will it release mass miracles, but it is deeply connected to our level of intimacy with the Person of the Holy Spirit. It is a mantle of extraordinary power as well as deep intimacy with God. This mantle releases creative miracles as the atmosphere of Heaven is released in and over our lives. This type of mantle will not just cover one or two. God is wanting to release it over the Corporate Body. But it does require something....

It requires a life of complete surrender, obedience and death to self. It requires a lifestyle of deep communion with God. This mantle is being made available to all who want it and are willing to pay the price that goes along with it. Never forget that mantles always have a price. Salvation is free, but the weight of His glory will cost you something. With power comes responsibility. The heavier the mantle God gives you, the more dead to self you must be.

We can see the weight of responsibility that goes along with receiving a mantle in Numbers 11:17. The Lord said to Moses, "I will come down and speak with you there, and I will take of the Spirit that is on you and put the Spirit on them. They will help you carry the burden of the people so that you will not have to carry it alone." Not only was the "authority" of Moses transferred to 70 people, the "responsibility" of bearing the burden of the people came with it.


In my dream, it was significant that I had to pick Kathryn Kuhlman up. When God releases a mantle, we must pick it up! There is an action required on our part. When the mantle fell from Elijah, Elisha had to bend down and pick up that mantle. When he did, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. Elisha had to be in the right place at the right time to receive that mantle. It required persistence, determination and faithfulness on his part so he would be correctly positioned to receive the mantle when the time came for it to be released.

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The same is true for us. It does matter where you are and who you are hanging out with! Some visitations from the Lord require you being in a specific place at a specific time. It is crucial that we are where God wants us to be, so that He can visit us in such a way to release the new mantles He has for us.

I know each time I have received a mantle from the Lord, it has been in a specific place and time. Each time I was exactly where the Spirit wanted me to be. For example, the Lord led me to be in Moriah Chapel in Wales during the 100-year anniversary of the Welsh Revival. It was during this special time of prayer and seeking the Lord that I had a deep encounter with the "Revival Mantle." I could physically feel a blanket-like garment being draped over my legs and around my waist. God gave me a very deep revelation on the true meaning of revival, but that is for another article.

Another time I was in Europe, ministering with an evangelist friend in Estonia, who was doing some large evangelistic crusades when the "Mass Crusade Mantle" came upon me. I was standing on the platform when it happened. The anointing for miracles and mass salvation came into the meeting. As I was standing on the right side of the platform, it felt like someone placed a blanket over my head, shoulders and arms. There was a new mantle for mass crusades being placed on my life. This mantle was released in the midst of the glorious atmosphere of a mass crusade meeting. I was in the right place at the right time. Just three months later, I held my first mass crusade in India. Multitudes were saved, healed of sickness and delivered from demonic oppression!


I want to briefly share with you four mantles that we can expect to see released in this next season. This is by no means an exclusive list. There are many other mantles to pick up and receive besides the four I am about to share. I simply want to highlight some of the mantles the Lord has highlighted to me.

The first is connected to the dream I had concerning Kathryn Kuhlman. This mantle is a "Mantle of Glory and Creative Miracles." It will bring a keen sensitivity to the Person of the Holy Spirit and will release amazing signs and wonders, not just inside church buildings, but everywhere His people carry His glory. The Lord recently spoke to me that He was raising the standard in the healing movement once again. Matthew 12:15 says, "He healed them ALL."

This outpouring will release an even greater wave of signs and wonders, not just in the church services, but in the marketplace. God is looking for vessels He can endue with power out in the marketplace. We will see "backyard miracles" in mass--miracles in the homes, in the workplace, out on the streets, in the hospitals and in the malls. We will see creative miracles everywhere God's people go, releasing the power of the Kingdom into this present age.

The second is a "Mantle of Mass Deliverance." Not only will we see mass miracles, but there is also a wave of mass deliverance coming. People that have struggled in areas of their lives for years will receive breakthrough as the fire of deliverance is released into their lives. I encourage you to pray this prayer, "Lord, uncover and expose every area of darkness in my heart." As you do, God will release by His Spirit, a deep deliverance in your life.

Just as the Lord delivered Israel out of the hands of the Egyptians in mass, so God will deliver His people in mass. And we are not coming out empty-handed. This is where we will see the supernatural divine transfer of wealth which the prophets have been proclaiming. Mass deliverance is connected to the release of this divine transfer (see Exodus 3:20-22).

The third is a "Mantle of Supernatural Favor." God is placing mantles of favor upon His children in this hour. It's the type of favor that God placed on Isaac as he was taking possession of the land of his inheritance in Genesis 26. As he contended for what God said was his, the Lord eventually even caused his enemies to want to be at peace with him. Isaac eventually came into a place of total fulfillment and rest as he dug a well and called the name of the place Beersheba, meaning "Well of the Seven." Seven speaks of "fulfillment, completion and rest." Favor makes a way where there seems to be no way and causes you to receive all God has for you.

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The fourth is a "Media Mantle." We will see a "Media Revival" with a move of God spreading through the airwaves. The Lord spoke to me that He is raising up TV networks that will help facilitate this end time move of God. GodTV is one of those networks. But there are more. Jesus will even be glorified over the secular networks! God is placing Media Mantles on people who will glorify His name through various media outlets.

As we move into this next season, I encourage you to stay sensitive to the voice of the Spirit as He leads you into times of prayer and waiting on Him. This will prepare you to be fully ready for all that He wants to release in and through your life. Get ready to pick up your mantle!

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