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"You Are Invited to the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in D.C."

by Renee DeLoriea, Ask for America
Jan 7, 2005

January 7, 2005

"You Are Invited to the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in D.C."
by Renee DeLoriea

Dear Elijah List Team:

You are invited to the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in D.C.

Thank you so much for "getting the word out" four years ago about the availability of tickets to the (Third) Inaugural Prayer Breakfast! The feedback from those who attended after reading the announcement on the Elijah List was phenomenal!

Although the Fourth Inaugural Prayer Breakfast is just two weeks away, several hundred tickets are still available. It would be a big help if you would release this announcement to your list once again! Not to be confused with the National Prayer Breakfast that is held in D.C. each year at the beginning of February, this is the prayer breakfast that was hosted for two years by Sister Ruth Ward Heflin, then, by Ask For America, a few months after Sister Ruth's passing, and again by Ask for America this year.

In the announcement below, please note that Lou Engle is one of the prayer leaders for this, and Lindell Cooley will be leading praise and worship. Also, note that founders, Carol and Stephen Poulos have a vision for people across the nation to pray regularly for God to strengthen America, thereby enabling America to bless other nations.

Here are some ways the Elijah List and others may want to participate:

1. Attend the event and/or sponsor others to attend.
2. Help us get the word out about the event.
3. Join with AFA in gathering people together to corporately pray for America in the hours just before the Presidential Inauguration.
4. Join with AFA in inspiring people to corporately pray in their local communities on the third Saturday of every month.

Thanks so much,

Renee DeLoriea


A limited number of seats are still available for the Fourth Inaugural Prayer Breakfast to be held in Washington D.C., just hours before President George W. Bush is inaugurated for his second term of office as President of the United States of America.

On January 20th, 2005, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., approximately 1,500 people of all denominations and political affiliations will gather at the Omni Shoreham Hotel to pray for the nation's President, Government, Armed Forces, and Media. Added prayer focus will be for revival to sweep across the United States, igniting people -- young and old -- with passion for Jesus Christ and His Great Commission (Mark 15:15-20).


Tickets, while still available, may be purchased for $50.00 through the sponsoring organization's website, The founders of Ask for America, Stephen and Carol Poulos, are encouraging those who cannot attend the prayer breakfast to pray with their own families and friends in their own homes, churches, and communities. Carol Poulos said their vision is that prayers for America will be ascending from all across the nation in the hours leading up to the presidential inauguration and, perhaps more importantly, on a regular basis thereafter.

For more program information, to purchase tickets, or to learn of ways to partner with Ask for America, visit


The prayer focus of that day and the call to do so regularly in the future coincides with one of Ask for America's key purpose statements: asking God ". . . to strengthen America, thereby enabling America to continue to bless other nations of the world. . . "

To emphasize how America's strength relates to the health and safety of the rest of the world, Stephen Poulos points out that time and again the United States has come to the aid of countries in need, giving more than all other nations combined.

"At this very moment, the U.S. is coming alongside the many nations surrounding the Indian Ocean that were ravaged by the tsunami last month. The compassionate aid from U.S. government agencies, Armed Forces, private organizations, and citizens -- the kind of compassion that our Lord and Savior Jesus bestows -- would be impossible without God continually blessing America," he noted.


Rod Parsley senior pastor of World Harvest Church; Lou Engle youth and prayer leader who founded The Call and, most recently, The Cause; the chaplains of the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and the Pentagon; U. S. Senator Sam Brownback, Kansas; J. Kenneth Blackwell, Ohio Secretary of State; Stephen Strang, publisher of Strang Communications; and Kelly Wright, a commentator for Fox News, are among those who have committed to leading prayer at this bipartisan prayer gathering in the nation's capital.


Lindell Cooley, founder of Music Ministries International and senior pastor of Grace Church in Nashville, Tennessee, will be leading praise and worship. Cooley headed the music ministry of Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida, during what became internationally known as the four-year Brownsville Revival. Jerry Curry (Major General, U.S. Army, Retired) will sing "The National Anthem" and a medley of patriotic songs. Worship Artist and Minister Vicki Yohe and Kelly Wright will bring songs of praise, worship, and patriotism.

As an added bonus for attendees, beginning at 11:45 a.m., the Inauguration Ceremony and Presidential Speech will be televised in the Ambassador [Auxiliary] Ballroom for those who do not leave the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast early to attend the ceremonial events live.


For more program information, to purchase tickets, or to learn of ways to partner with Ask for America, visit

Ask for America


"The Faith of George W. Bush"
by Stephen Mansfield
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The first book to explore the religious ideals that drive the policies and politics of Bush as president and that have privately shaped Bush as a man...

More than any other president in recent years, George W. Bush's presidency is "faith based." His life demonstrates the power of faith to create change, to build a family and political career, and to shape the destiny of a nation with his leadership.

This book allows us to see how George W. Bush interjects his faith and belief in God into every detail of his life. From the President's devotional time alone each morning to his frequent incorporation of Scripture into his speeches, Bush relies upon his faith to direct his actions and goals.

In 1986, Bush responded to the Biblical conversion story of the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus by asking Jesus to be his friend, and as a result he overcame a growing dependence upon alcohol and turned to the Bible to save his marriage and his family. During his presidential campaign, he brought leading pastors to his governor's mansion to lay hands on him and pray for his future, telling them that he had been "called" to seek higher office.

From the tragedy of September 11th to the present-day conflict in Iraq, President Bush has learned to use his personal faith to help him live his life -- both in office and in private. This book will inspire others to do the same.

His faith sets him apart and defines him as a man, a husband, a father, and the president of the United States of America. What is the influence of Bush's faith upon history? Is he an aberration? Can he really apply Biblical truths to political decisions? In this incredible book, the man emerges, not just because of faith, but because in finding faith, he has discovered who he is and has stepped forward to become the man of his own vision.

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"Praying for America"
How Your Prayers Can Change the Course of a Nation
by Dutch Sheets
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America! A new day is upon us, and we will never be the same.

We have awakened to a new world and embarked on a new course - filled with a renewed spirit of unity. But what does the future hold? Will we be led by our passions or led by our God?

More than ever, more of our citizens are praying to God for protection, for guidance, for wisdom, for His will to be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Dutch Sheets' plea that America return to its roots and become a country that trusts in God and fears no one but God Himself is as timely as it is timeless.

In Praying for America, this national prayer leader and best-selling author exhorts the Church to remain watchful - to discern what God is saying to the Church and learn what His plans are for our families, our cities, and the land we love.

With the countries of the world behind us, we stand united, patriotic, and humbled as a nation, ready to confront our future. Our spirit will not be broken; we shall overcome. As we cry out to God for our future - and the future of our children - may God bless America once again!

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"History Makers: Your Prayers Have Power To Heal The Past and Shape The Future"
by William Ford III & Dutch Sheets
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Join with a Thousand Generations in Prayer for the Next Great Awakening

God wants us to connect with the powerful and timeless things He has done in the past so that we can become empowered for the future. Dutch Sheets and William Ford III reveal why we must look to our biblical forefathers and pray for the renewal of the covenants God made with them. This synergistic effect of combining our prayers with the prayers of our ancestors moves us more powerfully toward His ultimate goals for ourselves, for our nation - and for the entire world.

God has ordained that you should live with the countless opportunities for prayer and revival present in this day and time. Learn how to connect your prayers with the past, shaping the outcome of the future and turning it back in God's direction!


"Dutch Sheets and Will Ford form a powerful writing team. Their model of white and black is by itself a reconciliation statement. It is for all you whose heart desires to heal your nations and bring them back to God. History Makers will grip your heart and catapult you into making history rather than talking about it." - Cindy Jacobs, Author, The Voice of God, Generals of Intercession


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