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by Bill Yount
Nov 29, 2004

November 29, 2004


For those who think this word may be "way out there"...remember God is way out there!

He can do anything...just like He's God!

I sense the Lord is not only beginning to clean up the media and secular businesses, but He will actually begin to prophesy through them.

Have you seen the commercial on television that has the cargo plane passing over and dumping money on the city, a little girl's birthday party, etc? I sense the Lord saying, "It is time to dispatch those who work in my cargo section to fill the plane to full capacity to begin dumping my blessings upon the earth, cities, and even little children's birthday parties! (from Judy Farley, Beckly, WV. "I wanted to give this sister credit for this insight. She shared this insight with me upon seeing this commercial." -Bill Yount) The rain of My Spirit is beginning to fall upon the just and unjust...all flesh!"

Another commercial that has been popular for some time is the one about the cell phone..."Can you hear me now?" (God)

Watch for television commercials to have bold prophetic statements to the Body of Christ and the world also! Though seemingly unnoticed by many, these words and images will pierce through darkness and cause God's word and light to rise, interrupting sinful programs and movies as these commercials are brought forth, bringing conviction.

Taste and See that the Lord is Good!

I sense the Father saying, "I will begin to meddle in the candy industry."

I sense the Lord is going to begin to name some new candy bars. When these are named they will release a prophetic anointing every time the name of the candy is mentioned. These names will have power to call forth life and salvation. I am sure this prophetic candy is bound to have a heavenly taste to it that will be out of this world! People will end up tasting and seeing that the Lord is good! I saw angels anointing candy bar wrappers like God anointing prayer cloths of Apostle Paul. Names on popular candy wrappers will speak prophetically to whomever reads or speaks their names. Candy wrappers will become like anointed prayer cloths throughout the land.

Already, God has named a few candy bars in the past, speaking -- unknown -- to the world. One, I sense, is called the "Milky Way" candy bar..."The heavens declare the Glory of God!" Another is "Symphony" by Hershey..."Calling forth harmony and unity into the Body of Christ through God's divine order."

Levites and a "Wrangler Anointing"

Concerning clothing, I sense the Lord is redeeming now the name of "Levi's"...a trademark name for denim jeans and trousers. I sense a prophetic anointing is being imparted to this clothing line. The name of these jeans will begin to call forth the "spiritual" Levites this hour who are chosen to assist the Temple priests...the building of God's House. This line of clothing will be tailor made to fit these ones God will call into His Kingdom!

Another popular name I sense being anointed prophetically in the clothing line of jeans is "Wrangler." A wrangler is one who wrangles. "Wrangle" means to "dispute noisily or angrily; to quarrel." I sense the Lord anointing "wrangler" clothing to tame the tongues and lasso a new breed of young men and women who will have the "tongue of the learned to know how to speak a word to those who are weary."

Look for new names written down in Glory that will become trademarks put on commercials, candy, and clothing beginning over the Holidays. Angels will be busy.

"Earth, Earth...hear the word of the Lord!"

by Bill Yount
Hagerstown, MD 


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