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"Coming Full-Circle: The Jerusalem Report"

by Chuck Pierce
Jul 2, 2005

Tremendous Growth of Believers in the Philippines –
"It's God's Time"
July 2, 2005

According to a report by Dr. Chuck Quinley, missionary to the Philippines, God is moving in an amazing way there with a new church being planted every 8 hours for the last 15 years.

In addressing delegates at the "Excellence in Broadcasting 2005" conference, Quinley said, "We need to consolidate the gains of the last fifteen years, and now turn that into something even larger, and that is a new mission's force for Asia.

"Already, Filipinos are going by the hundreds throughout the Asian region, which as you know are the last remaining 10/10 window nations, the last remaining frontier for Christian missions, and Filipinos are playing a major role."

"I think our story as a case study is a good example of what UCB is all about," added Quinley. "A year ago, I came to a UCB conference [in Australia], and now a year later, we are in operation, on the air, on a satellite, able now to be pulled down all over the country for a hundred U.S. dollars.

"We've got offers coming from everywhere, cities of a million people, for a thousand dollars a month to lease an existing station and just take it over, and it's time; it's God's time in the Philippines. We envision a nationwide Contemporary Christian radio station that takes back the airwaves for Christ by proclaiming the Gospel to Metro Manila and the Philippines twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week." </p><p>

by Dan Wooding / Aimee Herd : July 2, 2005 : ANS, UCB News

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July 2, 2005

Coming Full-Circle: The Jerusalem Report"
by Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Dear Devoted Prayer Warriors:

We have come full circle back to Dallas. Thank you for praying for us. This has probably been one of the most historic trips we have ever taken. I believe future history will also be determined because of the intercession made by you on our behalf and the decrees that the Spirit of God decreed at each place. I hope you have enjoyed the reports.

This retraces a major portion of the history of the Church. Our goal was to break old cycles preventing power from coming forth in this and the next two generations. I believe we have had victory as we traveled to Moscow, Istanbul, Rome and Jerusalem. We have decreed reversal of lost power over each one of you, and asked the Lord to restore His power in fullness to the Church.

We have asked the Lord to also release an anointing so our expected end is greater than where we have ever been. I am decreeing that all hindering religious forces and false truths that have been built into your spiritual foundation "let go" and that you walk in a whole new clarity of the purpose of God in your life.


What a joy it is being in this wonderful city that belongs to God. You can sense His sovereignty. You can also begin to realign yourself to God's perfect time by embracing the history of His visitation and opening your eyes to see His word being fulfilled presently. You also feel an anticipation of the future.

We met Rick and Patti Ridings, Martin and Norma Sarvis (who do our Prayer Updates from Israel), Lindy Heidler and John and Una Gere. They are all part of the 24/7 Sukkat Hallel House of Prayer in Jerusalem. At the beginning of the Hebrew Year 5765, God opened up a place to develop a house of prayer on Mt. Zion in a location that was once a discotheque. This place overlooks the Ben Hinnom Valley as well as the Mt. of Olives. You can imagine 24 hour prayer with this visual focus. Therefore, part of our joy on this trip was for our team to attend several of the prayer watches. John Gere along with the others listed above served as our guide on our tour.

Key Reversals

One important recent discovery was an inscription on a stone at the corner of the Temple Mount area. The stone says "This is the place where the silver trumpets are blown." Once this was found, members of Sukkat Hallel began to go and blow silver trumpets at this place. (You will find the reasoning of blowing silver trumpets in Numbers 10 -- they called together leadership and announced war. They also decreed the movement of the camp.) After hearing the blowing of the trumpets, some Orthodox leaders also began to do the same. This signifies a coming full-circle and an announcing that war, movement, and a change in leadership is occurring.

An interesting article that was released the day we started this journey was "After 2,000 Years, a Seed From Ancient Judea Sprouts." This article by Steven Erlanger of The New York Times stated that Israeli doctors and scientists have succeeded in germinating a date-seed nearly 2,000 years old.

The seed, nicknamed Methuselah, was taken from an excavation at Masada, the cliff fortress where, in A.D. 73, 960 Jewish zealots died by their own hand, rather than surrender to a Roman assault. The point of germinating this seed is to find out what was so exceptional about the original date palm of Judea, much praised in the Bible and the Koran for its shade, food, beauty and medicinal qualities, but long ago destroyed by the crusaders. "The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree," says Psalm 92. "They shall still bring forth fruit in old age. They shall be fat and flourishing."

Plants grown from ancient seeds usually keel over and die soon, having used most of their nutrients in remaining alive. The plant is now 11.8 inches tall and has produced seven leaves, one of which was removed for DNA testing. Radiocarbon dating in Switzerland on a snip of the seed showed it to be 1,990 years old, plus or minus 50 years. So the date-seed dates from 35 B.C. to A.D. 65, just before the famed Roman siege.

In the time of Pliny, forests of date-palms covered the area from Lake Galilee to the Dead Sea and made Jericho famous; a date palm is featured on ancient coinage, as it is on the current Israeli 10-shekel coin. The date palm symbolized ancient Israel; the honey of "the land of milk and honey" came from the date. It is praised as a tonic to increase longevity, as a laxative, as a cure for infections and as an aphrodisiac. But the dates of Judea were destroyed before the Middle Ages, and what dates Israel grows now were imported in the 1950's and 60's from California and originated elsewhere in the Middle East. It takes 30 years for the date seed to mature and produce fruit. However, we believe this signified the beginning of coming full circle and starting a whole new cycle of life, freedom and fruit.

The Lord Released Key Prophetic Revelation

I would like to release the overall prophetic word of God that seemed to come forth during this journey before I explain the key revelation released at each site.

"For this is a time that Heaven is resounding and My voice is descending to bring forth victory in the earth. I will have a joyful house of prayer for every ethnos people. This is a day of extension, for I am extending Myself to places in the earth that have never received My joyful sound.

"Nations are in the valley of decision choosing their altar and object of worship. I will watch how they worship. I will come down and review their houses of worship, and I will reconcile all nations back to My land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem. Nations who have never known My Sprit will have an opportunity to experience Me in days ahead.

"As you stand upon this hill (the Temple Mount), you are standing on the focal point where the nations of the earth will choose their alliance. This is the place that My watchmen will come into conflict over. My Glory will cover the earth, but My glory will enter in through the Eastern Gate and I will establish Myself as King over the earth.

"Be still and know that I am God. This is a time of conflict. This conflict will decide who will stand with Me as the nations align. This is a time of contending for the portal of heaven to be opened over this city and this place that you stand. My watchmen will contend in the nations that are contending for Me. The conflict that is occurring in the heavenlies will begin to penetrate the earth.

"The next three years will reflect the level of conflict. Many will have opportunity to know Me and align with Me. Others will turn away and harden their hearts. One nation at a time will be reconciled with My covenant plan. I am raising up those who are watching with Me. These will gain the strategies over how to realign entire people groups with My plan for days ahead. I will create a sound of praise that will be contagious. My House will be filled with joy. Those who resist the joy of My House will also lose their strength as a nation.

"This will be a season of descending. You must first go to the low place to win the high place. My Son first descended before He ascended. You will learn to worship in your low places. You will learn not to fear the hell around you. You will worship in unusual places. But when you worship in the low places, I will rend the heavens and come down and I will raise you up, level your path, make your crooked places straight and produce a way out of the wilderness.

"I will teach you to worship in new ways. Therefore, adversity will not capture you. I am calling you to stand in new ways. If you will journey with Me and be willing to face the enemies that have attempted to defeat you in the past, I will place you in the cleft of My rock. I will surround you, weaken their ability, and send you forth to break their cycles. This is a time of recovery!

"This is a time of procession. I am beginning to come close to you to lead you in a new way. Submit, resist and follow me for I am drawing very near to you. I am drawing near to this city. As you say, ‘I will come near,' you will begin to hear My voice in a new way. I am ready for you to hear My voice at the gates.

"There is a sound beginning to be released at the gates. Hear the sound at the gates. I am putting a prophetic anointing within your mouth to speak what I am speaking. Open your mouth and I will fill it. I will take you from gate to gate and place to place. You will record the sound and sing the songs of deliverance that will open up the gate. For each gate has a sound that heaven is releasing.

"This is a time that My armies are responding to your singing in the earth realm. I am ready to send help to establish you at the gates of your lives and cites. I am ready to establish Myself at the gates of Jerusalem. Hear the song, sing, and watch the Hosts of Heaven align themselves to assist you at the gates."

The Word Comes Alive As We Pray!

There were several scriptures that became very important. The first passage that God gave us when we were leaving Rome for Jerusalem was Zechariah 4. This is referring, of course, to the Menorah of God. The Menorah represents the light in the revelation of God being the central rallying standard that all civil as well as spiritual government must align with. This passage also shows the power of the Spirit of God to overcome what we have never overcome in our past.

We stood behind the huge man-made Menorah at the Knesset in Jerusalem and declared there would be a realignment of government with God's spiritual foundations for this hour. We decreed that the Spirit of revelation would enter every structure of society. We also decreed that you would have revelation to speak toward any mountain in your life that you were not able to overcome in the past. Please read this passage.

Numbers 13 and 14 become two of the most important passages of this year. I have been encouraging you to read these all year. While we were in Jerusalem, this was the actual Torah reading for this week. God is saying this! Do not let anything you "see" remove your faith to advance.
John 9 is linked with the blind man whom the Lord healed at the Pool of Siloam. You will read about this in the report. Amos 9 and Acts 15 concern the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. Ask God to give you revelation of these scriptures. Worship Warrior has much revelation on these chapters. Isaiah 45 pertains to how God raises up leadership that can go through resistant gates and gain the wealth to accomplish His building plan for the future. Please read this chapter from Isaiah.

The Temple Mount

This is the place where the war of all worship wars will be fought. The war is over worship on this Mount. "Who will control worship in the latter days?" is the defining question in the earth. The Temple Mount is owned by the Israelis, but under Jordanian stewardship. However, we all know that the Mount belongs to the Lord. From the above prophecy you can see that God's heart can really be expressed on this Mount.

Though David was a worshipper, he was man of war and was not allowed to build the temple. However, he was permitted to gather the materials for it and to organize the project (I Chronicles 22). The actual work began "in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel had come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel" (I Kings 6:1). Solomon began to reign about 971 BC, so his fourth year would have been about 967 BC. The temple was completed about 960 BC, seven years later (I Kings 6:37-38).

In biblical times three temples were built on the same site: Solomon's, Zerubbabel's, and Herod's. Solomon built the temple on the east side of Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, "where the Lord had appeared to his father David, at the place that David had prepared on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite" (I Chronicles 21:28; II Chronicles 3:1).

The highest part of Mount Moriah is now the site of the building called The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. During the reign of Rehoboam, Solomon's son, (I Kings 14:26) the Temple treasures were taken to Egypt. Asa used the Temple treasure to buy an ally (I Kings 15:18) and stop an invader (II Kings 16:8). Manasseh placed Canaanite altars and carved images of Asherah, a Canaanite goddess, in the Temple (II Kings 21:4,7). Ahaz introduced an altar patterned after one he saw in Damascus (II Kings 16:10-16).

By about 640 BC, Josiah had to repair the Temple (II Kings 22:3-7). Josiah was the king who overthrew Solomon's false altars and restored true worship back to Judah. Notice these cycles. After robbing the Temple of its treasures and gold during his first attack (II Kings 24:13), in 587 BC the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar looted, sacked and burned the Temple (II Kings 25:9,13-17). But people still came to the site to offer sacrifices (Jeremiah 41:5). Do you see the war?

Many temples have been built on the Mount, including a temple of Jupiter, which was destroyed at Constantine's direction. He despised the place and made it a dump. In the history of the Temple Mount, a caliph approached the Byzantine ruler of Jerusalem to ask for a place where the Moslems might build their mosque. The ruler gave them permission to build the mosque on a dump filled with rubbish and trash. This dump was the Temple Mount area. So the "Church" actually gave the Temple Mount away. We asked forgiveness for us, as Christians, turning the Temple Mount over to the idolatrous worship.

You can see the significance of us not recognizing God's Holy places in the earth. Now there is talk of building another mosque on the Mount. This would then be the 5th mosque there - one for each of the five pillars of Islam. The Temple Mount is truly a portal of heaven and a gate of hell with hidden occult powers working underground to hold the whole Mount captive. There is much contention over who will rule this place. In the past, rabbis have discouraged people from going to this site since they felt it was so holy (with the Temple having been there). Do you see the war, both physical and spiritual?

After the Temple was destroyed during the Babylonian captivity, the Ark of the Covenant was never recovered, and so the Second Temple (and Herod's Temple) had no ark. Neither were Solomon's ten lampstands recovered. These are all prophetic issues to watch for in days ahead. One seven-branched candelabra, the Table of Showbread, and the incense altar stood in the Holy Place of the second Temple (as they did in Herod's Temple), but these were taken by Antiochus IV Epiphanes (about 175 BC - 163 BC), who defiled the altar in 167 BC. Do you see the war?

On the corner of the Temple Mount is now the largest underground mosque in the Middle East, which can accommodate more than 30,000 people. This indicates how the war has shifted from being above ground to underground. The Islamic leadership is also hoping to bring water from Mecca to store in the underground cisterns on the Temple Mount. This would then provide the option for Muslim faithful to take their hajj to the Temple Mount, giving the Temple Mount status similar to Mecca. We prayed much about this. Do you see the war?

One of the highlights of the entire trip was while we were on the Temple Mount and went to stand as close as possible to the Eastern Gate to pray. This gate has always been closed off by Muslims on the inside of the Mount area. Ezekiel 43 and Isaiah 45 were such key chapters as we prayed on the Mount. However, when we got in front of the gated area in front of the Eastern Gate, we found that the gate that would allow us to descend to the front of the Eastern Gate was standing open.

The whole team went down and prayed with our hands upon the Eastern Gate. It was as if we were paving the way once again for the coming of the Lord. We declared that God was putting His forerunners in place once again to open up the way for His glory.

This was the first time that any of us, including the team from Israel, had been to the actual gate itself. We then went where we felt the center of the original Temple site was. The bedrock place we stood upon was in alignment with both the Eastern Gate and the Mount of Olives. We each stood and made declarations of realignment. We read Psalm 15: "Who may dwell on your holy hill?" This was truly a key time.

What an amazing emotion to experience as we stood there and remembered how the Lord Jesus showed respect for the Temple. He referred to it as "the House of God" (Matt 12:4) and "Father's house" (John 2:16). He taught that everything in it was holy because it belonged to God, and was angry when it was defiled. Therefore, Jesus purged the Temple of the moneychangers (Mark 11:15-17; John 2:16).

He wept and proclaimed prophetically its destruction (Mark 13:1; Luke 19:41-44). Jesus' actions in the Temple disclosed Him as Messiah. This was one of the reasons the Pharisees wanted His death. At the moment of Jesus' death, the veil of the Temple was torn from top to bottom (Matt 27:51; Mark 15:38; Luke 23:45).

At the crucifixion, Jesus opened a new way for the presence of God to be attained. A new order and a new covenant were released in the earth. No longer was the Temple in Jerusalem to be the only place where mankind worshiped God. God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him "in spirit and truth" (John 4:21-24).

The first Christians, converted Jews, continued to worship at the Temple (Luke 24:52; Acts 2:46; 3:1; 5:12,20-21,42). However, persecution and powerful works caused new wineskins to be developed in other areas such as Antioch, Ephesus and other cities. We should each realize that we are a new Temple. However, we must also realize that nations are aligning and God's Living Body is in war with anti-Christ covenant forces that want to control our worship. By asking the Lord to return in His power to the Church, the war over the Temple Mount will begin to escalate.

The City of David

As we approached and walked through the City of David, many military troops seemed to have converged on that area of the city. It appeared that we were following the troops wherever they went. The Lord impressed us that He was mustering the troops of heaven and aligning the troops of the earth for the war ahead. New excavations are being found all the time. However, the key place that we stopped to pray was where David defeated the Jebusites of his day.

David constructed a new palace for himself in the area known as Ophel and bought the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite (2 Sam 24:18). There is a war at the gates of this city. By understanding the war at the gates of Jerusalem, we understand the war at the gates of our lives and our cities.

Here are the gates listed in the Bible:

Beautiful Gate (Acts 3:10)
Benjamin's Gate (Jer 38:7; Zech 14:10)
Corner Gate (2 Kings 14:13; 2 Chron 25:23; 26:9; Jer 31:38; Zech 14:10
East Gate (1 Chron 26:14; 2 Chron 31:14)
Ephraim, Gate of (2 Kings 14:13; 2 Chron 25:23; Neh 8:16; 12:39)
First Gate (Zech 14:10)
Fish Gate (2 Chron 33:14; Neh 3:3; 12:39; Zeph 1:10)
Foundation, Gate of the (2 Chron 23:5)
Fountain Gate (Neh 3:15; 12:37)
Horse Gate (2 Chron 23:15; Neh 3:28; Jer 31:40)
Joshua, Gate of (2 Kings 23:8)
King's Gate (1 Chron 9:18)
Middle Gate (Jer 39:3)
Miphkad Gate (Neh 3:31)
New Gate (Jer 36:10)
North Gate (1 Chron 26:14)
Old Gate (Neh 3:6; 12:39)
Potsherd Gate (Jer 19:2)
Prison, Gate of the (Neh 12:39)
Refuse Gate (Neh 2:13; 3:13-14; 12:31)
Shallecheth Gate (1 Chron 26:16)
Sheep Gate (Neh 3:1,32; 12:39; John 5:2)
South Gate (1 Chron 26:15)
Upper Gate (2 Kings 15:35; 2 Chron 23:20; 27:3)
Valley Gate (2 Chron 26:9; Neh 2:13,15; 3:13)
Water Gate (Neh 3:26; 8:1,3,16; 12:37)
West Gate (1 Chron 26:16)
Dung Gate (Neh 2:13; 3:13-14; 12:31; RSV, NIV, NEB, KJV; Refuse Gate, NKJV)
Dung Port (Neh 2:13, KJV; Refuse Gate, NKJV)
Former Gate (Zech 14:10, RSV, NEB; First Gate, NKJV)
Guard, Gate of the (Neh 12:39, RSV, NIV, NASB, Gate of the Prison, NKJV)
Guardhouse, Gate of the (Neh 12:39, NEB; Gate of the Prison, NKJV)
High Gate (2 Chron 23:20; 27:3; KJV; Upper Gate, NKJV)
Higher Gate (2 Kings 15:35, KJV; Upper Gate, NKJV)
Inspection Gate (Neh 3:31, NIV, NASB; Miphkad Gate, NKJV)
Jeshanah Gate (Neh 3:6; 12:39; NIV, NEB; Old Gate, NKJV)
Muster Gate (Neh 3:31, RSV; Miphkad Gate, NKJV)
Mustering Gate (Neh 3:31, NEB, Miphkad Gate, NKJV)
Shalleketh Gate (1 Chron 26:16, NIV; Shallecheth Gate, NKJV)
Sheep Market (John 5:2, KJV; Sheep Gate, NKJV)
Sheep-Pool (John 5:2, NEB; Sheep Gate, NKJV)
(from Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Copyright (c)1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers)

There is war over God's glory entering our lives, families, cities, churches, and nations. When you go to Jerusalem, you had better understand the covenant war that we are in spiritually. David made Jerusalem the religious capital of the nation. He moved the ARK OF THE COVENANT, which had been kept at Kirjath-jearim (Josh 15:9) to Jerusalem. Then David proceeded to build a TABERNACLE, in which the ark was placed.

The city's greatest glory was reached under the reign of King Solomon, who built the Temple and a royal palace besides greatly enlarging and strengthening the walls of the city. The greatest humiliation was reached under the reign of Antiochus Ephiphanes (175 BC - 165 BC), who attempted to annihilate the covenant plan of God.

The war today for all apostolic leaders is to establish the presence of God in their sphere of authority. Satan and his hordes' strategy is to remove God's presence. We are asking the Lord to establish the Ark of His Presence once again in our cities and lives. Eventually this will come into fullness in the Church. You will see this fully recovered and brought back again into Jerusalem.

As I said earlier, we stopped and prayed at the place where David captured the city of Jerusalem from the Jebusites (II Samuel 5:7; I Chronicles 11:5). This was David's first assignment after becoming king. This also determined the leadership of David's army. The Jebusites had built a structure so they could get water without ever leaving the city. This strategy protected them for centuries. However, David found a way through the water shaft to overthrow the Jebusites and gain control of God's ordained place for His Ark to rest. You can read more about the Jebusites in Possessing Your Inheritance.

We declared that in this season we would come full-circle and capture places that have never been transferred by the Lord into His people's hands. We also prayed that you would find an entry way into your inheritance, no matter if you have never pressed through before. Do not say that something is too hard. God has a way for you to penetrate your enemy's camp.

Jerusalem was under Muslim control from 637 to 1917 except for the brief periods when the Crusaders held Jerusalem. But times have changed and are changing. God has a covenant plan and will not be satisfied until all of His purpose is completed. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord continues to gain control of the city of Jerusalem. Begin to thank Him that the enemy has weak points and is not invincible.

The Pool of Siloam

Another highlight of the trip was our visit to the newly excavated Pool of Siloam. This was only uncovered six months ago. The expression "Pool of Siloam" (which is translated, Sent) is found in three passages: John 9:7, Nehemiah 3:15, Isaiah 8:6. Stairs that went down from the city of David (the southern portion of the Temple Mount) and the king's garden were in close proximity.

The scripture in John 9:7 where the blind man is sent by Jesus to wash at the Pool of Siloam seems to indicate that it was near the Temple. However, after being there, you could see that it was quite a trek for a blind man to find his way from the Temple to the Pool, even if he was being led. It was from Siloam that water was brought in a golden vessel to the Temple during the Feast of Tabernacles. Oh my -- the significance of this is incredible!

You can see from the abundance of vegetation in the area that the pool was quite large. You can see the pure running water. However, the excavations have stopped next to land that is owned by the Greek Orthodox Church. This will be one of the future indicators of the movement of God in the earth this hour.

The Pool of Siloam being uncovered means that the season of being "Sent" is upon us, and has come full-circle again. This means that the apostolic reformation is maturing. This also means that the healing dimension of power linked to evangelism is being restored to the Church. Additionally, this means that we are in a religious war to continue uncovering what has been lost.

Decree that you will have clear vision. Even though you may seem to be stumbling in making your way forward in your spiritual journey, declare that you will make it to the pool that the Lord is sending you to so that your vision will become clear.

Lunch at the Cave

We had lunch on the Mount of Olives, which is mainly Arab. The owner of the restaurant we visited was an Arab man who formerly resisted anything about God. One of his ten children got leukemia and was sent home from the hospital to die. Christians who were visiting Jerusalem and were connected with Ruth Heflin met this man and asked if they could pray for him. When he told them about his son, they asked if they could visit him.

They entered this man's home and began to pray and worship. This affected his life greatly. They then told him if he would bring his son to a church for prayer that the Lord would heal him (very similar to the blind man needing to go to the Pool of Siloam). The son insisted that his father do this. During the prayer and worship time for healing at the church, the Spirit of God began to deal with this man's hard heart. He found himself upon the floor weeping uncontrollably. If you would meet this man you would see what a strong, hard man he was. When he arose from the floor he noticed that his son, who was unable to walk when they entered the church, was now worshiping and dancing. After blood tests, the son's healing was confirmed. Now the whole family loves the Lord. Our meal with this man and his sons was a joyous time.

The Upper Room

While I had a meeting to attend, the rest of the team went to the Upper Room. This is believed to be the location of where the 120 went to pray after Jesus' ascension. We felt it was important to go there since we had left on Pentecost and our role was to declare a reversal of lost power back to the Church. Here is Robert Heidler's report from that time:

Our team left the USA on the biblical feast of Pentecost, and retraced the history of the Church from Moscow to Constantinople (Istanbul) to Rome and finally back to the Church's origins in Jerusalem. We ended our trip in the very place the church began when the Holy Spirit fell in the Upper Room.

The Upper Room is one of the few biblical locations in Jerusalem that can be identified with a fair amount of certainty. The roof of the building has been rebuilt, but the lower part of the walls date back to the first century. Archaeology has shown that this was definitely a first century Hebrew-Christian synagogue, and many early writers identify it as the location of the Upper Room where the Spirit first fell.

As we entered the Upper Room, the first thing we noticed was that someone had recently installed a large bronze sculpture of an olive tree. As we looked at it, we were amazed that it showed an olive tree whose branches had been cut off . . . but that new shoots were springing forth and bearing fruit. What a picture of our prayer journey!

We have seen how the early Church was cut off from the olive root (Rom 9-11) back in the fourth century, and grafted onto a pagan root. But in our day God's olive tree is sending forth new shoots, and the life of God is returning to produce an end-time harvest. In Rome we saw a Church that had literally been built on the foundation of a pagan temple. Here we saw the true foundation God intended for the Church!

John Price saw a picture of an electrical plug that was so corroded that no power could be transmitted. We confessed the things that hindered the flow of God's power to the Church, and asked God to bring restoration. As we thought about the things we had witnessed on the journey, we repented for specific points of compromise that caused the Church to lose its true foundation and power. Then we asked God for a fresh release of the Holy Spirit upon his Church.

We did several prophetic acts. Linda Heidler had designed a piece of jewelry that pictures a dove, but also the burning bush, the tongues of fire, and the menorah . . . all symbols of the Holy Spirit coming upon His people. There was a small window high on the front wall of the Upper Room. We put one of these pendants on this window sill -- high up and out of sight where it would remain for a long time -- and asked the Spirit to come upon His Church again!

We also took the key that we had locked in Rome, and put the key into a small hole at the top of the olive tree sculpture, allowing it to fall down into the interior of the piece. What we had "locked up" in Rome could only be unlocked by coming back to the original root!

From the Upper Room, we went out to a nearby first century ritual bath or "mikveh." This mikveh was a large pool of water with a stairway going down, and another coming up. It was originally designed for Jewish ritual washing, but is probably the location where the 3000 were baptized at the birth of the Church on Pentecost. At the mikveh we asked God to purify His Church from the defilement of paganism, and re-establish His Church on its true foundation!

Rick Ridings poured out water from the Gihon Spring, and quoted from Job 14:7-9: "For there is hope for a tree if it is cut down that it will sprout again and that its tender shoots will not cease. Though its root may grow old in the earth and its stump may die in the ground, yet at the scent of water it will bud and bring forth branches like a plant." We closed by praising God for all He had done on this trip!

Meeting with Eitan Shishkoff

There is always a new wineskin forming. My meeting with Eitan Shishkoff was such a joyous meeting. Eitan is the apostolic leader of five congregations throughout the Haifa area of Israel, one fellowship being in Nazareth. He is such a powerful yet humble man who has withstood great persecution to bring forth Messiah's plan.

Eitan is connected with Dan Juster and Asher Intrater. Our visit was most encouraging. This just reveals God's apostolic plan for this season in Israel. There are other major leaders in Israel that are also key in what the Lord is doing this hour. Eitan will be with us in Denton at our FirstFruits Gathering at Glory of Zion on August 12.

Before we left Jerusalem, we visited the midnight watch at Sukkat Hallel. This watch is led by Steve and Tonya Hansen and Lindy Heidler. This was just a wonderful, vibrant time of worship to seal all that God is doing. Our team (consisting of myself, Brian Kooiman, Marty Cassady, Ginny Marks, John and Sheryl Price, Robert and Linda Heidler, Diane Buker and Sylvia Sizemore) thanks you for praying with us.

I want to say this: THE LORD IS BRINGING ALL OF US FULL CIRCLE! Break your old cycles, receive new power and enter into the season of victory that God has for you. Pray for the Body in Jerusalem. Pray for those that are participating in the 24/7 prayer effort. Pray for the apostolic leaders as they share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries



Chuck Pierce's Upcoming Itinerary:

July 28-30, 2005
Taking Back Spoils from the Enemy: Let Deliverance Arise! 
Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dallas, TX  (DFW Airport)
Peter Wagner - Convener, Doris Wagner, Chuck Pierce, John Eckhardt, David Kyle Foster, Tom Hawkins, Chris Hayward, Pat Legako

September 1-3, 2005
Pozzuoli, Rome Italy
Speakers: TBA

September 15-17, 2005

Arise and Be Healed: Becoming Whole in Body, Soul and Spirit 
Bethel Christian Fellowship, Rochester, NY
Speakers: Peter Wagner, Doris Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Peter Horrobin, Che Ahn

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Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation is the remarkable story of how God called two very different men to come together for a common cause: His desire to heal the United States of America.

Endowed with God-given keys for reconciliation of the United States, Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce traveled the 50 states rallying apostles, prophets, intercessors, and entire churches to break the grip of demonic strongholds. Their efforts to purge the land of territorial and generational sin began an open season of warfare against the principalities and powers entrenched in every state. Are you ready to join the fight to free your state and your country? Are you ready for God to release the prophetic destiny of your nation?

Table of Contents

  1. The Ride (Dutch Sheets)
  2. The Call: Riding with the Lord Across the Nation (Chuck D. Pierce)
  3. Can a Nation be Restored? (Chuck D. Pierce)
  4. The Adjustment (Dutch Sheets)
  5. Connecting with Heaven and Earth (Dutch Sheets)
  6. Receiving the Anointing to Stand Strong: Understanding the Issachar Anointing (Chuck D. Pierce)
  7. Time Catches Up with the Decree (Dutch Sheets)
  8. State by State: A History and a Future Destiny

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  • Knowing when God is speaking to us
  • Understanding personal prophecy in our lives
  • Testing prophetic words we receive
  • Gaining new revelation for the road ahead
  • Understanding how to interpret dreams, visions, signs, and wonders
  • Experiencing the joy of responding to God's voice

In this book, Chuck Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema once again deliver a solid, insightful teaching which is sure to bring new vigor to any Christian life.

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* How can I break out of desolation in my life?
* What seven principles do I need to know to press toward my destiny?
* What do I do with personal prophecy in my life?
* How do I "war" with a word from God?
* How do I deal with hope deferred?
* What is God's plan for my territory and for the generations in my family?

This book is full of rich, fresh insight for finding God's direction in your life, your family, and your territory. As you read you will understand how to press toward prophetic fulfillment, and gain new hope that the best is yet ahead!

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