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Rick Joyner: "The Warrior Nation--The New Sound of The Church"

By Rick Joyner
Jun 27, 2006

June 27, 2006

Rick Joyner: "The Warrior Nation--The New Sound of The Church"

rick joynerA New Trumpet Sound

It will take the focus, discipline, and faith of true warriors to fight the good fight of faith in our time, but the sound of the trumpet is now being heard, and the gathering of the last-day army is now taking place. The church will retreat no further before the enemies of the truth, but will be the champion of truth, the true freedom fighter that she is called to be.

As stated, as the church begins to take on this resolve, they will start to be thought of more as military bases, and they will begin to take on the characteristics of military bases for training, equipping, and deploying effective spiritual forces. In time, the church will actually be organized more as a military force with an army, navy, air force, etc. These, too, will all learn to function together in harmony, protecting one another and helping each other exploit opportunities. Like these, we will begin to organize more around function and purpose, than the doctrinal emphases that now often characterize movements and groups within the church.

Along with the coming martial discipline and demeanor, as the time of trouble increases, the soldiers of the cross will become known for their love and unshakable peace in the midst of crisis. They will bring love, peace, and stability wherever they go. They will be the true freedom fighters and the true champions of the oppressed who fight to set men free from the most terrible yokes of bondage of all--sin and all of its consequences.

The Transition

How is this going to happen practically? There are already many movements, missionary organizations, and even some churches, which are beginning to make this transition, even though they may not have thought about it in these terms. Leaders are starting to gather around common purpose and function, rather than just doctrinal emphases. As this happens, doctrines that once seemed to conflict with each other will begin to be seen as complementary. For those who keep the higher purpose of the Kingdom in their hearts and motives, this transition will be easy.

For others, it will not be quite as easy, but it will be done. As the nations mobilized for past World Wars, those who had been regular citizens became great warriors when they realized the great evils that were seeking to dominate the world. Likewise, Christians will soon awaken to the much greater evil and threat that we face now, than the world faced in the last century.

Many will consider it better to pay any price, even death, than to give in to the tyranny that now threatens the world. It is better to die standing for truth, than to live under a lie.

The seriousness of our purpose as soldiers of the cross, will become much more pronounced with all true Christians in the time ahead. Instead of the pursuit of careers or material comforts being the primary goal of believers, fighting for truth will become the main focus and goal of our lives. Christ-likeness, and doing the works He called us to do, will become the true measure of the success of our lives. Just as a soldier does not entangle himself in the everyday affairs of this life, the true soldiers of the cross will live the most simple lives, and give themselves to the things that are eternal, not temporary.

Women and Children--the Emerging Soldiers and Leaders

Women and children will be some of the principle soldiers and leaders in this coming militarization of the church. As it has been said, "If men can be a part of the bride of Christ, women can be a part of the army of God." From the time of the resurrection of Christ, when the men hid in fear, women courageously went to His grave to seek Him. Women will arise who will risk all for the sake of His gospel. The women who went to His tomb remained faithful, even though it looked as if truth had been completely defeated. They were therefore blessed with the great honor to first take up the apostolic commission to be witnesses of His resurrection. Courageous women have always been on the front line of the battle between light and darkness, and will be so until the end.

However, women will not have to become masculine to take their rightful place in His army. In fact, a big part of the initial battle that must be waged, is for men to be restored as true men, and women to be restored as true women. When this happens, the whole world will take notice, being strongly drawn to the true men and true women who have thrown off the confusion, which has sought to blur the distinctions between men and women. This blurring of the distinctions that God made is a root of the great and increasing confusion now dominating the world.

However, true men are secure enough not to have to dominate and be controlling, but will always treat women and all other people, with the dignity and respect that is due them. True men will soon arise, and true women with them, will walk in all of the dignity and respect that the children of the King of kings should conduct themselves, and show to one another. The world will marvel and esteem them.

A New Sound

Even though the leadership of the church is presently almost 90 percent male, there has been such a feminization of the church, that most men do not feel comfortable in it, are bored with it, and do not want to be a part of it. If they do, it is often done grudgingly out of religious duty because they simply do not feel that they have a place in it. This is why such a majority of churchgoers are women. Men, even those who love the Lord, and would love to be used by God, often do not like church, and will do just about anything to keep from going to church. In general, the church as it is today, does not speak to many of the most basic needs of men. This is one reason for the remarkable popularity of mens movements that rose up outside of the church.

To be the church we are called to be, we must have the faith to radically change the present definition and organization, to be both feminine and masculine, meeting the needs of, and speaking to, both men and women.

Both men and women should feel at home in the church, and know quickly how they fit into it. Church should be the most exciting, exhilarating, and challenging association that we could ever be a part of. It will be so again, soon.

Mega-Church Redefined

When the church embraces its true calling and begins to reflect its true nature, it will become the most esteemed and desirable nation on earth. It will become so strikingly different, that it will be thought of, and will in fact be, a nation within the nations.

The churches which make the transition that is coming, will quickly swell in numbers, and needs to be prepared by raising up captains of tens, hundreds, and thousands.

We need to be prepared to serve and incorporate unprecedented numbers without compromising the essence of who we are called to be. This will be no small undertaking and can only be accomplished by the Holy Spirit. This is beyond any human organization and leadership. The Lord will be the Head of His church, and
those who do not know or submit to His Headship, will not last long in the times ahead.

With the meltdown of the family being one of the biggest problems of our time, the church will become the family that it is called to be. Christian families will then start to become what they are supposed to be. With the coming great emphasis on discipline, there will also be a great emphasis on relationships, especially to strengthen families and to resist every assault that is coming against them.

The church will soon become all that she is called to be. When the church does, she will be the most attractive and compelling society found on the earth, a true reflection of the coming Kingdom.

Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries

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