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by Kathie Walters
Dec 22, 2005

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December 22
, 2005

-Kathie Walters

Good News Ministries


It's a time for Sarah and other Grandmas. It's wonderful that in the spiritual realm there is no age.


Anyone--kids, teens, men, women, older, oldest--can give birth. Seed can come forth from any age and reproduce in the Spirit realm and in the realm of eternity.

When the Word (God's seed) comes out of your mouth, it has the ability to produce something eternal in someone who receives it. Words can plant seeds in someone else--seeds that can spring up and produce new birth. Words of faith by the Spirit can impart faith to another; healing words by the Spirit can produce healing in someone who receives the seed. That's what impartation is all about. Of course, it only works in the Spirit realm.


So, I am particularly excited about the GRANDMAS. There are some wild Grandmas out there. I almost feel sorry for the devil when he messes with them. These gals are warriors; there is a whole army of them. They know how to hang in and pray for their families and cities. Sometimes, timid-looking, little old ladies with lavender and lace can rise up and do a whole lot of damage to the enemy's camp.


There is an anointing coming right now on the Grandmas, the Sarahs, and the older women. If you don't have a real-life, Spirit-filled Grandma of your own, adopt one. Find one and ask them to pray for you and your family.


Did you ever notice how protective God was of Sarah? She was a "much older" woman--even when she and Abraham got themselves into hot water. It happened first with Pharaoh in Egypt, pretending to be Abraham's sister (a half-truth as she was his half-sister). God stepped onto the scene and delivered them both from what could have been a very explosive situation.

Then once again in Gerar, when Sarah pretended to be Abraham's sister. God showed Abimelech in a dream the truth about who Sarah was. Abimelech couldn't wait to get rid of them. It was like having have a bundle of unlit explosives sitting in your house, with the possibility that they could be ignited any minute. He loaded them down with money and presents, and he sent them on their way. Abimelech didn't want to risk the anger of God by messing with His Princess.


God had a special purpose for Sarah. She brought forth a child of destiny, a son of the promise, a faith covenant man, Isaac, which means laughter.

There are three kinds of laughter:

  • The natural laugh when something funny is spoken or done.

  • The laugh of derision or skepticism. Both Sarah and Abraham laughed (under their breath) when God first gave them the promise of a son.

  • Later, when Isaac was born, the laughter was of a different kind. It was a laughter of victory and triumph. The Bible says that God looks on His enemies and laughs.


Sarai means "Princess," but Sarah means "Princess of many." The "many" only came into the picture when faith came in--when the covenant promise was spoken and confirmed through the birth of Isaac. Remember, Sarai and Abram had tried by their own means to bring about some things, like a son! They produced an Ishmael. I say "they" because it was Sarai's idea.


Well, the Grandmas are going to give birth to some things. They are getting an anointing to fight for the families, the lost church kids in the Church, and the lost church kids who are out in the world.

So many of our church kids are nominal Christians--they know God in name only. These Grandmas are going to put up a fight; they are not going to let the enemy steal our seed and our seed's seed.


Maybe you are older, but you don't have physical grandchildren. Would you like to adopt some to pray for? Would you like to cover some families in prayer who might be struggling with their kids?

There is a powerful call on this generation of children and youth. They are called to reap the harvest in every nation, with signs and wonders. The devil is bent on destroying them.

Therefore, there is a holy determination rising up in these women to help protect them from the devil.


Some wild Grandmas in Utah decided to pray, believe and raise money, and one way or another get kids to David's Anointed Young Warriors meetings in Bakersfield, California. It was not easy; they had to push through the crowd.

Here's a note from them after the conference. Their praying and pushing through paid off. They put on a brunch and invited the pastors. Then, they asked them to do something for the children--they didn't sit at the back of the church with an attitude of "What will be will be." That's Doris Day theology!

From The Utah Grandmas:

Dear David,

We enjoyed the wonderful move of the Holy Ghost in Bakersfield. We are still telling everyone about the glorious miracles. The grandmas are very grateful and excited. We spent all day Monday together talking and praying. We want to sponsor a seminar here in Southern Utah in the last of March or the first of April. The grandmas are set to get all the pastors together for brunch soon to get them all involved. We have so many testimonies from the meetings.

Three of my grandsons saw angels. They all received the Holy Ghost. The smallest grandson, Jason, the one that could not be understood when he talked, testified Sunday. He loves Jesus.

From a very happy grandma,


So Grandma, come join the army; take your place too and get that fighting spirit to rise up over this generation of kids and youth. You have something to say. You have seen a lot. YOU can see what needs to be done and said; so, speak up. Paul said to Timothy (who was just a puppy), "Let no one despise your youth." Well Grandma, let no one despise your age!


Get out your pretty dresses and lipstick, pick up your Bible, and do some marching and plunder the camp of the enemy. What about the enemy who had posted a stake in YOUR land? Go pull it out in the Name of Jesus and say, "NO! This is my family; this is my land." Pray for the young moms; they sure have their hands full these days. You are awesome ladies. I am one of you, and I love you. The Body of Christ needs you.

Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries


Kathie's Upcoming Itinerary:

January 15-17, 2006
Our Father's House
3436 W. Hammer Lane
Suite C
Stockton, CA 95219
Contact: Pastors Farris & Connie Baker
(209) 478-5200

March 31├»┬┐┬ŻApril 2, 2006
Eastgate Ministries
1010 Barker-Clodine,
Barker, Texas 77413
Contact: Pastor Carolyn Sissom

April 25-May 6, 2006
Celtic Ireland Tour
with Kathie Walters
More Info:

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"Kathie Walters has an amazing ability in her writings to ignite a fresh fire in your heart. The fire of the Lord was lit in Ireland through a bold and godly group of men and women, as they gave themselves wholeheartedly to prayer and ministry. Kings and rulers were won because of them and the fires were lit through there lives." - Suzanne Hinn

"I am confident that the life of these Celtic saints of old are relevant to us today. They fearlessly took their stand against all the hordes of hell, and laid claim to what they believed was God's territory." - Gwen Shaw, Founder, End-Time Handmaidens & Servants

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