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TODD BENTLEY: "The Bowls of Heaven Are Full with the Altar of God's Fire and being Cast Back Down to Earth"

By Todd Bentley
Oct 2, 2007

"The Bowls of Heaven Are Full with the Altar of God's Fire and being Cast Back Down to Earth"

Steve ShultzIntro from Steve Shultz:

This fresh word from Todd Bentley was transcribed from a conference in Michigan and sent to us just a few days ago, which he asked us to publish on our list.

This word is a real "ear opening" word over God's Heavenly and creative realm being released in our time.

One of my prophetic seers began to vibrate and tremble in a very good way as she read this word. That makes me trust it all the more.

Although this creative realm was spoken over Michigan, we all are expectant for it to be released wherever the Spirit of God hovers throughout the earth.

May we all have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is "saying," as well as in the midst of "doing" amongst us.


Steve Shultz
Founder, ElijahList and ElijahRain magazine

The following transcribed words were prophetically spoken by Todd Bentley on August 23, 2007 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at an Ignite Fresh Fire Conference presented by the Healing Rooms of Grand Rapids.

Todd Bentley

Open Heavens Released

There is an open Heaven in this place. There's not a whole lot of, if any, warfare. It was so open that I didn't get to bed until about 4:30 in the AM. And we thank God for that. But the angels were messin' around. And I'll just be honest with you, it's not everywhere that I go (it might seem like that) that I have prophetic experiences before I come into the conference.

People always ask me, "How do you prepare before you show up at a conference?" and I go, "I don't. I walk with God." "You don't take three hours?" they say. Yeah, I have a discipline. I have a relationship with the Lord and I like to take time in His presence, and the more time, the better. But I walk with God and I do so many meetings and conferences, I just don't have time to fast and pray for two weeks for every meeting. So quite often, when the work has been done in the spirit when I arrive in a place and they've prepared, I step into your breakthrough. And then the breakthrough is greater, because then the breakthrough that I carry shows up with me and we can go a lot higher.

And so I'm going to say that there has been a spiritual groundwork. I saw it. I experienced it in the Heavens last night. And it's not just because we prepared well and we prayed and the intercessors got together and we're having an Ignite Fresh Fire Conference. But there truly is something about the spiritual readiness that's in Michigan. I felt it; I saw it in the spirit realm.

Now, there are places that I go that we bless and there are places that you build. I'll tell you Michigan is ready for building, not just blessing, building. It took me by surprise because I said quite honestly, "Where are we going?" I was in the airport and I was asking, "Where are we going?" Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids, Michigan, please. I said, "What is Grand Rapids?" I was thinking, "Is it Chicago?" And I just had no grid honestly for Michigan, and then they made this little announcement before I got on the airplane and they said something along the lines of, "We might have to land in South Bend." And I was thinking, "South Bend, Oregon?" And I said, "Well, how far is South Bend; where is South Bend?" And so, I've never been to Michigan. I've never been to Detroit; I've never been. In fact, that would be the only place that I actually knew as far as a city, Detroit.

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But it was quite interesting because I wasn't being spiritual at all, I was trying to go to bed. And I was quite taken by surprise that the Holy Spirit wanted to show me the readiness of Michigan, as far as the spiritual climate and the open Heavens, and it surprised me that it was so open. Now there are different places that we go where I can feel the warfare and we had great meetings and we break through and people get saved and people get delivered, but then it's just, "That was a great 4-day meeting." But I feel there's a momentum that's in the spirit here that goes beyond a 4-day meeting. And there's something of a momentum that's so much bigger than just this event. This is not just another "feed the fire," but there's something that's already burning and there's something that's going to continue to burn, it's a momentum and it's bigger than just Grand Rapids.

And I had an angelic encounter and I saw how the state was open. In fact the bowls were full. There's been a groundwork laid in intercession and the bowls were full. Heaven is about to respond. When those bowls are full, it's going to be mixed with the altar from God's fire and cast back down to the earth. That's what happens when the bowls are full, right? In Revelation chapter 8, when the bowls are full of the incense (the prayers of the saints), something happens in Heaven and it gets thrown back to the earth.

Sound Amplified

And so there's about to be a great release. And so I wanted to talk to you about the open Heaven that's here that the Lord showed me about last night. It was quite interesting and maybe there will be more of a release on this later, but I'll tell you what I saw. This was a vision. I did not have an appearing of an angel, but this was a vision and I saw the words "angelic sound." I actually saw the words "angelic sound" and I thought, "Yes, that's interesting, are we talking about the sound system?" Angelic sound. And I realized that there was an amplifier; and I thought something about amplifier, something is being amplified. What's being amplified? An angelic sound is being amplified.

And then I started thinking about the sound barrier and how the speed of light travels over 185,000 miles per second. And I was thinking about how the sound barrier was broken. And I was thinking about an angelic sound and the sound barrier being broken. And I was thinking about sound waves, angelic sound, the sound of angels breaking a sound barrier. And then I was thinking about sound waves and how in every created thing--rocks, trees, the sun, the moon, the stars--every created thing--God has ordained sound. You can't hear it by the natural ear, but even the rocks cry out, and the sun and the moon and the stars praise Him. If you could hear the Heaven of Heavens declare His glory, literally.

It's not just God who needs your voice in worship. If you could hear creation, it groans. But literally, there is a sound and I've heard the sound in Heaven. The rocks, the trees, the sun, the stars, the moon, every created atom has sound that praises. You can't hear it. Just like a dog, they pick up sounds that we can't hear, high-pitched sounds. And I heard that angelic sound last night and I saw it as lightning. I saw sound as white light. And there's something interesting about sound and light. And I saw flashes of lightning, it was like a storm and literally, I saw it over all the Great Lakes. I saw it in Detroit, I saw it in Grand Rapids.

I saw it through the entire state and how there was a vibration, like a guitar, like a sound that vibrated over the whole region and it was like the God of Glory thunders. There was a thundering over all the lakes; there was a thundering over Grand Rapids; there was a thundering through the state of Michigan, and it was the spiritual climate and the readiness. It was Psalm 29 prophesying and the glory prophesying, the God of Glory thundering and prophesying and it was about creation. It was a creative sound. And I was thinking not just creative in the sense of body parts and creative miracles, but creation.

Realm of Creativity

There's something very creative as far as a creative anointing that's in the spirit, that's in the readiness of the spirit; it's in the climate; it's in the atmosphere. And Heaven is very open for creation, if that's what I could say about Michigan. Heaven is very open for created things, for creation, for apostolic, for creativity, for arts, for drama, for music, for business, for finances. There's something very creative. And the anointing I saw last night was a creative anointing, it was an anointing to create, to build.

I like to use the words: "to have vision," but here is the word we use around our office: "visionate." I like to visionate. They'll go, "Todd, are you visionating again?" That's when I come out with a whole lot of Holy Ghost ideas about what we could do for the Kingdom, and how we can build and structure and teams and money and administrate...the whole thing...and that was the realm of the Spirit. And I saw a whole lot of created things "calling forth the things that be not as though they were," and things that existed in the eternal realm that weren't visible.

The visible was made of the invisible. And there's some invisible things, building blocks, and the invisible that God wants to add to the visible realm. And we build the visible realm by the invisible realm and just like the Heavens themselves were framed by the Word of God. And there's a framing. I saw a building, a framework in the spirit framing things out by the declared Word, by the spoken Word, calling and decreeing. And we were establishing in the natural realm things that exist in the creative realm, and they were in the realm of great resources and finances and business and ministry and arts and drama and creative and sound, and so I could feel the Spirit of God, like in Genesis 1:2, hovering over the spiritual region--hovering.

And that's when God said, "Let there be light and there was light." And the Spirit of God was sweeping; the Spirit of God was moving, hovering. The earth was without form. There's a lot of things in Michigan, even in the area of dreams and vision that you have about ministry, that are without form; they're void. They're real, they exist in your heart, they exist in the realm of dreaming with God, they exist in the spirit realm, but the earth was without form, the earth was void. And there are many of you--that you've got the dream and the vision, but it's without form, there's no form to it, it hasn't manifest, it's not visible, it's empty.

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But I saw the Spirit of God sweep, hovering over the face of the deep, and there is a realm in which we were created. And so God's releasing a creative realm. And it will show up at one of these meetings and there will be a release of creative anointing, creative healing, creative miracles, but there's also going to be a release of creativity--creation is going to come out of your belly. I want you to get ready to touch that. It's real apostolic, it's real building, it's of that nature.

And so it was interesting, I tried to go to sleep and it went on for about an hour and a half. And I was taken right up into the Heavens and I saw the region. I saw the atmosphere and the climate, the readiness and the groundwork, and the bowls were full. And there's been some great intercession and some great victories that have been won, some great ground that's been taken in the realm of the spirit. And it's like the foundation of the temple of the Lord has been laid. Now we're ready to build and be blessed in the anointing of building and be blessed in creation--be creative. And so visionate, dream with God, dream big, and you're going to see that the Spirit of God is hovering. There's like an impregnation, pregnant with expectation because of the birthing that's about to come forth. So there's a great opportunity that we have.

A Window of Heaven

And then I saw a window in the spirit realm. And the window was open as the Bible talks about, "I will open the windows of Heaven." Did you know Heaven has windows, Heaven has doors, Heaven has gates? So I saw a window. In fact, it was the universe. Everything was black, and at this point, I was in the Heavens. All I saw were stars, the solar system, planets, I was like, right out there in Heaven. It was interesting. Here I am in the Heavens, and I saw one window. It was like a twilight zone, just one window in Heaven. I want you to get a picture of this. Everything is black as it would be if you just looked up and saw the stars, and then right in the midst of the Heavens, a window opened. And when the window opened, everything on the other side of the window was Heaven, like blue, but I was in the universe.

And this window opened and I could look through the window, and in through the window was Heaven in all its brightness and its glory. So this window opened, and out of the window came one beam of light, like a sheet of light, like a beam that turned into a sheet of white light. Then I noticed under the white light, I saw a little shrub, a little tree, a little seedling. And I said, "Look, it's the planting of the Lord." That's what I said. It's the planting of the Lord. And I saw this little seedling, and when the white light touched the seedling, it grew into a mighty tree. Acceleration--it was instant. Whatever came under that light, grew. It exponentially grew and it grew quickly, it wasn't just a little seedling, it was a mighty tree.

So there's something about angelic sound being released in these meetings. There's something about the sound that comes out of the realm of angels. And that sound has light and it's creative and things are being created. And they're coming out of light and they're coming out of sound, and little seedlings are growing into mighty trees, and so get ready to receive that.

"Lord, we want to hear the angelic sound, and we want there to be a release of light, and we want there to be a release of creation, and we want there to be a release of what's without form, what's in our heart, destiny is in our heart, Lord."

Also in this that I mentioned the word: "destiny," He gave me a set of keys called: "destinies' keys," not destiny keys, "destinies' keys, destinies' keys," many destinies--destinies' keys. He gave me these keys in this experience last night. And I was trying to look at the keys to see which destiny this key would unlock. I didn't actually...there were no names. I didn't have the understanding of, "Okay, this key unlocks this destiny." But they were keys that unlocked and opened doors as Isaiah 22:22, the key of David to loose and unlock and open doors which would bring forth destiny.

And so, we're saying, "God, let there be a release in what's without form." When the Spirit of God is hovering, that's the creative realm where we speak and things come into existence. So there's a lot of building going on in the spirit, a lot of ministries about to be born, a lot of ministries about to be released, a lot of vision about to be released, a lot of prophesies about to be fulfilled is what I'm saying over Michigan. A lot of fulfilled dreams, fulfilled prophesies, fulfilled visions, over Michigan, that's what's happening right now. Things that God has spoken are coming to pass not just corporately and regionally, but individually for churches and for ministries.

Heaven is in Your Heart

This is a real time of saying, "God, I access the promises of God. I have been waiting for that vision, that dream, that prophetic promise for 20 years." There was this coming together of and all of a sudden, it was a little seedling and it became a mighty tree. Before you knew it, your dream was birthed. Before you knew it, your vision and your prophesy was fulfilled, it was growing, it was taking off--because it's the planting of the Lord. That's the season you're in right now. You're in the season of the planting of the Lord; it's His planting. God's taking His dreams, His visions and His promises, and He's doing what He said He would do--He's establishing, He's planting the Heavens in your heart. Think about that for a moment--that Scripture of how God promised to plant the Heavens, establish and plant the Heavens, that's what's happening, so get ready.

And I just release that as a prophetic decree, and I open up a realm of the spirit. I open up a window for destinies to be fulfilled, for you to see the manifestation of God's prophetic promise and God's prophetic vision and God's prophetic dream, because I saw a window open in Heaven and that means "I will pour out such blessing"--that's where you're at as a state. You're getting ready to come into "I will pour out such blessing, there will not be room enough to receive it." And so I'm telling you right now, this is a regional word, this is for Michigan, this is the word of the Lord. The windows of Heaven are opened and God is pouring out such blessing and destinies are being fulfilled. God is planting the Heavens. This is a great season of calling forth those things that be not--they exist in your heart, they exist in Heaven, but now they're about to be made visible.

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The word of God is framing out the Heavens; things are creatively coming forth. The God of glory is thundering and there's a creative sound, there is an angelic sound and it's being amplified right now. God is turning up the volume in Heaven and He's amplifying the angelic sound, He's amplifying the angelic voice, and the angelic realm that I saw was the angelic realm that's over creation.

The Bible says God speaks the word and the angels do His word. That was the wasn't just any old angels. The angelic realm that I saw was the realm that "does the word." Decree a thing and it will be established. The angels that do the word, God's amplifying their voice. They're being heard by the saints. The saints can join in with the angelic sound and decree what Heaven is saying so it can be manifest on earth. You hear what I'm saying?

We're being tuned in to hear with the angelic sound. It's being amplified so that you can hear it, so that you can tune in and you can agree and decree what Heaven is saying, so it can be manifest on the earth and you're coming into a real season of destinies fulfilled. The windows of Heaven are being opened and the light is being released. That light is sound and creation, sound and creation.

"And so, Lord, release that over us tonight. Release a realm of apostolic building dreams, visions. Release a creative realm, dreaming with God. Big God, big stuff. Lord, release a real realm and we've come to receive that."

There are people in this meeting, oh, God, not just from Grand Rapids, I know outside of Michigan, but agree with me for Michigan's destiny to be fulfilled. There's something about the destiny. And I cannot even clearly tell you the destiny, because really, this is the first time that I've been here. I know nothing about Michigan other than what I heard by the Spirit. I know absolutely nothing, but I do know that Michigan's statewide destiny is being fulfilled and that the warfare--I feel like there was no warfare. I didn't have to battle in the spirit. That tells me, regionally, that the warfare season has been over and there have been victories won.

Hear the word of the Lord; hear the word of the Lord. Victories have been won. Victories have been won. Ground has been taken. The groundwork has been laid. Somebody's done the intercession. The bowls in Heaven are full. Now the destinies are coming forth without the warfare. You're going to have a season in which it's not battle--it's inherit. It's not battle--it's take the land; it's possess the land. It's not battling. It's not warring for the land. It's not warring for the promise--it's "let's enjoy the vineyards we didn't plant."

Todd Bentley

Let's drink, let's drink out of the cisterns that we didn't dig. Let's enjoy the rich and big land, the houses we did not build. Let's enjoy the inheritance, because sometimes we battle so long to get the breakthrough and the blessing it's like, "When do I get to enjoy the blessing?" It's like, "Can I retire for awhile and enjoy my inheritance?" Have you ever just got so caught up in working 50-60 hours a week, and there's always money, but you can never enjoy it and everything that you do is like a rat race? Spiritually, that's what it's been like. Some of us just need to come into the place where we can enjoy the fruit of the land. Yeah, the Bible says, "If you're willing and obedient you shall eat the fruit of the land," and Michigan has been willing and obedient, so get ready to eat the fruit of the land.

"So Lord, release light, sound and creation. I don't know how it's going to manifest over the next few days, but we're going to see it manifest right here in these meetings."

Psalm 29 is your promise right now. Lord willing, I might get to preach a little bit on it, but Psalm 29 is your promise right now. The God of glory thunders. He's thundering and there's something that happens when He thunders. There's something about the thunder, the lightning and the voices. Read it in Psalm 29. It's all about what happens when God thunders, and God's voice and God's glory shows up. There are some things that give birth in Psalm 29 and that's what God's bringing to your state. Psalm 29 is an apostolic message, it's an apostolic promise. I see God unrolling Himself, revealing Himself in the nature of Psalm 29 to Michigan, to this Grand Rapids, to this state, to this region, so receive that, Amen.

Todd Bentley
Fresh Fire Ministries

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