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By Sandie Freed
Aug 5, 2006

August 5, 2006

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freedsIncreased Anointing

This is the season when we are confronting demonic structures that we may have once defeated. We have come full-circle once more and God is charging us to fully put some old things under our fully put to death the works of the flesh, tradition, and mindsets. We have a choice as to whether we will rise up and get victory over the old things that hinder us, or circle-around again next year, and battle once more.

For an increased anointing, one of the first things we must understand in this new place with God's Spirit, is in order to INCREASE we must RELEASE. Once again...Release to Increase.

What exactly does this mean? Well, we must release God to move in our lives the way He wants to. We must release His Spirit to move in our families, our churches, our businesses, and our government. If we release control, there will be an increase. Everything in creation was made to be fruitful and multiply (increase). If there are areas that are not increasing, God will judge that area by His Word. In other words, if the increase is not in alignment, He will convict us to change so that we willingly "let go." Most likely, we all have dealt with control issues along the span of our lifetimes. We become fearful, so we attempt to control the outcome. In most cases, it has become our least up to NOW.

In this new place, there must be total trust. In order to grow, we must let go and be submitted to His perfect plan. Because His desire is for us to increase, He will keep leading us back to the same situations, so that He can deal with heart issues and control issues. Our ultimate survival requires that we totally yield ourselves to His Spirit, and then for us to always follow the leading of His Spirit.

Secondly, we must release old mindsets concerning how WE think His Spirit should move. Obviously, He is God and He can flow as He chooses, but our faith levels have much to do with His visitation. Because of mindsets and judgments, we could easily miss our hour of visitation. If a certain flow does not line up with our mindset, we too quickly negate how God desires to minister. Remember, they rejected Jesus because of their religious mindsets, and many missed the hour of His divine visitation.

The Testing for the Increased Anointing

As I prayed about the increased anointing, I still heard Him speak to me concerning the Glory and the double portions that Elisha received. Elisha went through his "testing four different times." Let's look at the four different tests and challenge ourselves to press into the overcoming power within us, so that we also, can step into that increased anointing.

The First Test: Gilgal

One of the meanings of the word Gilgal is "circle." As I stated earlier, this is a season of coming full circle. Whatever was in our hearts that was and still is unpleasing to the Lord has come full circle, and the Lord will lay the axe to the root of that situation. Unless we determine to rid ourselves of the works of the flesh, we will go around this mountain again.

The enemy has a plan to continue to "shame" God's children. This is an old trick of our enemy. Through the lie of rejection, he will speak lies of unworthiness, shame, and words that speak "you are less than." Though Elisha was determined that he was going to receive a double portion anointing, he was most likely still tested with rejection. When Elijah and he stopped at Gilgal, Elijah instructed Elisha to remain there, but Elisha insisted that he would not leave his destiny link. At first, it appears Elijah did not desire for Elisha to tag along with him. He actually told him to remain and not follow. However, Elisha's statement was "I will not leave thee" (2 Kings 2:2). This is a kingdom--covenant statement.

Covenant relationships are divine connections that have future purposes for the work of God's Kingdom. All too often, we quickly leave a ministry that was meant to be a destiny link. Maybe we feel left out and rejected, so we leave a ministry or relationship prematurely. Well, please understand that when we are in covenant with the Father, He will test our hearts to determine how desperately we want the anointing. We must become focused and set our faces like flint toward prophetic destiny. We must "hang-on" to our destiny links and endure until we have received our double portions.

If we do not pass the test at Gilgal, we will circle once more, and God will examine our hearts. If the past heart issues were related to rebellion and a lack of respect for authority, He will do whatever is necessary to properly align us with His corporate body, so that we can pass the next test and move forward into destiny.

Many of us will be required to overcome obstacles and tests before increased anointing can be imparted by our mentors. We must realize who our destiny-links are, and be determined and focused to remain in covenant no matter what tribulation occurs. Then, when it is our season to receive the double portion, we will be properly positioned to receive the mantle of authority and increased anointing.

The Second Test: Bethel

Bethel means "The House of God." In type, the house of God is where the presence of the Lord is. One of the earliest recordings of Bethel in the Scriptures is Genesis 28:16, where Jacob had a dream and experienced a divine visitation. He was not in a synagogue, not in a temple; he was in the desert with his head against a hard rock for a pillow, and God visited him in a dream. When he awoke, he recognized that God was in that place and he named it God's house. Is it possible that Jacob received prophetic revelation as to what the true House of God was? Did Jacob recognize that God's house was within him (that he was God's temple), and the revelation ministered so much to him that he dedicated the land and built an altar?

Each of us "houses" the anointing. We are the temple of the Lord because He lives in us. At that moment, in that dream, Jacob KNEW God. He had become God's house. The house of God is within each of us, and in this passage, it is revealing that we house His Spirit within us. Saints, this is why we can minister wherever we are! Because we are God's temple, we are not limited to any building, setting, or place. We should be ministering under the unction of the Holy Spirit, being divinely led.

The New Testament believers ministered all day long in their businesses! It was a daily part of their lives; they incorporated ministry into their businesses. Just think of the spiritual shifts that would occur if we got serious about ministering to the lost as we realize that everywhere we go is an opportunity to show the love of God.

Now that we understand that we are God's temple, please also know that any area in our heart where the door is locked to God's Spirit, will be tested. Hidden motives and attitudes will be exposed as God's truth searches every room of our hearts.

At Bethel, Elisha was tested once again. Did he fully want the double portion? Did he give the Lord his entire heart and life? Was there any area of rejection that rose up when his mentor once more said, "Stay can't come." Once again, Elisha responded with a covenant reply, "I will not leave you." We must press into staying with our assigned positions, assigned destiny links, and assigned callings.

The Third Test: Jericho

When I think of Jericho, I am always reminded of the WALLS that had to be shouted down. Though we know that mindsets can be walls and God will have us move beyond our natural thinking, the word Jericho means much more to us in this season. Jericho also translates as "sent." The word apostle means "the sent one," implying that in this season, we must apostolically be sent out with an apostolic assignment. When we are truly sent, we are actually similar to an ambassador who is "sent" to represent one in authority. As we become "sent" by the Father, we go forth in His authority. The anointing can only truly flow when we are under legitimate authority and sent out with that same authority.

As a five-fold minister I meet many ministers who are not truly "sent." Rather than being "sent," they "went" on their own accord, and with no accountability. This is very sad because unless we are released and sent with authority, there will be a lack of authority as we minister the Word. Without authority in the Spirit, we are simply preaching another message with no anointing, or we are teaching the Word with no manifestation of the Spirit. Saints, there is no time to waste. Jesus IS coming soon!

Just as Elisha approached his test at Jericho, so will we be tested. Are we waiting to be sent ones, and are we pressing into the fullness God has for each of us? Being obedient to WHEN we are sent, is just as important as to WHERE we are sent. So, it is very important that we are obedient, and only go WHERE we are sent, and must complete our assignment before we can move to the next place.

Elisha knew his destiny was to receive double portion and so, once again, he pressed past any possible hindrances, and chose once again to remain in Kingdom covenant with his destiny link. Though Elijah once again tried to convince him to remain in Jericho, Elisha responded with "I will not leave thee." I believe that deep inside of Elijah there was a silent joy! Finally, a prophet-in-training that was fully committed to his mentor! Elijah might have had this planned all along, thinking, "I'm going to see just how much this young prophet desires this anointing. It's not as easy as he might think to get this kind of anointing...let's see if he makes it 'till the end." The Lord has a test for each of much do you want the anointing?

The Fourth Place of Testing: Jordan

Most of the time, we think of Jordan as a place of fresh baptism, and the parting from old behavior and mindsets. Once more, I believe God is releasing more revelation concerning Jordan and how it relates to the anointing. Since Elisha's whole desire was for the increased anointing, the place of Jordan was very significant because it is more than leaving the past behind; it also refers to being properly positioned to receive the mantle of anointing.

Jordan means "descending" or "flowing down." Now, this really gets exciting to me, because the only way the anointing flows (according to Psalm 133), is downward. The anointing will always flow from the head down. If you are properly positioned within the Body of Christ, if you find your place and remain there, the anointing will flow (descend) down upon you. Finally, Elisha had come to the place where the anointing would fully flow downward upon him!

The reason that Elisha received double portions is because Elijah told him that if Elisha "saw him" ascend to Heaven, he could receive the double portion mantle. This meant that Elisha had to remain faithful, determined and properly positioned so that the anointing could truly flow down upon him. Elisha pressed past all rejection, possible abandonment issues and different tests to endure until the very end. He would not let go of God's anointed Elijah!

Also, Elisha's life had to be in unity with God's plans and purposes for all of this to take place. If we are also in unity with God's Spirit, the anointing that is upon Christ, will flow over us, and we can receive double portions of anointing. The anointing of your mentor will flow down upon you if you remain faithful to the end of your testing. Ultimately, we know that Christ is the head. However, when we are submitted to Christ, we are also submitted to those He has placed in authority over us, and we are in UNITY. It is only then, that we are properly positioned for the flow of anointing.

A Song of Degrees of David

Psalms 133:1-3, "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore."

Hallelujah! Are you excited yet? Well, you should be! Get ready, get positioned, God is about to release you in a mighty way. Get ready for your double portion so that in 2007, you experience your open Heaven and receive your double portions!

In Him,
Sandie Freed

Sandie Freed
Zion Ministries

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