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By Catherine Brown with Insight from Obii Pax-Harry
Aug 30, 2007

Catherine Brown with Insight from Obii Pax-Harry:

"My angels are ready, alert and waiting, and the trumpet blast shall sound from Heaven to release the harvest angels that will be sent out from Africa."

catherine brownWhilst in the secret place with the Lord, He began speaking to me about the nation of Africa, its destiny, and His heart for the people. His presence overwhelmed me and the below prophetic images and words came forth out of that holy intimacy. As I wrote down this vision, the Holy Spirit began to speak very specifically.

obii pax harryThe Lord expanded the revelation as I spoke to and prayed with my friend Obii Pax-Harry, who is a pastor and apostolic leader. Her revelatory grasp of the spiritual warfare in and around Africa, as well as the UK (where she is presently located), is anointed and full of wisdom. Obii is a dear friend of mine and we often share revelation with each other and recently, we have understood from the Lord that He desires us to collaborate for His glory. This word for Africa is one of the articles that have come out of a Kingdom heart connection.


I was shown the word "PASSION" etched across the entire continent of Africa, and suddenly, there was a mighty glory explosion during which I saw a myriad of little white wooden crosses popping up all over the continent.

The Spirit of the Lord began speaking to my heart:

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"Africa is anointed with holy passion. I am causing a multiplication and acceleration of My glory in the land. I am calling missionaries, mothers, fathers and children to come and serve, to come and receive, to come and believe, to run and not stop because My love is unstoppable and My love is unquenchable and My love is unchanging and My love is unending and My heart is to see My house full to overflowing."

"My love is like fire burning in your bones and fire carried in your belly. My love is your DNA and your sustenance. My love is succor to the suffering and strength for the weak. My love is above all physical law and My love is freely available to all who earnestly seek Me. My love is miracle working and cannot be contained by the circumstance of poverty, nor watered down by despair and depravation. My love is dignity and Life to all My sons and daughters of righteousness. My love is a grace covenant wrapped around the hearts of each one of My children. My love is a purifying, refining and redeeming Love that will not let you go, nor forsake or abandon you."

"My love is eternal and My love is now. My love cannot be corrupted nor can it become impure. It is breathless in its beauty and bold in its expression of holy Passion. My love uproots and My love plants and multiplies fruit from Heaven to earth, invading the realm of the natural with the atmosphere of Eternity. My love is the Alpha and the Omega of your existence and the centrality of your being."

"I Am breathing on My African Bride and through Africa, I am breathing on the nations. My breath is creative and My breath is life-giving and life changing. My breath is revelatory and revealing. My breath is healing. My breath is authority and power, and I call My Church to enter into grace in this hour of power and govern with diligence, humility and abandoned holy love."

"Man's mechanisms will not sustain him in the days that lie ahead. My love is the barometer of your motivation. It is not a time for profiteering from the multitudes, but of learning from the poor and serving My purposes together. It is a time for shared resources and of honest, earnest love that seeks not to glorify itself but to bring glory to the Lamb. In this coming glory outpouring, you will see the scales of justice swing with the firm hand of your Heavenly Father. I am near to the broken-hearted and afflicted. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled."

"The western world will come and learn joy from the nations of Africa and be filled to overflowing with the virtue of holy humility. Rivers of Life will flow in and out of Africa even in the midst of war and rumors of war. I will cause Africa to be raised up as a trophy of My grace and glory. Praise and prayer summits convened in Africa will align nations with their Kingdom destinies and there will be a convergence and a conveyance of power from Heaven to earth."

"From the north, south, east and west of Africa, dread champions of faith shall arise that shall scatter the enemy to the four corners of the earth. Holy passion seeds will harvest My glory in the nations as the Wind of My Spirit carries them abroad. My angels are ready, alert and waiting, and the trumpet blast shall sound from Heaven to release the harvest angels that will be sent out from Africa. The blood of the martyrs in Africa are a seedbed from which I am birthing multitudes into My Kingdom. The sound of being wholly surrendered is the testimony of African nations turning back to God and burning brightly with the love of Abba."

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"Children of purity are calling out to Me day and night from the continent of Africa. I hear their impassioned cries of joyous worship; I hear their tear-stained prayers for food and for mothers and fathers, and My heart is moved in compassion to pour out My glory upon them. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. And revival has a face and revival has a price, and My face shall be seen in the eyes of African children carrying a glory weight of prophetic anointing for the end of the Age. And My Son has paid the price that all may come and all may see that Jesus is alive. The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the mute talk, the leper is cleansed, the demonized delivered, the broken-hearted are healed and the dead are raised as My Gospel is preached in unrelenting waves of grace and glory."


The visions unfolded and one huge Cross overshadowed the land and blood began to flow from the Cross and the land disappeared under a sea of holy blood covering. I could see witch doctors being drawn out of the shadows as they sought to contest the power of the Cross. In the vision, these witch doctors forcibly threw themselves against the Cross and as they collided with the glory of God, their witchcraft apparel fell from them and many lay at the foot of the Cross, receiving the life-giving effects of the blood of Christ, administered by the Holy Spirit. Those who would not yield died instantly before my eyes.

"Beloved children, My desire is that you would not look upon the Blood Sacrifice of My Son and see it as an event through which you exercise faith to somehow receive a blessing in this present age. But rather you would receive the Cross as a lifestyle. My desire is that you comprehend by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, that the Blood and the Spirit bear witness to each other. The Blood is an Eternal, Almighty, all consuming fire of love within your soul. It is working continually in you and through you. My Spirit dwells within you and bears witness to the glorious Blood sacrifice of the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world."

"Through the Blood of the Lamb, you will overcome all adversity. Through the Blood of the Lamb, you will walk through fiery trials and not be harmed. Through the Blood of the Lamb, you will overcome all the power of the enemy and not be hurt. My Spirit indwells you and the Spirit and the Blood and the power of the Cross are at work in you continually to release My presence, My passion, My power and My Kingdom."


In the vision, the Lord revealed that those spirits of witchcraft which were being expelled from Africa, were being sent out across the globe on evil assignments. The Western Bride must awaken and be clad ready with holy weapons of warfare for the spiritual confrontations that are coming to the land. It is essential that the Western Bride learns how to pray fervently and effectively in the realm of spiritual warfare. There is a wave of spiritual warfare coming to the west--the likes of which has not been previously encountered in the west before.

The Lord has placed seasoned generals of apostolic intercession in western lands, and many are of African descent, and they will lead the Body in strategic levels of spiritual warfare. Nations in the west that stand on similar timelines as African nations will experience similar types of warfare (e.g., Britain and Nigeria).

It will be essential that the Western Bride is pure in heart and prepares herself by:

• Repentance for satanic altars.
• Unholy blood covenants.
• Unrighteous alliances including generational matriarchal and patriarchal curses.

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Furthermore, the Lord impressed to my heart that as believers from the west go to Africa to encounter the Lord in this glory explosion, the Western Bride will begin to be rid of negativity, materialism and lukewarmness. As Africa erupts with holy passion, the reverberations will be felt across the whole earth, impacting nation after nation.

Together in the Harvest, to God be the glory forever and ever Amen!

Yours in the service of our King Jesus,

Catherine Brown
Gatekeepers Global Ministries


Obii Pax-Harry
Arise! Missions
Email: pastorobii_777@hotmail

Obii Pax-Harry's Bio:

obii pax harryObii Pax-Harry is an apostolic leader and international conference speaker recognized for her cutting-edge prophetic ministry. She is an ordained minister and pastor, an executive member of the Christian Broadcasting Council of Great Britain and a trained and qualified lawyer. Obii is married and has three children.

Catherine Brown's Itinerary:

September 1-14, 2007
Uganda Mission Trip
Uganda, Africa
Contact: email

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