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By Matt Sorger
Oct 12, 2007

Matt Sorger:

matt sorger

There is a shaking happening across the corporate Body of Christ. God is getting us ready for an outpouring of greater glory and in the process, He is transitioning the Church into the fullness of her inheritance.

A Shaking Dream and a Broad Vision

Recently, I had a dream in which I was preaching. Whenever I have a preaching dream, I know God is trying to tell me something. In this dream, I'm shouting at the top of my lungs, "Everything that can be shaken will be shaken!" And I'm saying it over and over again. "Everything that can be shaken will be shaken! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken!" I'm booming this out in my sleep and I wake up hearing myself say, "Everything that can be shaken will be shaken!"

In June of this year, I was with my team in New York and we had gone out to lunch to celebrate one of our team member's birthdays. While in the parking lot of a local restaurant, the presence of God came over our group and I was caught into a vision. It was a very simple vision but it spoke clearly and powerfully to me of the time we're in right now.

In my vision, I saw a wall with a narrow archway in it. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "Matt, I have a broad place that I'm bringing My people into. But in order to get into the broad place I have for them, they have to first pass through a narrow place." And then the Lord said, "I'm stripping away everything that needs to be stripped away so that this transition can be made successfully."

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How to Transition Successfully

The Body of Christ is in a very important transition right now. We are transitioning into the broad place of the fulfillment and completion of our inheritance. This fruitful and blessed place includes every good promise that God has ever spoken to you.

Actually, what we are seeing take place right now is the laying of the foundations for increase and multiplication. During the first six days of Creation, God finished the work and rested on the seventh day. The completion of Creation on the seventh day was actually the completion of the "foundation" of Creation. From there, the earth continued to multiply in fruitfulness and growth.

This year, God is laying the foundation in the lives of many people and ministries that will bring great increase and multiplication in the season ahead. But in order to transition into this broad place of increase and destiny, we have to first pass through a "narrow place." This is where everything that can hinder us from transitioning successfully is--stripped off.

There are some things that cannot go with you into the next season. When God is bringing you through a transition, sometimes even good things must be let go of. People hold onto a good thing only because they don't realize it is keeping them from God's best for their lives. When the Lord tries to strip something, some people want to hold onto it. They don't want to let go. Their old thoughts and attitudes have become a security blanket. They hold onto offenses for years justifying the thought that the person who hurt them doesn't deserve to be forgiven. They justify their ungodly belief systems. They hold on to their "stuff" while trying desperately to transition into the place of blessing which God has for them. As they are tightly gripping their baggage, they end up wedging themselves right into the place of transition and they get stuck.

It's time we understand that God is stripping these things away from us, so we will be free to transition into the broad place He has destined for us. God is stripping everything that can be stripped-- every mindset, every thought, every ungodly belief system, every attitude, and every ungodly action. Everything that's hidden and everything that's covered over--God is stripping it all.

Don't Be Shaken by the Shaking: Restrengthen the Foundations

The Lord recently reminded me of a word He gave me at the beginning of this year. It was about "The 12 Prophetic Sign Posts for 2007" (to view this previous word published on the ElijahList click here.)

The second word God spoke to me at the beginning of this year was that there is "A Greater Sifting" still to come in the Body of Christ. This came to me in a vision in one of our meetings. A woman was standing in the back of the sanctuary and I suddenly saw her in a vision dressed as a bride. I saw a dove coming and landing upon her. Then I saw the dove driving the bride into the wilderness.

The Lord spoke to me and said, "Matt, tell My people not to be shaken by the shaking that's coming." If there is a faulty foundation, it will be shaken, corporately and individually. If there is something not built by the Spirit of God, it will be shaken down to its foundations. Another time, the Lord spoke to me during a meeting in Texas and said, "It's time to restrengthen the foundations."

A sifting has happened in the Catholic segment of the Body of Christ. The Lord has allowed things to be exposed and stripped away. The same is happening in the "evangelical" segment of the Body. The Lord is going to allow everything that needs to be uncovered and stripped away to be stripped. God is shaking local houses. God is shaking the Corporate Church. God is shaking individual lives. He's shaking everything that has not been built by Him. We can rejoice in this because the shaking produces a deeper level of purity. When that deeper level of purity is produced, like the olives being squeezed and pressed, it produces a pure oil. And as this purity is released, we become ready for the greater glory.

Flesh Will Not Touch the Greater Glory

Flesh will not touch this greater glory. Flesh "can" exist in the outer court, but if you want to move beyond the outer court into the flow of the anointing and into the Holy Place of God, flesh "cannot" live there. Flesh cannot go into the Holy Place and it cannot go into the Holy of Holies. The flesh has to die. This is all preparation for the greater glory.

There's a move that's coming that will hit the Catholic Church. I've been prophesying this for several years now. God's not in a rush. God doesn't always want to do something quick, He wants to do something that will last. As I said above, there was a wave of sifting in the "Catholic" Church, and now there's a wave coming to the "evangelical" segment of the Body and there will be a wave of glory that is poured out on pure vessels--pure vessels that are fully yielded over to God. It will be a pure glory, a pure anointing, and a pure flow of the Spirit.

Three Idols that Are Coming Down

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The Lord called a man in the Bible by the name of Josiah at a very young age. When the Book of the Law was found in the Temple, the condition of the nation was revealed and Josiah realized how far the people had strayed from God. So he set on a journey to restore true worship into the House of God. As he was dealing with these things, there were five idols that were found in the House of God. In 2 Kings 23 with the restoration of true worship, you find five idols that needed to be dealt with. These five idols represented three different aspects of idolatry that had crept in. God is dealing with these same idolatries today. He showed me He is shaking these idolatries down to the ground, which are found in 2 Kings 23.

First, there was Baal. Baal was the chief male deity. Then, there was Asherah, the wife of Baal. Also mentioned is the host of heaven, speaking of astrology. Then there was the god, Molech, which is where they made their sons and their daughters pass through the fire as a sacrifice. Chemosh, another idol, was over witchcraft and idolatry. Baal was the main deity over all of them. Under him was Asherah who oversaw all of the sexual immorality that was taking place in the day. Molech was responsible for child sacrifice, and Chemosh, witchcraft, astrology and all of those things involving the occult.

These are the three main things that the Lord is shaking down in our day as He prepares His House for great glory: Asherah, Molech and Chemosh.

Asherah: Sexual Immorality

God is exposing and shaking down everything associated with Asherah, everything of sexual uncleanness. If there is any area that is hidden with sexual uncleanness, it is much better to let God deal with it in secret than to be exposed publicly. This is the longsuffering of God. He will be longsuffering and will deal with something in secret so that it doesn't have to be dealt with before people.

God desires people to be completely whole and thank God for ministries He is raising up to minister to the sexually broken. But if people harden their hearts, refusing to let God convict, heal and deliver them, especially if they are in positions of leadership, God's hand is forced to deal with them in a public way. But remember, long before God deals with something "in public," He has long tried to bring that person to repentance and freedom "in secret." This is His amazing grace and mercy. We must maintain God's standard--while staying humble, loving, and free from judgment and condemnation.

Molech: Child Sacrifice

God is shaking everything that has to do with child sacrifice, everything that is coming against the children of our nation including abortion, pornography, child abuse and everything that would try to take the life out of our children. On a national level, there is coming an exposing of child pornography and abuse. God's hand of justice will be seen in the sex-trade industry. God is taking it down to the ground.

In the area of abortion, God has tremendous mercy, love and restoration for women and men who have suffered this trauma and who turn to the Lord for healing and forgiveness. God is a God of mercy, love and restoration, and at the same time, He is shaking the spirit of Molech down--that spirit that tries to attack and kill the lives of our children. The Spirit of God is targeting that which has targeted our children.

Chemosh: Witchcraft

God is also shaking everything associated with Chemosh, the god that oversees astrology, occultism, and witchcraft. God is not just dealing with the obvious witchcraft and occultism that we know about. He's also dealing with it in the pulpit. "Witchcraft in the pulpit?", you may ask. Yes, it can even operate in a subtle way in the Church.

The root of the spirit of witchcraft is rebellion. The spirit of witchcraft is all about power, manipulation and control. The operation of the spirit of witchcraft is trying to manipulate through control and rebellion. And the day of spiritual witchcraft in our churches is--over. God is shaking that thing down to the ground. The Lord is uncovering and exposing emotional and spiritual abuse that is happening inside the Church. There are some in leadership positions, who rather than operate by the Spirit of God, are actually operating with a spirit of witchcraft and control.

Under the guise of "submission" people have subjected themselves to unhealthy control and abuse. For example, you may have heard, "If you leave this church, you'll never go anywhere. If you leave this church, you're out from under my covering and the devil's going to get you." This spirit uses manipulation and fear to control people. That is not the Spirit of God.

The Lord is bringing a purification to all the tactics of the flesh. Out of the fear of losing people, we begin to manipulate them with fear and anger and say, "If you leave, you'll be under a curse." I've heard these things come out of leader's mouths and I've seen sheep sitting under fear and control and they think that it's the will of God. God is shaking us free from unbiblical submission and is teaching leaders how to lead in a Godly way, as well as teaching the Body to submit in "true honor and respect" through healthy, whole leaders.

God wants a pure, clean Body from the head all the way down to the feet. And it's not just in the pulpit. Witchcraft in the form of manipulation and control can also come from the pews. God doesn't want any of it. You know, sheep are beautiful, they look all nice and cute and fluffy, but some of them have sharp teeth, and if you do something they don't like, they bite you with those teeth. God is shaking all of it down.

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Let Him Shake it All Down

As the Lord sweeps through His House, all of these things will be dealt with so that the greater weight of His glory can be trusted to us. Let the Lord shake whatever needs to be shaken in your lives. Let Him shake every attitude, every imagination and every motive. Let Him shake everything in your life that can be shaken. Because if you allow Him to shake it, what will be left afterwards will be the pure image of God.

You will be a vessel that His glory can flow through in an unlimited way. You will also be free to transition into the fullness of your spiritual inheritance and destiny. May God's grace abound towards you as you position yourself before Him in prayer to allow Him to do the deeper work for His greater glory.

Prayer: "Heavenly Father, shake everything in my life that is not of Your Holy Spirit. Strip me of anything unclean or demonic and expose and uncover any darkness hidden within me. I humbly come before Your Throne of Grace and ask for Your work to be done in my life. Keep my foundations strong and solid and may the enemy have no open doors in me. Prepare me to carry Your greater glory. In Jesus name, Amen."

Matt Sorger
Matt Sorger Ministries

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