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"GOD'S INTERVENTION OVER LONDON AND THE WHOLE OF ENGLAND -- Prophecy and Prayer Directives Coincide with Historic, Unexplainable 90-Minute Stop of BIG BEN CLOCK"

by Chuck Pierce, with Steve Shultz
May 31, 2005

"God's Healing Breaking out in Australia - a Report on the Australian National Healing Rooms Conference"
May 31, 2005

Ross Wakeley, Development Manager for Healing Rooms Australia, reports on "Impact '05," the very first Australian National Healing Rooms Conference which was attended by over 320 people and took place in Sydney earlier this month (May). Guest speakers were Cal and Michelle Pierce who are founders of the Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington, USA.

According to Wakeley, a highlight of the conference was "for 240 of the delegates to be taken by bus from Dural to the city centre to Richard Johnson square. This man was the first pastor and preached the first gospel message in the nation on February 3, 1788. The service on May 21st, 2005, included a welcome by an aboriginal Christian, a symbolic passing of the ministry of Healing Rooms for the nation from Cal Pierce to Franklyn Elliott; a prophetic prayer for the nation by Sue Walker and prayer groups of the delegates praying for Australia." (Pictured: Richard Johnson Square)

The 330 people in attendance came from 66 churches around the nation including, Alliance, Anglican, Baptist, Charismatic, Christian City Church, Churches of Christ, independent churches such as DaySpring & Vision Christian Fellowship, Hillsong, Lutheran, Pentecostal, SDA and Uniting churches were all represented.

by Ross Wakeley / Aimee Herd : May 31, 2005 : National Healing Rooms Australia

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May 31, 2005

"GOD'S INTERVENTION OVER LONDON AND THE WHOLE OF ENGLAND -- Prophecy and Prayer Directives Coincide with Historic, Unexplainable 90-Minute Stop of BIG BEN CLOCK"
by Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries International

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Signs and wonders in London and over the whole of England! I love it. And prophecies and prayer directives by Chuck Pierce . . . an integral part of THE ELIJAH LIST!

Perhaps nothing is so "symbolic" of London as is Big Ben . . . the official time-keeper of London, I'd say.

Yet, scientists have no explanation as to why Big Ben's time suddenly stopped for 90 minutes. There are "possible" reasons given in the article below, but no true explanation.

Do you find, as I do, how interesting it is that this happened -- that Big Ben stopped keeping TIME . . . just after Chuck Pierce came to London to prophesy over London and over England?

I had read in USA Today how Big Ben, the famous London clock, which is seen in many movies, had suddenly stopped for 90 minutes. But I didn't realize Chuck Pierce had just been there and that Chuck was already experiencing signs and wonders in the Heavens over London.

You are not required to believe that this is a sign OR a wonder in order to pray for England. But for me, both the signs in the clouds and the stopping of Big Ben -- perhaps signifying that the history of England is being given a chance to catch up with the timing of God -- IS OF GOD.

We've included a portion of that article below about Big Ben.

Be amazed. I am!

Standing in His timing. Bathing in His grace!

Steve Shultz

Dear Faithful Ones:

Here is the trip report for London. Your prayers and support paved the way into a new dimension. You need to accept the blessings that the Lord wants to release to you at this time. This report has the prophetic word that the Spirit of the Lord developed and spoke over London last Saturday night (May 28th). This is a very timely word.

I have also included again the new prayer focus at the end of this report: Preparing for the Suddenlies: A Three Week Prayer Focus. Note that this 21-DAY Prayer directive is in 3 groups of seven days.


Chuck D. Pierce

GOD'S INTERVENTION OVER LONDON AND THE WHOLE OF ENGLAND -- Prophecy Coincides with Historic, Unexplainable 90-Minute Stop of BIG BEN CLOCK

As we were waiting in London for our flight to Nigeria, we looked out the windows and saw an interesting pattern in the clouds. There was clearly a sword emblazoned in white across the sky. We knew the Lord was communicating about the SWORD that had come into the atmosphere over London and England. At last night's meeting in London, I explained how this is a year of signs in the sky. Not only did we see this when we were coming through England on our way to Nigeria, but also when we arrived back in London for our overnight stay. The picture over our desk in our hotel room was a picture of London. The sky in this picture was the formation of a sword where two jets had intersected their contrails.

Sharon Stone (a prophet we work with, not the actress by the same name) is leading a prayer effort across England to gather God's people and pray in every county. This is very similar to what Dutch Sheets and I did in America as we went from state to state in our nation. God had sovereignly ordained us to be in England for a layover so we could be a part of the historic Middlesex County gathering in London. (We met in the heart of this area that hosts the financial and governmental capitals of the United Kingdom.) There is a structural weakness that God is addressing in the system of government in the U.K. If God does not intervene now, England will be absorbed by the European Union. As these groups of intercessors meet from county to county (this was their seventh county meeting), the atmosphere in that nation is beginning to change. (I know that Martin Scott and other groups are also praying throughout England at this time.)

I explained that we "saw a sword in the heavens over London and England." I then led the people to ask "what does this mean at this time?"

I explained prophetically that any vision or supernatural phenomenon must be interpreted in light of the Word of God. In the Word of God, a sword can have the following meanings: war, pending judgment, a malicious tongue bringing division, the power of truth, a weapon linked with the armor of God or a piece of armor used in warfare to produce victory. I went back and shared various scenarios from the Word of God linked with the sword. I explained how Jesus in Matthew 10:34 stated, "Think not that I have come to seek peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." (ASV) I shared that this was a time that the sword was being awakened in the atmosphere over London.

One chapter of importance that began to surface was Numbers 14. This is the chapter where Israel refuses to enter Canaan and Moses begins to intercede for the people. I concentrated on two verses. Number 14:3, where the congregation cries out saying, "Why has the Lord brought us to this land to fall by the sword, that our wives and children should become victims? Would it not be better for us to return to Egypt?" (NKJV)

They actually tried to elect leadership that would take them "back" to their familiar captivity.

The other Scripture was Numbers 14:43, "For the Amalekites and Canaanites are there before you, and you shall fall by the sword; because you have turned away from the LORD, the LORD will not be with you." (NKJV) I shared that I could hear the Lord saying that this was a critical time and the next 40 days could determine the reversal of the power of unbelief that was holding the Church captive in that nation.

This was the chapter where the people were punished after they were not willing to go to war when they saw the giants in the land. I felt the Lord saying He wanted to take a sword and cut from them the power of unbelief and passivity and the fear to war for their inheritance.

However, I ended with Joshua 5. I saw a tremendous pattern that God was trying to bring forth. This chapter includes 1) the concept of crossing over to advance toward your inheritance, 2) circumcision, or cutting away, of the reproach linked with your past captivity and unbelief, 3) the provisional change from manna to eating the produce of the new land, and 4) the visitation of the Man of heaven with the drawn sword.

I reminded them that I saw the sword in the heavens over London, but did not see what hand was holding and guiding it at this time. I decreed that tradition would not guide the Church from this day forward. I also decreed that false religion (the sword of Islam) would not be able to be the guiding force over England. From this passage I felt like God was saying, "I want to take charge over England and London for this hour. I want to be the Commander in Chief over how you progress forward from this day on. I want to transfer a new power over you so you can face that which has been invincible in your past. Contend for My sword to begin to lead you in victory against the giants that you have been unwilling to face in the past. This is your time."

Please continue to pray for London. Once I gave this word, Brian reminded me that at the end of the 40 days we would leave again from America and be in London for three days of meetings in July. Pray with me during this crucial time.


INSERTED ARTICLE BY STEVE SHULTZ and USA TODAY: "Big Ben stops for 90 minutes, baffling engineers"

Note by Steve Shultz: Please observe that the temperature reached 90 degrees and the clock stopped for 90 minutes . . . both a record for the history books. Perhaps there is meaning . . . a sign and a wonder for London, for England -- Steve Shultz

(AP) -- Big Ben, the landmark London clock renowned for its accuracy and chimes, stopped ticking for 90 minutes, an engineer said Saturday.

Officials do not know why the 147-year-old clock on the banks of the River Thames stopped at 10:07 p.m. Friday. It resumed keeping time, but stalled again at 10:20 p.m. and remained still for about 90 minutes before starting up again, said an engineer at the Palace of Westminster, which operates the clock.

The engineer requested anonymity because he was not officially authorized to speak to the press.

There has been speculation a recent spell of hot weather may have been to blame. Temperatures in London reached 90 Saturday, and forecasters called it England's hottest day in May since 1953.

But the engineer said the cause was unclear.

"We've been told there was a minor glitch, but then it was started up again," he said.

Big Ben survived attacks by German Luftwaffe bombers during World War II, continuing to mark the time to within 1 1/2 seconds of Greenwich Mean Time.




"Preparing for the Suddenlies: A Three Week Prayer Focus"
by Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries International

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This is a year to establish a mindset for victory. I find myself declaring VICTORY almost every morning before I get started into a hectic day. Our mind is in enmity with God so we must develop a dynamic of victory and triumph within our spirit man. We are now past the half way point in the seven year war cycle, and are entering the sixth month of this year.

The Body is gaining ground! We seem to be gaining strength and seeing victories in many areas of our lives. We are seeing victories in our nation. I felt the Spirit of God quicken within me the need to encourage us to stop and establish a rearguard over the headway we have made this year. I know that some of you have experienced some hard times, but, even in the midst of your struggles, open your eyes to His victory for you and secure your future ahead. Remember, victory includes overcoming obstacles, confronting your enemies, pressing past blockades, and living in a mentality of Godly triumph.

Establish Your Rear Guard

A rearguard is a detachment of troops detailed to guard the rear of a moving column. The rearguard is generally used for security during a forward movement, but is also a detachment concerned with delaying the pursuit of a main military body in retreat. Sun Tzu in The Art of War said, "Ground that is of great advantage to either side is contentious ground . . . on contentious ground, hurry up your rearguard."

Day 1: Read Isaiah 52:1-6. This is a call to awaken to the fullness of your redemptive plan. Loose yourself from any captivity. Find your abiding place and be seated. Do not dwell on your past defeats and sins. Put on a new garment of victory.

Day 2: Read Isaiah 52:7-12. Ask God for a new anointing to "watch." Review your vision and begin to watch for the Spirit of the Lord to move in some unusual ways in your life. Watch Him establish Himself against your enemies. Declare that you will have a victorious deliverance. Sing "Our God Reigns!"

Day 3: Memorize and meditate on Isaiah 52:12: "For you shall not go out with haste, nor go by flight; for the LORD will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard."

Day 4: Read Isaiah 58:5-12. Let God choose a fast for this day. Declare a cutting off and a springing forth. Declare healings will begin to break through. Ask the Lord for His glory to set a guard behind you. Ask the Lord to adjust any details in anything you have accomplished throughout the year. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom over how to rectify any problems so you can move forward speedily.

Day 5: Read Exodus 14. Ask the glory of the Lord to become a curse to the enemies that would pursue you and a blessing to open up the way of your future.

Day 6: Read Matthew 12. Concentrate on verses 43-45. Ask God to fill you with His glorious Spirit so that you secure any victory. Declare that you will plunder the enemy's camp and have a sevenfold restoration. Agree with God that once you are delivered of one thing, your deliverance is secured and no other forces can overtake you.

Day 7: Read Mark 4. Declare your seed will prosper. Shout: "I am not turning back!" Ask the Lord for your next measure of faith.

Press into your Next Measure

Several different words in the Hebrew and Greek are linked with "measure." The word means to "stretch out," "extend," or "spread." Measurements were derived from the concept of the human body. In all nations, portions of the body were used to measure lengths. God is strengthening and stretching the "Body" at this time. For instance, the smallest measurement in Hebrew was the finger, or digit. The Greek term for measure, Metreo, is linked with the amount of authority or wealth that one possesses.

We must move into our next dimension. This is a time of stretching. Our spirit-man is being extended. I actually believe we are growing and maturing. Obtaining a new measure sometimes is not easy. Securing a new measure can be even more difficult. The Spirit of God is increasing our sphere of authority as well as our confidence and boldness. May you receive a new measure of faith. May you secure your next portion -- whether that be materially or spiritually.

Day 1: Read Psalms 39, 66, and 80. He has measured your days. Therefore, you never want to allow the enemy to rob you of your fullness. Declare all wasted time will be reversed. Thank Him for the testings you are going through. Even though you are being stretched, you will become enlarged. Stir up your strength and cry, "Restore!"

Day 2: Read Isaiah 40. Allow the Lord to comfort you over past mistakes and losses. Break out of your present warfare and begin to pioneer your way into your next measure. Ask for your second wind or a new breath from the Lord. Notice the power of God's omnipotence as He compares His excellent knowledge to the nations of the earth.

Day 3: Read Isaiah 54. Break forth into a song of deliverance. Declare that God is breaking every barren force in your life. Thank God that He is not only enlarging your physical place but your mental capacity to understand times and seasons. Declare all dimensions of scattering in your life are broken and thank God that He has a rich heritage for you.

Day 4: Read Ezekiel 47. Notice the river rises. And everywhere the river goes, healing comes forth. However, we must ask the Lord to take us deeper than where we presently are standing. Let Him increase the measure of the river in your life.

Day 5: Read Zechariah 2-4. Ask God to extend a new measuring line over your life so that a new measure of joy can be released. Ask God to open your eyes to angelic activity around you. Know that every mountain can move through a new measure of His Spirit.

Day 6: Read Luke 6 and Romans 12. Notice how Jesus taught us how to love and give. This becomes our road to the miraculous. Ask the Lord to start paving that road in a new way for you. Ask the Lord for His transforming, renewing power to overtake your mind. Ask God to motivate you in a new way so your faith can operate in a new measure. Faith works by love. We prophesy according to our faith. Prophesying your vision will cause you to break through.

Day 7: Read II Corinthians 10 and Ephesians 4. Ask the Lord to give you understanding of the warfare that is around you. Review your apostolic connections and the spheres of authority that you are aligned with.

Prepare Yourself for Suddenlies to Happen

One of the things the Lord is saying to me is that He is "preparing us for the suddenlies." Suddenlies usually occur and overwhelm us when we least expect something is about to happen. To prepare means to "build a form for something, like a frame for a house." If we develop a frame of reference for an enlarged storehouse, the Lord will bring the infilling. In Hezekiah's day, the people prepared themselves for change and then the Lord moved suddenly. Expect suddenlies to start happening! He does nothing except He first communicates with the prophets. Expectation is a function of the emotion. Ask God to rekindle your passion so you can embrace what He does in your life and around you.

Day 1: Read Mark 6, 7, and 10. Things are changing very rapidly. Do not let rejection keep you from moving forward into the plan that God has for you. We are entering into a time of changing leadership. Therefore, the Lord is creating a new measure of faith and demonstration in those who will be advancing His Kingdom purposes. He is cultivating a climate of faith for healing and miracles. We must develop a mindset that says, "With God all things are possible!" As we find our new place of service, by faith He will suddenly manifest many changes.

Day 2: Read II Chronicles 29-31. We are living in reformation times. This is a great example of how an apostolic type leads the people into restoration through worship. Once things were in order the people could rejoice because God had prepared them for the suddenlies. Ask Him to do the same for you and the vision that you are part of!

Day 3: Read Proverbs 6; 24:22; and 29:1, and Isaiah 30:13-15. Know that God is going to "suddenly" start judging the root of evil. Do not be surprised when you see structures shaking.

Day 4: Read Habakkuk 2. Write your vision and make it plain. Watch for the Lord to bring you new insights. Wait expectantly for the Lord. Confess your impatience and wait for Him to move in the vision that you are part of.

Day 5: Read Luke 2 and 9 and Mark 13. Lift up your head -- redemption is drawing nigh! "Suddenly" there were angels all around . . . It is time for visitation! Open your eyes and see the heavenly hosts that are praising God and enter into that type of praise.

Day 6: Read Acts 2 and 9. Invite Holy Spirit to come "suddenly" and interrupt your life. Prepare yourself for His coming.

Day 7: Read Acts 16 and 22. Listen carefully for your Macedonian call. God is shaking things all around us so that we can move forward. If you feel like you are stymied, ask God to send a shaking, and watch the earth begin to move. Watch all of the chains begin to break and blocked entrances begin to open.

I am sending this as we leave London. At the beginning of June, I will be writing you over how to pray for the economic issues that are changing in the earth. We will be taking a prayer journey to New York City and Jekyll Island to pray specifically concerning finances.

Don't forget -- we need your prayers and support as we move forward.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries International

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