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by Bill Yount
Jan 22, 2005

January 22, 2005


For many, who read of "secular" events, they have difficulty seeing prophetic words in them. It's easy to think that God would not bother speaking through someone who is not openly serving HIM -- as a way to prophesy of heavenly and earthly things.

But God said there would always be "signs" in the heavens above and the earth below.

I believe that this word may, in fact, be a sign directly from the heart of God, that HE is about to "TRUMP" all that we have felt He would do.

Use this word as a way to encourage yourself in the Lord regarding your own life, marriage (or soon to be marriage), or relationship with the Lord. And use this sign as a way to pray for the Church -- the BEAUTIFUL Bride of Christ -- that Christ did and still is -- spending extravagantly on.

And, finally, you can also use this word as a reminder to pray for those in places of power in the earth, that God would show THEM how they are being used to speak of heavenly things. Who knows if things like this, when seen by those being written about, will cause them to LOOK UP at their Creator.


Steve Shultz


by Bill Yount

I heard Heaven proclaim, "Another Trump is about to sound . . . put on your wedding gown!"

I received a word last December that 2005 would be "The Year of the Brides." I am now strongly sensing that it is also the year of the Bride of Christ to come forth in all of her beauty and unsurpassed renown and recognition.


I want to caution many who may write off this extravagant wedding because it appears to not outwardly glorify the Lord. I believe I heard the Father say, "Donald Trump has the right idea of how to throw a great wedding celebration! Unknowingly to him, he is imitating My way of doing weddings!"

The wedding gown cost $200,000. Twenty eight seamstresses worked 1,550 hours to embroider it. The gown holds 1,500 crystal rhinestones and pearls! It is believed that this gown is so beautiful that many will be attracted to the gown more than the bride. It may actually be a distraction from the Bride's beauty.

I sense the Father saying . . .

"I am adorning My Bride this coming year with such gifts and priceless adornments -- in abundance -- so much so that, at first, the world will see that My people -- AMONG ALL NATIONS -- are blessed above all nations, for I will first cause her soul to prosper.

"As My wedding gown comes upon her, the world will see, first, My abundance of blessings and favor, and then they will take a closer look at who she is in Me. And then the world will see Me as they behold the honor and gifts that I am bestowing upon My Bride!"


The train of the wedding gown is thirteen feet long! I hear the Father saying, "This is the year of My train (glory) beginning to fill My Temple!" We will begin to see the Glory of the Lord filling His people and overflowing onto the world, just as the waters cover the sea.

The veil of this wedding gown is sixteen feet long. The Father is going to lift the veil from off of the faces of women worldwide, beginning this year! Off of the faces of not only the Muslim women, but every woman. Women will be set free to worship the Lord, beginning this coming year. He will also begin to lift the veil, rapidly, off of the eyes of the Jewish people!!

This wedding will be held at the "Bethesda" by the sea, in a church. Bethesda means "House of Kindness." Graham Cooke believes that the greatest thing lacking in the world, in this hour, is kindness.

"Be ye kind one to another."

God's people this year will become famous over little acts of kindness to each other and also to the world! The world will know us by our love for them, also.

The designer for this gown is John Galliano. The gown was designed for the house of Christian Dior in Paris. I believe this gown was designed for -- and as a sign to -- the House of the Lord, for us Christians to get a glimpse of a foretaste of the wedding gown the Lord is telling us to adorn ourselves with.

It is the year of the Bride of Christ to come forth and walk down the aisle of every nation!

As odd as it seems, wars may be our greatest "ushers" to walk us down the aisle so that the world will see the beauty and splendor and extravagant love as they see Jesus in us, the hope of glory!

Bill Yount


Bill Yount's Itinerary:

January 30th, 2005
Laurel Highlands Full Gospel Church - Indian Lake Christian Center 10am
357 Indian Dr, Central City, PA
(Contact 814-233-4650)

January 30th, 2005
Mount Zion Ministries, 6pm
Somerset, PA
(Contact 814-442-000 or 814-443-6812)

February 4-6, 2005
"Gathering of the Bride" with Bill Yount
3 Nights at 7pm
Held at the Facilities of "The Movement"
1370 San Marcos Blvd. #120A, San Marcos, CA
(Contact 760-591-9611)


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