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Terese Holloway
Feb 24, 2000

Last Tuesday, our group of intercessors met and the Lord impressed upon my heart the most amazing picture. I would like to share it, as I believe this is a word for intercessors all over the world.

Recently the Lord has begun to call us, as intercessors, into a deeper realm of the Spirit, He is calling us into the GLORY realm! We begin with the praise of God on our lips and then, by His Spirit, we are led into true worship. It's the worship that leads us into the realm of glory, which is the presence of God. In that place, anything can happen!


This is the place we were called to during our intercession. The weight of His glory had fallen upon each intercessor and the realm of spiritual depth was awesome, there was an increase of everything we had ever known in the Spirit. During this time the Lord showed me what seemed to be a three-act play and I would like to share with you what the Lord shared with me. I pray intercessors will be encouraged to move into a place of deeper worship and a greater depth of relationship with the Lord.


So, I will begin with what I saw when we entered that realm of GLORY. We had already praised for a while and then the spiritual atmosphere began to change and God took us to a deeper level of intercession and worship. It was at this time the following picture began to unfold.

It began with the intercessors standing in worship and I saw a huge angel in the room. In his hands was a bow and arrow. He looked around the room and his eyes focused directly at me. He put the bow into position and pointed the arrow directly at me. I could see that the end of the arrow was on fire. Immediately I felt the intensity of the moment as the arrow was released. The tip of that flaming arrow pierced into the very center of my heart and I fell to the ground as if dead. I watched as the angel of the Lord pointed the arrow at each intercessor and shot into each ones heart and I watched as they each fell to the ground. As this scene ended, each of us were laying there completely still with no motion in our bodies.


Then the next scene opened. Each intercessor was still on the ground in the same position except our clothing had been changed; our garments were the most beautiful garments of pure white that I had ever seen. Each of us rose to our feet at the same time and the dance of worship began. I had never witnessed anything more beautifully orchestrated in all my life, the flow was so synchronized that the dancers appeared as ONE!

As the motion began, it appeared that there were flames of fire coming from each intercessor; as I took a closer look I realized the garment had what appeared to be a "thread of fire" sewn into it.


This spectacular dance continued for what seemed to be hours and then each intercessor came together in a circle, their hands touching. They began to dance in a circle, dancing faster and faster until no longer could the flow of their garments be seen but only the fire!


Now, there was a ring of fire and in the center of this was the world, it looked like a globe.

It, too, was spinning except it was going in the opposite direction of the ring of fire. It appeared to the eye as a type of wheel within a wheel. As the fire continued to spin, I noticed that the speed of the world appeared to slow down until it came to a complete stop and then it began to turn again, except this time it was going in the same direction as the ring of fire. It began to spin faster and faster until it, too, became ablaze with fire, in the same manner that I had observed with the dancers. That was the end of that scene.


The third and final scene opened with the intercessors in the throne room, it was a glorious place. All but three of the intercessors were face down in a bowing position before the Lord. There appeared to be large steps that led to the actual throne, those who were bowed were at the foot of those steps. I saw the other three intercessors approach the throne boldly. One intercessor was weeping before the Lord, the kind of weeping where deep calls unto deep; another intercessor was praising with the most beautiful sound of praise coming from the heart; and the third intercessor was on bended knee with an awesome array of exquisite jewels within reach. This intercessor was busy taking each jewel one by one and removing it from the pile and placing it at the feet of Jesus. Then I saw the others that had been knelt before the throne arise and begin to dance once again around the throne except now they were joined with many others. That was the last of the third scene.


Now, for what I believe to be the interpretation. First of all, I believe the Lord is calling intercessors into a deeper realm of the Spirit than they have ever known. He is calling them to come deeper into His Glory, PAST the gates of praise, to a place where He can meet with them face to face. He is piercing the very hearts of the intercessors with His fire, He is removing the old garments and replacing with new garments, garments of praise and worship. He is bringing intercessors into unity with His Spirit so that His will can be accomplished.


He wants His precious intercessors moving in the same direction with the anointing of fire upon their lives that He is imparting. The world seems to be moving in a different direction than the Spirit, but God is calling the intercessors into a new realm of Glory that will literally ignite and change the course and direction of the world as we know it.

Be encouraged to know that as this begins to happen, we can come boldly to His throne room with confidence and bow before Him. He WILL accept the gift of intercession (the intercessor weeping before Him), He WILL accept the gift of praise (the intercessor singing before Him), and He WILL accept our gifts that we lay at His feet (the intercessor taking her jewels and placing them at His feet.) As we move into this realm of God's Glory we will become partakers together, as intercessors, for what God is doing throughout the entire earth!

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