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By Hope Reeder
Apr 4, 2007


Winkie Pratney, Well-Known Minister to Young People around the World, in Serious Condition in South Korean Hospital

" the past day, his condition has worsened and he is now in septic shock, with his vital organs failing."

Michael Ireland/AH

Chuck PierceWinkie Pratney, who logs more than 150,000 miles in his quest to speak to half-a-million young people each year, is in critical medical condition in a hospital in South Korea. He is currently in septic shock, which is life-threatening.

Winkie fell last week in South Korea, which led to surgery and a series of complications, according to a blog on his website

"His first surgery (a herniotomy) was on March 26. The next day it was clear that there were more problems than just a hernia, so Winkie underwent major surgery on his whole abdominal cavity. They found several adhesions of his bowel which were causing intestinal obstruction," says Steve Loopstra, executive director of the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Prayer Transformation Ministries, in a prayer update.

Loopstra says: "The condition of his transverse colon was very severe, so they performed a segmental resection where portions of his colon were removed entirely. In addition to this, he suffered micro-ruptures at certain points that were repaired."

"Winkie began to improve and talked with his wife, who has now flown in from Australia. But in the past day, his condition has worsened and he is now in septic shock, with his vital organs failing."

To stay up-to-date on Winkie’s condition from his website, CLICK HERE.

Loopstra commented: "Winkie is a hero of faith, having ministered to the lives of countless thousands of people, especially young adults. He is a brilliant teacher and a gift to the nations."

To read the full report, follow the link below.

Flowers and get well cards can be sent to:
Winkie Pratney
43 Boorimdong
Gwacheon, Gyunggido
South Korea

ASSIST News Service

"The Eagle-Dove is bringing the Spirit of Holiness that will usher in the power of the decreed word in the Apostolic movement that we have yet to experience."

Chuck PierceAn Open Vision of the East Coast

This past month of March, the Lord came to me in an open vision. I heard a sound of what I understood as Native American drums and music, and I saw a white Eagle-Dove soaring over the East Coastline of the United States of America. The airborne Eagle-Dove was hovering on the Mid-East Coastline, just over the waters. His white wings were huge and extended in soaring position. As he gently moved, he flapped his wings with an authoritative movement fashioning the winds to shift. The winds were strong and stirred up the waters, creating white waves to go beyond their normal limits, and together (the winds and waves), they made a sound that I had not heard before.

The sound caused the waves to breakout onto the East Coast of America. Unlike waves that come in and go back out, these waves were like no other I've seen nor heard before. Their movement was different. The waves entered in and onto the land, then were transformed into a constant continuously flowing white river that moved across the Northeastern states, breaking towards the Southern states, and then heading Westward. Though the waves were gushing white waters, they also seemed like thick oil, flowing seamlessly. The endless waters went to some places, yet it missed others.

As if time had sped up right before my eyes, I saw a time-lapse simulation of spring flowers unfolding and expanding into mature flowers of full bloom. Where the waters would go, new flowers would open up, and they would multiply changing and reshaping into full color in time-lapse speed. The river was ever moving and was headed to the Western Coast of America.

The Eagle-Dove, the Winds, and the Waves

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I believe the Lord is revealing to us that there is a new move of the Holy Spirit about to hit the United States of America, entering in through the East gate (Ezekiel 43:1-2). The white Eagle-Dove was gentle, yet with fire in His eyes, He was also powerful. The Dove representing the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Holiness is a bird of promise and represents a powerful truth (Acts 2:39). Together, the Eagle and the Dove represent the gentle, yet powerful influence and authority of complete purity or the Spirit of Holiness.

As extraordinary as the white Eagle-Dove is, so is this move of the Holy Spirit, incomparable and without equal to any other we have seen or heard before. The shift in the wind indicated the move is swift, quick, powerful, influential, authoritative, and coming in the breath from the inspiration of God (Ezekiel 37). The Eagle-Dove is the Spirit of the Lord. It is God's voice upon the waters (Revelation 1:15). For it is He who commands and raises up the stormy wind, which lifts up the waves of the sea (Psalm 107:25).

The Sound

I believe God has always led His people forward with a sound. Adam and Eve heard the sound of the Lord walking in the garden (Genesis 3:8). "And suddenly there was a sound from Heaven, like a rushing mighty wind...." Acts 2:2. "And the sound of His word was like the noise of a multitude of people or the roaring of the sea," Daniel 10:6. "...God's voice was like 'the sound' of many waters," Revelation 1:15. "I heard a sound like a vast throng, like the boom of many pounding waters," Revelation 19:6.

Whenever I hear the sound of the Native American drums and music, the Lord is usually speaking to me about the land, and in this case, our land, the United States of America. The Spirit is saying that change will come to our land through the release of the sound in this move of God. Sound is so important because it breaks through. This is why we see the enemy target worship leaders, worship teams, and sound systems in order to stop "the release of the sound" that the enemy knows will lead God's people forward and change every circumstance under the sun! (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Time Is Speeding Up

"I am coming...(swiftly, speedily)" Revelation 22:20. The Body of Christ is in a season of acceleration even now. I believe God is speeding up time and this is a critical hour! It is high time now to awaken out of our sleep (Romans 13:11). The flower heads unfolding into maturity represents the acceleration of time for the seed harvest bringing in new life of not only the unsaved, but also of the saints quickly maturing into the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 1).

The Matchless Move of God

The sound of the waters speak of God's voice (Revelation 1:15) and the winds (The Holy Spirit) causing the waters and the movement of God to go beyond "normal limits," as the Holy Spirit is boundless and without measure (John 3:34). Again, this continuous flow, thick like oil, represents the endless momentum of the costly anointing of the Holy Spirit where people will be healed, changed, and yes, raised from the dead by the Spirit of Holiness in America (Romans 1:4).

The constant flowing river that was streaming across the U.S. was actually moved by the people through the release of the new sound! The sound carried the waves--the sound waves and the resonance influence of power! (John 7:38-39). The sound of this move will bring healing, abundant new life, ushering in the end-time harvest, and bringing increase and multiplication--a true characteristic of the Holy Spirit (Acts 9:31). This move has to do with the inheritance of our land (Ezekiel 47:9, 22-23, Psalm 46:3-4). This will be a matchless move of the Spirit of Holiness, unlike any other move we have seen or heard of.

The Warning

I asked the Lord, why did this move go to some places and miss others? The Spirit of the Lord said that this is the warning. Because this move has not yet been seen nor heard, it will look and sound different. Because it will not be familiar, some will easily reject it as some have been de-sensitized or have lost their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and this move will swiftly pass them by.

Being critical, judgmental, and opinionated would be the same as dishonoring Him. Not clearing a path or preparing the way for the Lord would be the same as dishonoring Him. Why would He come where He is not welcome? This would give no place for the Eagle-Dove to land, the river to flow, or new life to take place, thus this move would swiftly move on by.

The Promise

The Spirit of the Lord says that the Eagle-Dove will come, will create, and will bring new life even to the dry places as He was given "HONOR." To those who would recognize and HONOR this new move of the Holy Spirit, by faith, they will be the ones to see the Glory of God and see the harvest bring increase and multiplication through resurrected life, and indeed great change will come to our cities and nation (Acts 9:31).

Positioned for the Move of God

There are strategic things we can do to prepare for this move. First, I believe the Lord is saying to, "Pray it in and pray it through." Intercession and worship combined will position us for the release of the new sound as we are in His Presence. So we must release the Sons of Zadok, allowing for an opportunity for "the sound" to come through the Holy Spirit and make room for the Glory of God.

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In our homes and in our churches, we must understand that we will hear His Voice while in His Presence. We need the release of spontaneous worship and intercession to usher in this move of God. This will be difficult for those who feel they must "stick with the program." Those positioned to give room and time for worship and intercession will be like the reaper who overtakes the sower (Isaiah 55:10). As the disciples waited in the upper room for something they have never seen or heard before, so must we give place and time for the new sound to come in. How? Heed the warning!

What Must We Do? Heed the Warning

The key then is to "honor" the Holy Spirit. Understanding how to truly honor the Holy Spirit will release the gushing forth of the reviving oil of the move of God. America, we must heed the warning, for we do not want the move of God to pass us by. As distinctive as the white Eagle-Dove is, so will this move of Holiness be. What is seen and heard may look or sound different, and we must be open and our minds renewed to the new wine. No one puts new wine in old wine skins. We must fully understand the importance, the definition, and the application of "honoring the Holy Spirit."

Where is Honor Found?

"Wisdom will bring you to honor."

I Chronicles 16:27, "Honor and majesty are (found) in His presence; strength and joy are (found) in His sanctuary." To fear (reverently worship) the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom will bring you to honor (Proverbs 4:7). Riches and honor are found in wisdom (Proverbs 3:16, 8:18).

It's time to release the Sons of Zadok! Sons of Zadok minister under the great High Priest, Jesus. Only the Sons of Zadok were to minister to God. Eli ministered to the people. Zadok ministered to God (Ezekiel 44). "Who will ascend into the Presence of the Lord or who shall stand in His Holy Place?" Psalm 24:3. Its rewards are different--instead of accolades from men, Sons of Zadok find accolades from the Lord through His Presence (Ezekiel 44:29). Sensitivity to the Spirit of God and determination to have Jesus as their only Lord is their secret and power. Demonstration in the Holy Ghost and power is not the unusual, but rather the ordinary for the Sons of Zadok. They minister to God through their sacrifices and their leadership, all the while walking in holiness. Their prayers are mingled with their sacrifices (worship).

The Earth Split With The Sound

1 Samuel 1-4 tells us that the Sons of Eli represents the flesh-religion apart from God and the Sons of Zadok represent a spiritual heritage based on intimacy with God. That which is precious to Eli (the system) is its people and its goods. That which is precious to the Sons of Zadok is their vows to God, and they have one rule--they must obey the voice of the Lord (Zechariah 6:15).

Righteousness and rejection of the system characterize the Sons of Zadok. Eli ministers to the people and Zadok ministers to the Lord. The system always substitutes something to take the place or modify the real thing. Righteousness is fluid like a river. Ezekiel 47 shows the origin in the Throne Room of the Temple of God. Sons know that one does not "take time to pray" because there simply is no time without it. We were made to commune with God. Religion/the system can only minister to man. In Eli's times, holiness was not emphasized. Zadok does not practice "being in" God's Presence, they just "live in" His Presence.

Everywhere Zadok and his Sons find themselves, there is great honor and blessing. I Kings 1:39-40 says, "And Zadok, the priest, took a horn of oil out of the tabernacle, and anointed Solomon. And they blew the trumpet; and all the people said, 'Long live King Solomon.' And all the people played on flutes, and rejoiced with great joy, so that the earth split with the sound of it." Talk about the sound being released through their worship and intercession! We need to release the Sons of Zadok in houses of prayer and worship.

Where is the Eagle-Dove Now?

I asked the Lord where the Eagle-Dove is now. The Spirit of the Lord says, "He is hovering over the face of the waters (Genesis 1:2) of the East Coastline of America, and the winds are beginning to blow." Remember, it will be quick! East Coast--Get Ready! Get ready! Get Ready! As the East goes, so goes America! To them who believe, they will see the Glory of the Lord (John 11:40).


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God is preparing us for such a move of the Spirit of Holiness like we have never known before (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17). This is the power that will raise the dead here in America. It is He who is preparing us to live in the times of the third-day resurrection power (Hosea 6:1-3). He has torn, He has stricken, and after two days, He will revive us, quicken us, and give us life so that we may live in His sight, before His Face. This takes resurrection power.

I believe the Eagle-Dove is bringing the Spirit of Holiness that will usher in the power of the decreed word in the Apostolic movement that we have yet to experience. New life will spring up in areas extremely fast, and America will experience (as the church did in the days of Acts) such increase and multiplication before our very eyes. God is releasing His Sound on the waters. I believe this is a release of the Rivers of Life flowing out from the Throne Room (Daniel 7:9-10).

Sin releases death, which is the nature of man without the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of Holiness releases life, which is the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead (Romans 1:4, 8:2). To the degree that the Holy Spirit is in you is to the degree that the Holy Spirit flows from you. For those positioned to honor this move, they will see the fullness of Christ and walk in resurrection power. To those who believe, they are the ones who will see the Glory (John 11:40).

But it is our choice. There is no middle ground. Will we continue to be what we have been or will we become what God wants us to become? America, like Daniel, if we determine in our heart that we will not defile ourselves, God will make known to us the solution to our problems (Daniel 1:8, 2:23).

Hope Reeder
Praise Alive Ministries

Hope and Roger Reeder's Bio:

Hope Reeder is an ordained, spirit-filled Word lover and unquenchable
worshiper. She is an anointed conference speaker and psalmist releasing
prophetic Spirit songs from her keyboard and apostolic declarations from the pulpit.

Hope and her husband Roger host and are guest speakers at conferences both nationally and internationally. Their heart is to release the supernatural power of God through spontaneous prophetic worship and the Word, causing peoples lives to be changed not just for a moment, but for eternity. Together they co-founded Praise Alive Ministries, Inc., the Upper Room Food Bank, the television program "Make His Praise Glorious!" and co-pastored Praise Alive Worship Center. Hope is a graduate of Tomlinson Bible College and more extensively studied Old
and New Testament at Lee College.

Roger and Hope reside in Charlotte, NC and have two daughters, Kristin and Angie, both graduates of Oral Roberts University.


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