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Chuck Pierce: "The Lord Awakened Me . . . You Are Entering a Battle This Next Week that You Have Not Seen Before . . . Circle the Wagons (2-22)"

by Chuck Pierce and Steve Shultz
Feb 22, 2005

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February 22, 2005

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February 22, 2005


by Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International


Note by Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST:

As many have heard me say when I speak publicly, an angel once told William Branham that (paraphrased) our thoughts are heard louder in heaven than even our words. Thus, we must declare . . . but Chuck Pierce is clear that we must develop a MINDSET (a set of thoughts that even God hears as we develop those thoughts) of Victory.

With that, I'll let you read these words from one of the most prophetic friends I know, Chuck Pierce, who indeed has the Issachar Anointing to know the times and seasons of what God is doing and saying and asking of us.

Steve Shultz

Chuck Pierce:
"The Lord Awakened Me . . . You Are Entering a Battle This Next Week that You Have Not Seen Before . . . Circle the Wagons (2-22)"


This is a year that we must have a victory mentality. If we allow the Lord to develop a mind for victory, we will enter into victory. When God is saying, "VICTORY" -- victory is the attitude we must embrace. Victory means final and complete supremacy in battle or war or a specific military engagement ending in triumph.

Victory can also mean success in any contest or struggle involving the defeat of an opponent or the overcoming of obstacles. It is now time to move past the obstacles that would prevent you from succeeding in what God is asking you to do! I believe what defeats us most is a spirit of defeat or failure. This is usually linked to our generations or some situation that we did not excel in. Satan seems to take this opportunity to put a mantle of reproach on us and a mind of fear instead of power. Stop now and declare VICTORY 10 times out loud.


One of the defining moments in history occurred when a massive earthquake shook Southeast Asia creating a tsunami that redefined the earth's rotation axis. During that time I was reading through the Bible and read Genesis 8:5-6:

"And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month. In the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tops of the mountains were seen. So it came to pass, at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made." (NKJV)

This scripture illuminated and literally seemed to leap from the page. I then heard the Lord say:

"I am preparing 10 months of victory for My people. If they will develop a mind for victory, they will go from victory to victory. Just as the waters decreased that had overcome the earth, I will cause the waters that have been attempting to overcome My people to decrease. They will find themselves standing on solid ground with clear vision. Set your eyes on the top of the mountain and watch your vision develop over the next 10 months."

At the end of this letter you will find 10 declarations that you need to make. This will be our 10-Day focus this month: 10 DAYS TO DECREE 10 MONTHS OF VICTORY!


Psalm 100:4: "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name." (KJV)

Because I am disciplining myself to praise no matter the circumstance, I am in an incredible window of revelation. I am praying the same for each of you. I lead prayer on Tuesday mornings at Glory of Zion. We pray for our nation and the Body of Christ.

This last Tuesday I came with a clear directive of change. The Lord had awakened me at 3 AM by saying:

"You are entering a battle this next week that you have not seen before. Position yourself on the wall so that you can control the enemy at the gates. Hell is positioning itself at the gates. Be ready to win the battle at the gates. Circle your wagons and fully circle the day (2-22) in intercession. Governments will shift. Establish faith in the earth this day and go from victory to victory throughout the year.

"Raise the shield of faith and bring Heaven's will into place in the earth. Declare an atmospheric shift to occur. Watch with Me while I make an atmospheric shift in this coming week. Win the atmosphere of each watch to see faith established. War for everything that has been in your heart!

"There will be a supernatural release of grace over your past mistakes. Where the enemy has taken advantage, he will begin to lose his grip! I will begin to 'clean house.' I will be removing certain things that have cluttered your thinking. I will be opening up and expanding your spirit to receive an inflow of My Spirit. I will be causing the river of your womb to contract and begin to flow in a new way. This will produce a change of course in your lives. I will rearrange your mind and thought processes. I am changing the order of My troops so the armies of Heaven and My armies in the earth can win the war at the gates."


"There are sounds and moves in the night which I will produce. Grab the instruments and tambourines and hear the sounds of the watch. Dance the dance of victory. Plunder the spoils of the enemy's camp. Become a secret weapon in My hand. I will develop a mindset in you that will cause you to advance from victory to victory. Receive the authority to command streets, cities, peoples and nations to change. I AM doing new things to realign nations. Hang on -- breakthrough is coming! Stand firm -- the morning is breaking.

"This is a day that I would have you use Esther as your model. Put on your Esther garment of favor and find your place in the watch. If you will put on an Esther garment of favor you will overturn edicts written for destruction. You will break down oppressions that are set against My Spirit. You will release judgments that are executed through high praises. You will have revelation that will be a sharp, two-edged sword.

"This Esther garment will also reposition the government and remove false counselors and position true counselors in place. This garment will cause My people to become alert, positioned and released for war. Wear your Esther garment and you will bring a fear of Me among My enemies so that they are afraid to war with you."

(Read Esther 9 and gain your "further request" so that your enemies do not rise again in the next generation. Read the story of Athaliah in II Kings 11.)


"I am changing the vineyard around you, even the grapes you have grown in the past. Now there will be a change within them and they will produce a different taste and a different wine. I must bring new revelation down and surround My people now. I must lead My people in a new way to open My armory for them. This is a time when I am beginning to release new assignments that require new weapons. Begin to receive My leading and you will gain the weapons that will take you into the victory for the future.

"I am smoothing out rocks in your past -- rocks that you have not even been able to walk on in the past. Allow My river to rise up. Allow My revelation to flow from your inner belly. Those rocks that have been hardened and those places that have been jagged will begin to be smooth."


"I have oil within you that I am pressing. Do not resist the pressing that you are going through at this time for it will produce an oil that will run forth for the anointing that is necessary to break the yoke. I am pressing that anointing now. Allow that pressing to occur so that the anointing will break you through into this place that I am calling you.

"There is a release coming through My people. My people are not even aware of what I can pour through them. Stir it up and let it flow so that I can pour out of you. For I am testing My people over wisdom this hour. And if you intend to gain the authority at the gates, I am calling you to in this hour, then you must allow wisdom to arise and revelation to flow. This is a different day and I am moving with you in a different way, and I am putting you into wars that you have not been in. Allow that which is deep within you to flow out.

"There are tongues in My people -- diverse tongues that will release the river of revelation from heavenly places this hour. Allow a diversity of tongues to arise so I can begin to illuminate My Word and release faith in the earth. This is a time of flowing out, bubbling up, and running over. I am causing a new course and I am causing the bed of the river to change at this time. Release the strength and power that has been harnessed within you so the river will take its course this hour."


"I am moving my troops into an order that they have never been moved into before. This will be the holy array for this age. I am beginning to position them in a way that they have not been positioned. Many will begin to re-align themselves behind those that I raise up for this hour. Submission will be the important factor for the hour. How you stand and where you stand and where you are submitted is important. Who you stand with is important during this hour. For My Issachar tribe knows who to align with for victory for the future. For I am changing the order of how the troops have stood in the past, and now they will be able to stand and resist ancient enemies.

"During the night the enemy has positioned himself at the gates to prevent you from moving through. But I am raising up a people who know how to go into secret places to gain revelation to cause the enemy to retreat. DO NOT, DO NOT think you are in any defensive move at this time. For even the mistakes of the past I am going to rectify quickly in My Body. I will accelerate freedom in My people for a season. I will begin to position My people to press the enemy. This will be a season that the enemy will overplay his hand. This is not a season for him to have an upper hand, but this is a season for My people to stand and gain the spoils the enemy has held through your past mistakes.

"You will go through a time of feeling boxed in. You will think, 'Oh my, I have been surrounded. Where is this place that I am? This place is dark, I feel overshadowed!' But this is the shadow of the Lord. This is My abiding place! I am bringing you into an inner place that you have never been before. You must come into this place that seems dark and void. In the midst of the void I will appear and I will release to you that which you have not understood before. Secret knowledge and mysteries will be released that you will carry this hour in the earth realm.

"Step into that place and do not fear this hour that the Ancient of Days is releasing wisdom for you to gain victory. I will show you the future plan for increase. I will cause you to begin to position the elements of the plan together. You will move in a fluid motion to gather and assemble what is needed for your victory. I must release a prophetic anointing that has been resident in My people. Open your mouth -- begin to prophesy! For the enemy has positioned himself at your gate, but through the prophetic anointing on My people, he must release his hold. I am positioning you so the enemy will not have authority at the gates."


"In these war times, everything that is in your heart that you are warring for is your's for the taking. Decree a decree and watch Me break forth. I am calling you into a war that is now shifting from the heavens to the earth realm. I am going to cause you to see what the enemy has been holding back at the gate. I am going to release you in a new way from a spirit of fear and timidity that has caused confusion to surround you. I am going to start multiplying you in a new way. I am going to start giving you an authority in a new way. I am looking for faith action in the earth realm.

"Don't look back. Let go! I am going to clean house! You are going to be letting go of some things and grabbing hold of some other things. You are going to be rearranging your mind. Some of you will end up in places you didn't think you were supposed to be. And you are going to say, 'I am not in the right place.' And I will remind you that I am going to change the order of my troops and that repositioning is a major part of this change. You are entering a victory season and will win the war at the gates."


"There are sounds in the night that I am releasing. I am calling the musicians to hear these sounds. For I am moving in the night with sounds of victory. These are sounds that will cause the gaps that have been wide to begin to be filled and rebuilt. My people will produce a sound that will remove the enemy from the gap. Things that have never come together will come together.

"There are numerous instruments that will begin to resound. My musicians will even begin to diversify on what they play and how they play. For I will remove perfection and performance from My people and replace the void with the power of My symphonic Spirit. Begin to leave an instrument by your bed. Grab that instrument and release the sounds in the night. I am producing sounds that will be produced through you."



Here are some decrees and "victory points" for you to use throughout the year. Do not let the enemy push you back this year. Do not let your head be overtaken by the waters of circumstance around you. Catch the waves of change and let them carry you into a whole new place -- physically as well as spiritually:

Day 1 - Declare Victory Month 1:

This is a time of sanctification. Set yourself apart and develop a mind for victory. Break the power of besetting sins. Come into a new order. Beware of the enemy's strategy to block you. I see the enemy devising a plan at the gate to stop our entry way. BUT GOD is preparing your victory. This is a time to allow the Spirit to reorder your vision.

Day 2 - Declare Victory Month 2:

This is a month to seed. What you tithe will blossom. There is a grace for your offerings to multiply 30, 60 and 100 fold. This is a month to gain victory through giving and break the curse of God-robbing. (I will be sending you an article on "The War to Gain Victory over Poverty.") What you seed in the second month will begin to produce great fruit. Break a three year cycle of debt and declare that your past financial defeats will reverse and begin to multiply seven fold.

Day 3 - Declare Victory Month 3:

Set aside a Purim time in your life and celebrate. The power of celebration will break through all barriers. This is a major month of change. This will be a month of travail. However, travail with joy, to bring forth. Also, declare a reversal over visions that were aborted.

Day 4 - Declare Victory Month 4:

This is a month of breaking old cycles. Ask God for signs, wonders, and miracles that will intervene in old cyclical structures of your life. Make a list of old cycles that need to break. Be secure in timing. If you praised last month, then you can be set in God's perfect timing this month. This is a month to declare that everything in your past be repaired and restored so your future can be unlocked. Look up and see the window of Heaven that is opening over you. This is a month that you will gain victory in strategic warfare. Do not be afraid of ascending in worship. Find times to fast during this month. This is a time to experience God's glory. Ask God to open your eyes so you can see His glory.

Day 5 - Declare Victory Month 5:

This is a month to go to war with legalistic structures. Declare a shift in the laws that Satan has illegally positioned. You will be presented with a Mt. Sinai journey this month. Do not go around Mt. Sinai again. Begin to shout that you are going up to Zion! Ask for the Spirit of revelation and wisdom. God will pour this upon you through the window of Heaven. We must shift certain laws during this time frame or else they will create a greater bondage over the next 40 years in this nation. Ask the Lord to take the lid off of evangelical structures. Declare a great move of revival.

Day 6 - Declare Victory Month 6:

Leave old structures behind. You can easily fall into idolatry or enter into an agreement with something in your past that could lead to idolatry. Find your new place of worship. Decree that you will have victory over idolatry. This is a month to overcome anger. Cut old past losses that are linked with bitterness and move on. Be absorbed in praise. This is a month to really analyze your connections and covering. Be sure you are submitted properly. Idolatry will create a setback in your inheritance. Numbers 14 is a key passage to understand. This is the month that a new level of supply begins to be unlocked. Watch for new provisional strategies in the earth realm.

Day 7 - Declare Victory Month 7:

This is the month to gain victory completely in your thought processes. Allow the Lord to draw out old desires. He will remove some and activate others. Your thought life can be revolutionized during this time. This could be your hardest month of war. Stick close to the Lord and develop a prayer shield around you. This is a month for a new level of discernment to be released. Stay in the Word and pray in the spirit. The Lord will uncover some key issues related to the blood of Jesus, the glory, and physical healing. If you will celebrate this month, you will break through the "blood barrier" of old thought processes. This will produce a victory mentality for the rest of the year. Death strategies and assignments will break. You can have victory and see healing of the mind during this month. No longer do you have to be hung between two opinions. Break double-mindedness.

Day 8 - Declare Victory Month 8:

This is a month to seek the King. Do not be afraid to seek the King. Bring your faults, failures, and everything about you into the Throne Room. This will be a month to push forward quickly through intersections. Memorize Psalms 127 and 121. He will make Himself available in night seasons through dreams and visions. He will be very near those who seek Him while He is near. Expect abundant grace and mercy to be poured out. Changes will culminate!

Day 9 - Declare Victory Month 9:

Those who have remained strong and faithful can expect to prosper in a new way. Receive a new measure of strength. This is a month of reaping what we have sown. Ask God for mercy and receive grace. This is a month that our words become very important.

Day 10 - Declare Victory Month 10:

Your testimony shall overcome the enemy's plan. Watch for victorious testimonies to break forth in the Body of Christ. The enemy will raise a standard against our testimony, BUT GOD will come in like a flood. Faith will explode and create an atmosphere where things that could not happen will happen.

Stop! Shout prophetically, "VICTORY" ten times. Embrace all the change that God brings into your life and go from victory to victory all year!

(Note: These 10 months are not linked with the Roman calendar. They are linked with the spiritual timing that the Lord has for your life upon your declaration of victory for this year.)


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International


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