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"Every Day-Every Way Church" -Robert Ricciardelli

by Robert Ricciardelli
Dec 4, 2005


December 4, 2005

"Every Day-Every Way Church"
-Robert Ricciardelli

Vision to Advance



In case there are some who still have not seen it, there is a shift going on in our Father's house, inside and outside of the four walls. Most of us realize there is only one church and one body of believers of our Lord. There are many diverse personalities, all wonderfully made in all different sizes, shapes, colors, cultures, and rule books of life. I want to talk about two distinctive segments of the Church of our Lord today.

Nuclear Church

The term "nuclear" literally means a cluster or nucleus. Many of us have been raised by a cluster or nucleus of a specific denomination. For the most part, the good, bad, and ugly denominational structures have brought many of us to where we are today. We all have been saddened by the liberal shift of some of these structures, as well as the shift of making the gospel of Jesus Christ palatable and un-offensive for all. In some cases, repentance is optional and a profession of Christ, without the true Lordship of Christ, supposedly brings one into the kingdom.

We also have many churches that have been birthed as non-denominational because of some of the perceived flaws in the systems of their day or the shifts of today. It should not be looked on as a negative thing, as all of the denominations themselves were birthed out of a previous system or older wine skin. Martin Luther had at least 95 reasons why he felt he could no longer abide with the Roman Catholic Church of his day. My Catholic friends of today actually are thankful. Some of the positive changes during the past few hundred years in the Catholic church were the result of a new wine skin of belief and visionary leaders that saw things a little bit differently in their interpretation of God's word.

Extended Or Marketplace Church

This is the body of Christ that operates outside of the four walls of the Nuclear Church, not separate in any way but in application. The Marketplace Church is distinctive but also supportive of the Nuclear Church. The Nuclear Church, for the most part, gathers one day a week, and the Marketplace church is in operation 6 days a week. They are still one church, but they are to a degree, two distinct cultures. They operate out of two different sets of cultural rule books. Before you cast any heretical stones, let me explain.

There are many things that we perceive that others may do or think of as wrong, simply because it is different from the way we may do it or the way we think. I have some Chinese friends that do things differently than I do. When they come over, they always take their shoes off because that is part of their culture. When they are conducting a business transaction, there always is an exchange of gifts. In my business world here in the USA, it would be looked on many times as bribery, perks, or a lack of integrity to try and win in business. The reality is, either way of thinking is neither right nor wrong.

The same thing goes with the Nuclear Church and the Marketplace Church. Both operate for the glory of Christ and His kingdom, but they do not necessarily function in the same way of bringing salt and light to the world. The Marketplace Church is here to stay, although we are continuing to learn the rules of engagement in the marketplace. We have apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists, intercessors, and others serving in the Nuclear Church. Many of these and others are being raised up and released to function in the marketplace or Marketplace Church. Many have been out there over the years but have been looked upon as a para-church, or second tier ministry, rather than equally viable Kingdom ministries.

"It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ." --Ephesians 4:11-13

The New Wineskin Attitude

The bottom line is this: 100% of the body of Christ is in ministry. Every saint must continue to seek the whole measure of the fullness of Christ, regardless of where the Lord places you in society. The word ministry also can be exchanged with the word service or servant. So we are to be servants, as we provide service to our families, employers, local churches, governments, etc. This is the new wineskin attitude and language we must be communicating. The big issue is that much of the Nuclear Church leadership and counsels are stuck in the mindsets of the systems that have raised them, supported them, and formed them.

It is hard for them to see or to understand how to support and partner with the Marketplace Church. I see the Marketplace Church as a bridge as well--to link up the various denominational cultures as the Holy Spirit leads, to break through the religious mindsets. Keep in mind as I share this that the religious mindsets are across the board in denominationalism, non-denominationalism, the Nuclear Church, and the Marketplace church. The denominational, democratic Church of today is more difficult to turn simply because of the many layers of tradition and governing entities. In all cases, only those that are led by the Holy Spirit of the Lord will lead the charge towards breakthrough in these areas.

Many Nuclear Church leaders still ask of those in the marketplace, "Are you considering to go into the ministry?" Of course the answer is, "We are already in ministry." Though, all are called to serve the cause of Christ, God calls certain persons to serve the Church as pastors and other ministers. It is still an old wine skin thought and language to consider only the pastoral staff as having viable ministries.

Ed Silvoso identifies four lethal misbeliefs that minimize the impact of believers in the workplace:

1. There is a God-ordained division between clergy and laity.

2. The Church is called to operate primarily inside a building, often referred to as the temple.

3. People involved in business cannot be as spiritual as those serving traditional Church ministry.

4. The primary role of Marketplace Christians is to make money to support the vision of those "in the ministry."

We Need to Understand the Kingdom of God!

This is where we affirm that the Kingdom of God is not confined to the four walls of the local church. Where is the kingdom of God? Jesus said in Luke17:21, "The kingdom of God is within you." With that in mind, the Kingdom of God is not a kingdom of this world and has no territorial boundaries. The Kingdom of God is present wherever individual men and women have agreed that Jesus Christ is their Lord.

God's people are His people seven days a week in many different functions and jurisdictions. This wonderful and engaging seven days a week, 24 hours a day, church--with the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ--can transform lives, families, communities, and nations. We can bring the Kingdom of God, His presence, into every workplace, home, and church. We must continue to illuminate His love and grace to the world--in every jurisdiction of society, in Jesus name, amen!


Robert Ricciardelli
Vision to Advance



"God's Shield of Protection"
Learning to Pray Seven Powerful Shields of Protection Around Your Life
by Pastor Mike Servello


"Every Christian needs to read this book!"
- Bill Hamon

"...shows us how to co-labor with God to build or rebuild that protection that we need to go into our future..."
- Chuck Pierce

Learning to Pray Seven Powerful Shields of Protection Around Your Life

Wars. Terrorists. Disease. Tragedy and Devastation. In the midst of today's troubled times, we are all desperately searching for the Lord's peace and protection.

If we are to withstand Satan's attempts to destroy us and cripple us with fear, we have to learn to be pro-active in prayer concerning ourselves, our family, our friends, our nation and all that God has given us.

According to God's Word, it is possible through fervent, effectual prayer to live under Divine protection and to construct prayer hedges around your life and home that Satan cannot penetrate.

Inside God's Shield of Protection, you'll learn what rightly belongs to you as God's child, how to stay protected through intercession and how to build effective prayer hedges including: Mental Hedges, Emotional Hedges, Spiritual Hedges, Moral Hedges, Financial Hedges, Ministerial Hedges.

Prepare for every area of your life to be changed as you begin to integrate the principles found in this powerful book into your daily prayer life.

Table of Contents

  1. Praying Protective Hedges
  2. Living In God's Secret Place
  3. Satan Spills the Beans
  4. Seven Shields of Protection
  5. Building a Mental Prayer Hedge
  6. Building an Emotional Prayer Hedge
  7. Building a Physical Prayer Hedge
  8. Building a Spiritual Prayer Hedge
  9. Building a Moral Prayer Hedge
  10. Building a Financial Prayer Hedge
  11. Building a Leadership Prayer Hedge
  12. Establishing God's Shield of Protection

Mike Servello is the senior pastor of Mt. Zion Ministries in Utica, New York, a church he has pastored for more than twenty years.

Mike serves on the Apostolic Leadership Team of Ministers Fellowship International.

He is also the founder and CEO of Compassion Coalition, a ministry which feeds tens of thousands of people annually in the U.S. and around the world.

Mike and his wife, Barbara, have been married for 30 years and have three adult children, Mike Jr., Joseph and Rachel.



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"Secrets of the Prophetic"

Unveiling Your Future
by Kim Clement





Why I Believe This Book Will Help You

Kim Clement, a young man from South Africa, was searching for God, for His way out of defeat and confusion, and could find no one who believed he could ever be a true man of God. Consequently, he sat down and wrote to me in Tulsa, asking, "Can you help me?" What he really meant was, "Will you help me?"

We studied his few handwritten words, looked over our books and tapes and sent them to him as a seed sown into his life, not knowing we would ever actually meet him. Just another seed of our faith that came from God's revelation to me on "The Miracle of Seed-Faith." The rest was up to Kim. Soon others were helping him who had refused before, possibly because they began to see a change in him.

It's inspiring to read Kim's story and to witness what a tremendous man of God he is now, and is still becoming.

If you need help in finding a change of direction, or for new doors to open to you or to better learn how to not look to people who won't or can't help you, then start looking to your only true SOURCE.

I believe you will bless the day you read Kim's book, "Secrets of the Prophetic".

Oral Roberts
Chancellor, Oral Roberts University


In "Secrets of the Prophetic", Author Kim Clement shares from his many years of experience in demonstrating prophetic ministry, in the church and the marketplace, to show you how to enter the future that God has prepared for you.

Kim answers questions such as: How can I really know if it is God's voice speaking to me? What can stop a prophecy from being fulfilled? How do I enter the promise God has given me? How can I become God's voice to others?

"Kim Clement has truly impacted both my life and business, as a dear friend and minister of the gospel. His ministry has been a great source of prophetic insight to our family for many years. I am honored to endorse his new book, "Secrets of the Prophetic". This book sheds light into both the life and message of a true prophetic voice. I believe when the principles found in this book are applied, it can help you find great success in your family, your business, and your ministry." - Peter Lowe, CEO and Creator of Get Motivated Seminars

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Bending to Hear the Secrets You Breath"
by Kelanie Gloeckler

Music CD




Kelanie Gloeckler's brand new worship CD, Bending to Hear the Secrets You Breathe, is a collection of original worship songs, ranging in style from modern rock to intimate acoustic worship. Many of the songs, such as Pressing On and Awake Oh Sleeper, were written during her time at Morningstar Ministries, while other songs found their beginning in moments of intimate, personal worship.

The listener is taken on a journey through a wide variety of aural textures…driving electric guitars, lyrical piano, warm acoustic tones, and swells of orchestral strings. Bending to Hear the Secrets You Breathe demonstrates a balance between the musical quality and creativity of a studio project, and the energy and prophetic flow of a live worship setting.


"Today's another day to obey and surrender / bending to hear the secrets You breathe / and You delight to see how I respond to each new revelation…"

"To know the intimate secrets of God's heart, we have to allow Him to bend us, break us, and change us. As we bend in surrender, the Father can reveal more of Himself to us. Each song on this project is my response of language and melody to something Jesus has shown me about Himself. And that is what our worship is...a response of the heart to His love, His nature, His presence. Jesus is drawing us closer and closer to Himself, and the closer we get to Him, the more we see Him and the more we are transformed into His likeness." - Kelanie Gloeckler


Track Listing

  1. Pressing On
  2. The Blaze in Your Gaze
  3. Sign and a Wonder mp3 wma rm
  4. The Love of God mp3 wma rm
  5. You Make All Things New
  6. Serenade
  7. Invitation
  8. Awake Oh Sleeper
  9. Emmanuel
  10. Wonderful Mystery
  11. Responding

Kelanie Gloeckler is a prophetic worship leader / songwriter / worshiper of God who enjoys leading the Body of Christ into deeper encounters with Jesus through passionate songs and creative sounds. A graduate of Morningstar School of Ministry, Kelanie has ministered in churches and at conferences both in the United States and oversees. She traveled with Ray Hughes and the Selah Project for two years, leading worship and teaching others how to flow in prophetic song. Her heart is to train and release next generation worshipers, helping them to find freedom in their own creative expressions to the Lord. Kelanie is currently a worship leader and songwriter at New Life Christian Fellowship Church in Jacksonville, Florida.


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