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Kim Clement
May 28, 2007


May 20, 2007--San Jose, CA

Kim ClementFor the Spirit of God says, "Watch in this month the discoveries that this prophet prophesized about. I spoke about treasures that will come to this nation and will come from sources least expected. I spoke about a silver coin in the fish's mouth. Do you understand that even now there has been a discovery of these coins? This is nothing. For this nation there will be a discovery within the sea that shall cause a war, and people will say, 'we must war for this,' but it will be short-lived. I will not allow them to take from this nation again, because it's in your waters. I give this to you," says the Spirit of God. "They will say, 'This has never ever happened before.'"

The Spirit said, "Now watch the seas, watch the wealth that comes as a sign. Even now as I speak, throughout the atmosphere and throughout the earth, there is a miraculous thing that is happening that is a cut above everything that has happened up to this point. Do not say, 'We have come to the end of the age of miracles.'" God says, "This is a new age of miracles. For even as in the 40's there was a release of healing through the great evangelists, and then through the 80's and 90's there were great moves of the Spirit." God says, "It is now time for the dawning of a new miraculous intervention from My Spirit. The enemy has conjured up new kinds of sickness, new kinds of diseases and different kinds of attacks through the internet and various things. The Spirit has already prepared a people with a miraculous element that will stand against that and say, 'You can not overcome, we will tear you down by our righteous, and by the gift that God has given to us.'"

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God says, "New forms of surgery--a speeding up and acceleration in the medical field. Satan has come and said, 'Now let us conjure up something fresh.' HA! What fresh thing can the enemy do? He has come to hurt and yes, suggest, so a new creative element has been released to the Body of Christ. This is the dawning of a new age of miracles. You say, 'but a miracle is a miracle.' Paul in the upper regions of Ephesus experienced unusual miracles, and upon a handkerchief, suddenly bodies were healed. This had never happened before. Simon Peter walking, and as his shadow is cast upon a human being, the life comes back. This had never ever happened before. You are no less than My servants of old. You are no less than Paul, Peter, Daniel, Moses, Esther, Elizabeth or Mary, no less than Enoch who walked with God, no less than any of them. You are surrounded by a great host of witnesses," says the Lord. "They have seen, experienced and testified of the things that they have done."

Now God says, "You shall do even greater than they did--a dawning of a new age of unusual miracles. It shall be said of this Church, 'This has never ever happened before in this history of mankind.' They will begin to say it--churches across America, England, Africa, and Europe. I'm sending the Word out." God says,"I'm sending it out. Sweden, Sweden, great shall be the miraculous intervention of God. For the religious power that has held you by your throat and strangled you has been cursed and broken. Watch as I raise up unusual miracles as you have never seen before.

"France, France where are you--hidden away. Why have you forgotten Me? Even though you have forgotten Me, I have not forgotten you. I will take you once again and fill you with songs of the Republic. I will give you songs, and I'll give you hymns. Now with the change of the President, I will have the opportunity to change the nation, and I will," says the Spirit of God.

Cuba, Cuba. The soil of Cuba is crying out for the righteous, not only those that live there but those that come from other nations. God wants international sounds on the soil of Cuba. There will be a departing of Castro, when this takes place, a very unusual change shall take place. There have been those who have gone in and said, "We are going in for righteousness' sake" but have not. At the death of Castro, there will be a swift change, and then another change. A Christian government shall arise in Cuba, and God says, "There will be liberty, liberty, liberty as no other island has ever seen it," says the Spirit of the Living God.

"When there is a disappearance of something, a greater work comes into existence. Jerry Falwell just died, Billy Graham shall go--some of the greats will go very soon. When they do, let this be a sign that this is the dawning of a new era of the miraculous," says the Lord, "because greater works will you do in My name because they go," says the Spirit of God.

Kim Clement
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