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Kim Clement: "In 2006, God says, 'I will now multiply the anointing on the ages from 8 to 17. They shall become the voices to this Nation"

by Kim Clement
Jan 12, 2006

January 12, 2006


Kim Clement: "In 2006, God says, 'I will now multiply the anointing on the ages from 8 to 17. They shall become the voices to this Nation"

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January 1, 2006
San Jose, CA

The Spirit of the Lord says that there has been an attack planned against the children, and the enemy has not won at all. And now because of this, you said that multiplication shall begin.

And God says, "I will now multiply the anointing on the ages from 8 to 17. They shall suddenly arise." Did you hear what the Spirit of God says? He will anoint between the ages of 8 and 17 in an unusual fashion this year. Look at your children, look at your grandchildren, look at your great-grandchildren. For God said, "I will raise them up, and they shall become the voices to this Nation," says the Lord.

God says that your shout is penetrating the atmosphere. Your shout is penetrating poverty. Your shout is penetrating sickness. Your shout is penetrating discord. Your shout is penetrating witchcraft. Your shout is penetrating darkness. Your shout is breaking the powers that have held you back!

Your shout is penetrating the mountain that has stood before you. In 2006, I will multiply; there will be no more delays. What you have waited for shall be granted before the summer of 2006. Your shout is breaking through the fire, breaking the limitations! Your shout is destroying the accuser of the brethren, breaking the power of the accuser of the brethren.

The Media Shall Never Be The Same

"This year, I will raise up Eminem to be a voice. Conversion shall come to his house--Eminem. This year I will touch Stephen King, and he will write for the Kingdom of God. This year, I will raise up Rupert Murdoch, who shall even stand before you. This year, there shall be a joining of networks--ABC being one of them, and they shall have a section where Christ will be glorified," says the Lord.

The media shall never be the same. For God said, "I have decided after your prayers and your faith that this is the year where I shall use the media to destroy the power of control and manipulation," says the Lord.

"Your shout and your praise is penetrating unbelief. Your shout and your praise is penetrating secular humanism. Your shout is penetrating atheism right now. Your shout is placing Christ in the media, Christ into science, Christ into politics, and Christ back into the law. Corruption will be exposed, and this nation's economy will be at the highest ever," says the Lord.

"Peace shall come in a very strange way. Peace shall come in a very strange way. China shall surrender in a very strange fashion. And My people will say, 'What is this to do with our daily affairs?' Just watch, for Jerusalem shall have a brand new sound. For your prayers and your praise, starting this year, have impressed angels. So why not feed on the angels' food as Israel did? Why not us today?"

Manna From Heaven

Manna from Heaven. God says, "I will feed you. I will do something very unusual in My feeding of you. What about the birds? Why would the media declare the pestilence upon this nation? Fly away, oh bird flu. Fly away pestilence; fly away. You have no landing ground in the United States of America.

"Fly away sugar diabetes, for the cure is upon us. No more removal of toes and feet and legs and parts of My body. My body does not have the infliction upon its kidneys and pancreas." God said, "I will bring a cure, an amazing cure, and already there has been a cure discovered for HIV positive."

And God said, "I will go to San Francisco as I have promised you, this year, and revive thousands and then tens of thousands of gay men and women and bring them into My Kingdom," says the Lord.

God says, "I never walked away from the cross that was set before Me for you." God says, "I never walked away from the blood that they would shed, because the blood was just for you. And I never walked away from the beating on My face, for the beating was just for you. And I never walked away from the stripes on My back, for the stripes were just for you. The stripes were just for you. The stripes were just for you. The blood was just for you."

God said that He is asking for somebody to say "I will never walk away from what He did for us 2000 years ago."


"There is a divine impartation that is taking place by the prophet that is in your presence; I speak these words." If you would sing these words that God has graciously handed to us, (He says) "I will remove the diseases that have kept you in bondage. I will remove all the restrictions that have stopped your finances. I will remove the discord that has destroyed your families. I will remove the deception that has tried to destroy your children."

His blood was just for me. His love was just for me. The blood was just for me. The cross was just for me. The stripes were just for me.

The Spirit of the Lord told me, "There is going to be a mantle that is cast." Just a few days ago, He said to prepare a list of 26 people to prepare a word to give to them.

God said, "What's happening is I'm going to do what happened with Elijah and Elisha. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the mantle and place it into the hands of this generation, and they are going to rise up and do double.

Multiplication is going to begin on the 7th of January throughout the Body of Christ. The double portion will immediately begin." Throughout the Scriptures, from the beginning of time, God said, "Multiply." He told Abraham to multiply.

The struggle that you have endured, whether it be wrestling with God or whether it be the sacrifice that He demanded of you--it's over. The major struggle, the major battle, has now come to an end. Surely multiplication has to start some time!! 2006 is the year!!

The mantle of these great people is about to be cast.

God said, "Don't worry about previous failures. The last obstacle that these great men overcame will be the first obstacle that you overcome."

Where is the God of Elijah?


Kim Clement
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Kim's Upcoming Itinerary:

January 22, 2006
Mott Auditorium
Pasadena, CA

January 18-19, 2006
CCOP Worship Center
2110 Andrew Drive
Wilkinsburg PA 15221

January 27-29, 2006
City Church--Pastor Richard Hogue
136 NW 10 St
Oklahoma City, OK 73103


"Secrets of the Prophetic"

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"Your enemy is blinded when you extend your natural field of vision to prophetic vision." - Kim Clement

Kim Clement was born September 30, 1956, in South Africa, a nation divided by apartheid. In 1978, Kim married Jane Elizabeth Barnes in Durban, South Africa, and they now have 5 children. In 1991, Kim moved with his family to the USA. Kim began "The Warriors of the New Millennium," an outreach to wounded people within the City of Detroit, Michigan, which has now also spread widely throughout the USA. Kim's prophetic ministry reaches countless people as he travels around the world to reveal the heartbeat of God in tragedy and triumph, good times and bad, war and peace, in democratic or theocratic circles, crossing all cultural barriers by communicating God's feelings for them. Kim's gatherings are full of intense energy and beautiful, spontaneous music. He creates a moment of communion and evocation that breaks down barriers of cynicism and doubt and thrusts the hearer into the reality of their destiny.




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  6. Creative Mandate (Piano)

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Bonus Track: We Are Waging War



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