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By Pat Robertson
Jan 4, 2007

January 4, 2007

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Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network) gave THE ELIJAH LIST special permission to post this. I purposely used--as the title--one of the most significant lines in this whole 2007 prophecy by Pat Robertson.

Portions of Pat Robertson's words (you should read it all in context of course) say--with great humility, the following:

Pat: "Sometimes I've missed it...I hope I'm wrong, and I hope people will pray and that it won't happen. But nevertheless, that seems to be what's coming up."

Pat Robertson has always been a prophetic voice and a forerunner regarding things to come. What a blessing this man of God has been to the Body. In fact, through the organization Pat founded, "Operation Blessing," he's given millions of dollars in food and aid to the poor.

He's earned the right to speak to God's people.

As for myself--As a prophetic publisher, teacher, and even as a prophetic person, I like to point out the tapestry of how God's many prophetic people hear. John 10:27 says that all God's sheep hear HIM and follow HIM (God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that is). This is true no matter what our Christian denomination is. The variety in which we hear is far-reaching...

For instance:

Some hear what will be and herald it!

Others hear from God what the enemy's plans are, and they call for prayer to avert those plans.

The trickiest part of hearing God's Voice seems to be this--Sometimes, even among the highest level prophets, it's difficult to know, the "IF" factor. If what is seen, heard, or perceived is catastrophic, can we, the Church, prevent or lessen it through prayer? Or--is what we are seeing, hearing, or perceiving, something that will be--BECAUSE GOD SAID IT WILL BE?

When I figure it all out, I'll let you know.

For this reason, I have a simple rule that is first found in the Old Testament (so it's really God's rule, not mine, of course). No matter how Godly and accurate the prophet of God is--God said, "If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

This means we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in God's face and asking HIM not to allow the very thing HE has shown us.

Abraham did this. So did Moses. So should we.

The God of "Great Grace" does, in fact, often relent from sending or allowing calamity if we are a repentant people. So let's be repentant.

I would read this word by Pat Robertson with a complete sense of soberness. Pat is, after all, a Godly man who has spent years hearing God speak. Then, get in God's face, seek repentance in your own life, and in the life of your particular nation. Ask God to relent from sending calamity. The worst that could happen is that God could say, "No," and if that were the case, He would still have a purpose of great mercy and outreach, as seen in past catastrophes.

So in this case, as in all others, perhaps God will relent and leave behind a blessing instead! Our job is to be humble and repentant.

God makes the final call.

Steve Shultz
The Elijah List & The Voice of the Prophetic magazine


700 clubBelow is what Pat Robertson spoke on the January 2nd, 700 Club program, along with his co-host Terry Meeuwsen (used by permission):

Pat RobertsonPAT ROBERTSON: Well, we'll be talking about that. And I think people, Terry, are interested in finding out, since we're talking about 2007--I've been away for a prayer retreat. And I've put these things out with humility, but nevertheless, I have a relatively good track record. Sometimes I've missed.

Terry MeeuwsenTERRY MEEUWSEN: And without doubt, every year, as you seek God, I guess this is His promise to all of us. But as you go away and seek Him for the coming year, God shows you some amazing things.

PAT ROBERTSON: The first thing, Terry, that I think is God's Word to His people, to the believers worldwide, not just here in America, and the promise is that this year is going to be a year of extraordinary miracles.

And if I'm hearing the Lord right, there are such extraordinary things that are going to take place: victory over demonic powers, victory of healing; some dramatic miracles taking place in people's lives.

And the Lord said it's going to seem to the people like Heaven has come down to earth. It's going to be that good. It's going to be really an extraordinary demonstration of God's power.

The other thing He said was that this is the final year of the great demonstration of His grace to the world. For the last 12 years, we have had evangelism unprecedented in countries like India and Indonesia and Nigeria, and so forth. And CBN right now, we have recorded somewhere in the neighborhood of 461 million decisions since the fall of communism. Well, that is going to come, I think, to an end, at least that great anointing.

Well, the other thing I felt was that evil men; evil people, are going to try to do evil things to us and to others during the last part of this year. I don't know whether it'll be in the fall or September or later on, but it'll be the second half, somehow, of 2007. There will be some very serious terrorist attacks. The evil people will come after this country.

And there's a possibility that--not a possibly--a definite certainty that chaos is going to rule, and the Lord said that the politicians will not have any solutions for it. There's just going to be chaos. And, of course, we saw chaos in the Gulf after Katrina. The politicians had no answers.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: I think that that rang resonant in everyone's heart, as they looked at it and realized that when something big happens....

PAT ROBERTSON: We're not ready.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: ...there's no solution.

PAT ROBERTSON: It's going to happen. And I'm not saying necessarily nuclear. The Lord didn't say "nuclear," but I do believe it'll be something like that that'll be a mass killing, possibly millions of people, and major cities injured. I hope I'm wrong, and I hope people will pray and that won't happen. But nevertheless, that seems to be what's coming up.

And then the Lord said He will restrain the evil people, but He will not restrain them necessarily initially. And He doesn't have to restrain people. They're evil people, and they do evil things, and they desire evil.

The other thing on my heart and on His heart is the nation of Israel. And what He says was the United States pretends to be the supporter of Israel, but that we are pushing Israel toward national suicide, our policies are pushing Israel toward national suicide. And He also said that the policies of the current Israeli administration are, quote, "toxic" for the nation of Israel.

So the last couple of years, He has said that we're entering into the most dangerous time in the history of Israel. That has been born out by this last war they had. It's clear that another war, sooner or later, is coming.

But the word was that the Olmert policies were "toxic," "toxic" for the nation of Israel, and that the United States was feigning friendship but pushing them toward national suicide.

So these are some of the things. The other thing is that there's going to be a great anointing of His Spirit upon His people. The believers are going to have just an extraordinary time.

And the last word that I got was on New Year's Day. And that took from the tenth chapter of Ezra, when, you remember, the Jewish people had come back from captivity. The Lord had given them a little respite, and, lo and behold, they immediately began to break His Word and to intermarry with the heathen people.

And Ezra was overwhelmed, the scribe, and he called for a national repentance. And he said, "You've got to put away from you this evil." Well, I thought, "How does this apply to us?" And the truth is that the Christians particularly have intermarried with the evil.

We have television that is just full of evil. We have motion pictures full of evil. Not only violence, but sexuality and permissiveness. Then, on the Internet, we have all kinds of evil that people are allowing themselves to get into. And then, more than that, there's this air of materialism where we're caught up in it.

And it was as if God is saying, "You've got to put away from yourself those heathen influences that are taking over. Because I'm going to do something wonderful for you, but it's not going to happen unless you put away the heathen influences."

So I believe that it's going to be--these first few months, I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be an extraordinary time, and we should expect miracles beyond our wildest fantasies in the first six months.

And after then--chaotic. And we'll be talking in subsequent programs about some of the things that you might do specifically. But the idea is what the Bible says, "Seek humility, seek righteousness, that you may be hid in the day of that wrath." And I think we need to be....

TERRY MEEUWSEN: And to not be afraid.

PAT ROBERTSON: Oh, why should we be afraid?

TERRY MEEUWSEN: God is in control.

PAT ROBERTSON: God, He's in charge of the whole thing.


PAT ROBERTSON: And so, if you get blown up or something, you go to Heaven, and that's the worst thing that'll happen to you. But we have evil people in the world.

And there's a cleric in Saudi Arabia who has issued a fatwa (A legal opinion or ruling issued by an Islamic scholar) that gave Osama bin Laden the permission to kill ten-million people in the West. A cleric. He said, "Under Islamic law, I find that you have permission to kill ten-million people." And one of the leaders of Iran was saying, "Well, if we go to war with Israel, and Israel annihilates us and we annihilate them, if it costs 18-million dead, it'll be worth it if we can destroy Israel."

Now, we're dealing with people who think that way. The fact that they might do a job on Chicago or Los Angeles or Washington or New York, we shouldn't be surprised, because they're evil people.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, they've said that's their intention.

PAT ROBERTSON: They've said that's what they're going to do. But God said He's going to restrain the evil, but He isn't necessarily going to restrain it from the beginning.


Pat RobertsonPAT ROBERTSON: And so, a lot of these things can be reversed. We just need to do a lot of praying. But I think seek righteousness, seek humility, and we'll be passing out some tips about what to do in case of disaster. I didn't get a whole lot of word about natural disasters.

Last year, the Lord said the coasts would be lashed by storms. Not necessarily hurricanes, but lashed. Up in New England, lashed. Denver--well not coast, but the Pacific Northwest. And then, of course, over in the Philippines, two typhoons, one right after the other. Coasts around have been lashed by storms. I don't know that we're going to have a great many natural disasters, at least I don't have any message in terms of that.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: It'd be nice to have a respite in that area after all this.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, I can't guarantee it; I just didn't hear anything. Okay.

Steve ShultzThe Christian Broadcasting Network


"The daily prophetic words that are sent to our 130,000+ subscribers are made possible by the purchase of products like those featured in this email. You may purchase them directly from this email, or visit our online store at"


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