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Is hand sanitizer making you fat?

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May 24, 2022

Did you know hand sanitizer could be making you fat?

Here's how...

Hand sanitizer contains harmful ingredients (like triclosan) that disrupt your microbiome.[1]

This is bad because gut bacteria plays a role in obesity, diabetes, and the immune system.[2]

By accidentally damaging the bacteria in your gut with hand sanitizer...

You could be making it hard on yourself to lose weight.

Or worse, making yourself fatter.

So what can you do to reverse this damage — and make it easier to lose weight?

Two simple things:

     1. Think twice before using harmful hand sanitizers

     2.  Take these 3 "supernutrients" proven to repair your gut

And these three supernutrients will do a lot more than just repair your gut health...

They'll also strengthen your immune system while reducing bloating and brain fog...

So your belly feels flatter, your mind feels sharper, and you experience an overall improvement in your health and wellbeing.

Get all the details here.


P.S. If you're skeptical about the fattening effects of hand sanitizer, just do a quick Google search. The problem has been known since at least 2012 when articles appeared on Yahoo and in US News.[3]

The big difference today is that millions of people have been using hand sanitizer daily for the last two years. So the gut health and weight gain problems caused by hand sanitizer are much bigger today than they were back then.

Bottom line: Healing your gut NOW will go a long way toward supporting healthy weight loss and strengthening your immune system...

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(And REVERSE the damage caused by hand sanitizers)




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