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Fast Track Apostolic Glory School-Onsite or Live Zoom

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May 24, 2022


Apostolic Training
September 5 - December 5, 2022
Chandler, Arizona

LATEST UPDATE: The school still will be onsite in Arizona for the entire 3 months. We are also separately opening it up for those that cannot attend in person especially those living outside the USA to still be trained and join us live online.

If you are a newbie in the things of ministry, or have had years of experience, this school is for you and will fast track you into your destiny-because the harvest is ripe, but the time is short! God wants to do a quickening and this intensive boot camp is an answer to your prayer if this is what you've been waiting and praying for! Someone to guide you step by step into the fullness of the end time glory and the end time harvest. Someone who has done this for over 30+ years around the world, taking your hand and showing you what it takes to succeed in finishing the great commission in these exciting and turbulent times.

You will start your day with corporate intense and intimate praise and worship drawing on God and His Glory more than ever before which will be a foundation for this greater glory.

Apart from intense training, you will be activated to participate in various practical aspects of our conferences and evangelistic outreaches in Arizona. You will fall in love with Jesus on a whole new level while activating what you are learning in evangelism, healing and miracles, different levels of prayer, intimacy and visitations, prophetic, glory realm, how to work and flow with the Holy Spirit and angels etc.

For example, in September apart from the weekly training you will also participate in our conference Sept 22-25. Those that live afar and can join will also be flying in to participate in the activation.

The school will be Monday-Thursday 11am-4pm Arizona time. There will be a Monthly Friday night 1st Fruits meeting in our meeting center which you will partake of. There will also be some weekends of outreach, helping in conferences and/or evangelistic events while also practicing in class what you are learning and fully blossoming and releasing what you are learning and receiving from using the Jesus Hebrew model of activating. And all while learning and speeding up your destiny and release into the end time harvest with your mentors David and Stephanie Herzog and guest teachers.

We are also working on securing a large stadium event in the Phoenix area, which again you would be participating in and helping in before and during the events, and others such as this. Imagine being onsite during the event. Learning, serving, and receiving the nuts and bolts of on-the-job training for what it takes to be mentored while also learning in the midst of God moving...this is the fastest way to get full impartation for the days ahead. You'll also see the HERZOG's in action flowing along with other known generals of the faith. As some of the guest speakers' schedules permit, we will have them come share in the classes and interact with the students as their schedule permits.

(For those that live outside the USA and cannot fly in due to travel restrictions, we will have some limited exceptions to the monthly onsite classes. These classes can still be watched by the international students LIVE as well as homework showing us via video of your own activation you are doing in the areas we are teaching etc.)

If you are called to the end time harvest and full-time ministry, then this is your once in a lifetime opportunity.
We are in the decade of Harvest! In fact I believe that this decade may be the only decade we have left to fully bring in the great end time harvest that was prophesied would occur in these days!

There is a race against time to win the lost before the enemy can take them out. Jesus is putting out the call to follow Him fully and be personally trained for this! David and Stephanie for the 1st time ever have been divinely led by God to take 3 months to train a SWAT TEAM of those that are ready and are willing to lay down their life to be fully trained and mentored for the end time harvest!

Imagine when Jesus called the disciples to follow Him, some said yes, and some said they were too busy with their life to be a disciple. Imagine those that missed the opportunity when they were called. As you are reading this I know some of you are feeling this huge tug of the Holy Spirit to go for it and launch out into the deep and enlist in God's army though this 3 months intensive training.

This will be an intensive 3 month training to fully prepare you for the end time Harvest. We are passionate about activating your calling! All can apply, but this program is by selection only to those that we sense are the perfect fit and really serious about being used in the end time harvest. It will be three months of intensive training in the glory, evangelism, character, prophetic, healing and miracles, prayer and intimacy with God, and basic doctrine.

Basically all that David and Stephanie have been entrusted with for 30 years compacted in 3 months! This will include study and hands on training and service in different areas of ministry. It truly is a supernatural acceleration in what would take years but supernaturally fast-tracked and accelerated in 3 months. Why are we doing this? The Lord has greatly impressed on us that the greatest harvest is at hand and the harvest is so ripe but the laborers that know how to pull in this last great harvest are few. We know that we need to personally mentor and train a group of people that can carry this same mantle and multiply it worldwide to speed up the end time harvest.

You will be trained in all the spiritual levels of glory, miracles, prophesying, deliverance, preaching, word of knowledge, dreams, seer realm visions, spiritual, theological, ministerial, how to launch and run a ministry in these times, practical teaching and so much more. This will be balanced with prayer and Christ-like character development.

There will be a combo of in-class training, practicing both preaching and sharing the gospel one on one, healing, prophesying and hearing God's voice as well as how to manage a ministry (including organizing, financing etc.) for an effective full time ministry.

Some of this will be in class practicing among your teachers and other students while other times you will be outside the class honing in your gifts and calling while on the streets while also serving in various aspects of ministry in conferences, outreaches, and day to day organizational aspects of ministry.

The training will be both from David and Stephanie Herzog who themselves have lived and based their ministry for years on the mission field successful as in the USA being personally trained and mentored by them as well as known guest ministers that have lived and ministered worldwide adding to the school.

You'll learn not only the highs but how to deal with the lows and challenges that come from a ministry in the glory and power of God.

As we all worship, pray and seek God each day together, you will uncover how to deepen your relationship with Jesus and His Glory through the Holy Spirit. This will also help you to get used to developing a lifestyle of daily discipline of being before Jesus in His Glory day after day. This intimacy with God will be a core element that will be your anchor for everything else you do for Him.

Your faith will be skyrocketed as you are enlarged as God starts to show you the fullness of what He has for your destiny.

Your life will be revolutionized in ways that are indescribable.

All can apply but confirmation is by selection only.

If you feel the Holy Spirit pulling on you right now don't hesitate! Start your application right away and step into a major destiny altering season in your life. Apply today!

Together in the Harvest,
David and Stephanie Herzog

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