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Dr. Sandie Freed: "Experience New Realms of Glory in 2022"

Dr. Sandie Freed
Jan 17, 2022

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

You need to get excited about this new year and word for 2022 from Sandie Freed.

We are on the cusp of experiencing the glory of God hit the earth as we haven't seen it before.


Because darkness is trying to cover the earth...and this is right out of Isaiah 60:2, which I know many are familiar with: "See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and His glory appears over you."

Receive this word from Sandie as she writes:

As I write, I see doors to the old completely closing. Where the enemy has held you captive, God will completely deliver you. For those who have been praying for healing, let me encourage you to believe for complete healing! We are in an era where we will see the glory of God manifest completely! Remind yourself of this truth, dear Believer: you have been called by name and created for glory realms!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


A few days ago, I awoke to the voice of the Lord. It shook me to the core – literally! I heard Him say, "Sandie, you are created for My glory." That was it. That's all I heard. I know it's not much to get elated about; however, with God speaking only 6 words, I experienced a life-altering moment. When He spoke there was a realm of glory. The words carried the kabowd, which involves the "weightiness" of His glory. The glory seemed to clothe me and mantle me for a particular purpose that involved moving forward into greater destiny. I became more aware that I had been created for glory and to be used for His glory. I was being drawn near and reminded of why God created me and His desire to use me in co-laboring with Him on the earth.

I was shaking under the power of those words and yet, at the same time, I knew that it was a divine call, an impartation to sanctify myself for a new level of demonstrating the glory for which He created me. All along, through His process of transformation, God had been molding and fashioning me to be an instrument used for His glory.

Believer, please keep reading, because during this glory visitation it became noticeably clear to me that this was not just about me! It is also a word and an invitation to you – to hunger for and experience new realms of God's glory. As we each enter in, God will continue to shake all that can be shaken in order to align nations, governments, businesses and individuals. We are entering into new realms of glory for many purposes, one of which, especially, is for the continued transformation and impartations needed for glory carriers!

No More Partial Transformation

We are in a season where partial transformation is no longer acceptable if we truly desire to see the fullness of God's Kingdom manifest upon the earth. Complete transformation involves complete change; however, it seems as if many of us (me included) get only so far, and then back-step at times. This is because we are entering realms where we are being forced to press past our selfish desires, personal ambitions, insecurities and areas that keep us tied to our past.

As we enter into this new realm, it will be costly to us. We are being given assignments which require an increased anointing, a 'pulling aside' to get clear directives from the Spirit and a commitment to embrace the fire. God is releasing new mantles of authority and we must mature so that these mantles fit properly. It is clear to me now that in being an anointed glory carrier there will be a price to pay. Taking time to study the Word, review our prophecies and listen to His voice are three of the necessary prices to pay as we enter into greater glory.

The Year of Completion, Repeated Faithfulness & Change

The year 2022 involves much change. The number 2 represents several different things, a couple of which are double and the power of agreement. When we agree with God's Word concerning anything, there is a supernatural power that occurs. God speaks and we agree. There are also three 2s in 2022! Three is the number for completion.

I believe we are moving into a season where prayers will be completely answered, dreams will be completed and we will completely walk in freedom, deliverance and prosperity because we have chosen to agree with God's Word concerning our circumstances.

As I write, I see doors to the old completely closing. Where the enemy has held you captive, God will completely deliver you. For those who have been praying for healing, let me encourage you to believe for complete healing! We are in an era where we will see the glory of God manifest completely! Remind yourself of this truth, dear Believer: you have been called by name and created for glory realms!

The Hebrew word for "year" is shannah. Interestingly, shannah is linked with the number 2. Looking further into the numerology for that number, 2 also represents repetition. Consider something that repeats itself, such as blossoms re-blooming every season, or trees budding once more, etc. Just as there is an automatic repeat in nature during certain seasons, God will always repeat His faithfulness and fulfill His word to us. Every new year is a repeat of His faithfulness. We are to remember, in 2022, how faithful He is. What He says He will do – He will do! He is a God of covenant and He will never not fulfill what He has promised. (Photo via Libreshot)

I can hear some of you asking, "If these cycles will always repeat themselves in our lives, how can things get better?" Well, here's the exciting thing about shannah! That Hebrew word has a double meaning (remember, the number 2 means double)! It means "repeat," but it also means "change"! We don't have to be like nature and automatically repeat a previous season. At the beginning of every new year, we can choose change! We can make choices to cycle out of the old and into our new beginning. Thus, we are to embrace transformation, choosing to be changed more into His divine image and shine for Him.

Lord, We Want More!

There has been a deep cry within me to know Him more and to see His glory. I have been having open visions for months where crowds of God's people are crying out for "more." Most of us have been fully aware (for a long time) that what we are fully needing is to witness new realms of His glory. We have cried out for His presence and God has been showing up – big time! However, there is still a deep hunger that many of us have been experiencing...a desire for the "more"!

Moses was bold enough to ask God for more. Take a minute and think about it. God had instructed Moses to deliver His people from their past bondage and into the Promised Land. God had promised that His presence would go with Moses. However, although God's presence was amazing, Moses was at a place in his life when he wanted and needed to witness and experience more.

Now, Believers, I fully understand how awesome it is to be in God's presence. I love it when He shows up. At Lifegate Church International, in Hurst, Texas (where we pastor), God's presence has been so powerful. His presence brings miracles, breakthroughs and prophetic declarations. And yet, there is an ongoing hunger, a dissatisfied spirit that desires more! I believe that Moses experienced the same feeling. What I am pointing out is that there is a time when "Presence" is not enough – we need to see His glory.

For Moses, a burning-bush experience was not enough. The miracles which occurred during the plagues were not enough. The miracle at the Red Sea wasn't enough. The desert miracles, including water from a rock, fresh manna from Heaven and shoes that never wore out were not enough! Even though Moses witnessed God's presence over and over and over, Moses still cried out for the "MORE"! Moses put it this way: "...'Show me Your glory, I pray'" (Exodus 33:18, NRSV). We have also been praying for His glory, and in this era, we will witness many different realms of His glory. However, these realms are for a higher purpose. They are not simply for spiritual "feel goods" or goose bumps or the release of the miraculous (though the glory realms do include these things to a degree). These realms are for transformation, equipping and spiritual empowerment.

Arise and Shine!

Again, we can no longer settle for partial transformation. These new realms of glory which God is releasing will overshadow us to transform us more into His image so that we shine for Him and reflect His glory. We are entering into the prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah 60:1 (ASV), which says, "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of Jehovah is risen upon thee."

We are to arise! The word "arise," in Hebrew, has several different meanings. Let me mention just a few to help motivate you to connect with your destiny: "get up," "perform," "rouse up," "stand (up)," "stir up," "strengthen." All of these words are action words which suggest the need to get stirred up and strengthened in God; to get up and perform one's commissioning. Another word used in this context to describe arise is the word "abide." We get the strength to arise in God by abiding in God. This is what is needed to move forward in His glory and be used for His glory.

Secondly, the prophetic direction in this passage is also that we are to shine. Here are few definitions of the Hebrew word for "shine" in this passage: "show light," "set on fire" and "kindle." I believe it's clear that Isaiah was prophesying of a time for God's children to rise up and shine for Him, to be illuminated with His glory and, also, to KINDLE others! In other words, we kindle others with the glory that glory carriers carry! Wow!

We are being anointed in the glory realms to be glory carriers. Glory carriers shine. Glory carriers carry glory. It's that simple. Yet, as I said, there is a price to pay for it. Moses was willing to die for it. Exodus 33:20 tells us that no man can see God and live; therefore, this is the reason why God would not allow Moses to see His face as He passed by in His glory. However, Moses was still bold enough to ask to see His glory, and He was willing to die for it! Are we? Dying to self is never easy. (Photo via Snappy Goat)

As I author this article, I am reminded of Peter. I consider him one of the great glory carriers in the New Testament. In Acts 5:14-16, it says that many Believers brought the sick into the streets and laid them on coats and mats, hoping Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by. Obviously, Peter was carrying something which activated great faith, and I believe it was God's glory. It was not Peter himself who could heal the sick, but rather a "shadow" of God's "overshadowing." When God's glory is demonstrated, many manifestations occur, such as anointings to heal, prophesy, demonstrate the miraculous and so much more.

Will We Be Glory Carriers?

Moses was willing to die for it. Peter was imprisoned for it. Stephen was martyred for it. John the Baptist was beheaded for it. Jesus was crucified for it. I think of other glory carriers who released glory through miracles, prophecies and signs and wonders, such as Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts. When we read about the price they paid for the realms of miracles in which they moved, we realize the cost of being used by God. And then I consider my spiritual father, Bishop Bill Hamon, the father of the prophetic movement. I know him personally and I know that he has laid down his life for the Lord. I honor him so much for always putting God first – always. I see Bishop Bill Hamon as a glory carrier, one that carries a torch, a passion to impart to others and to burn for God's glory.

God wants to ignite a glory fire in you to be a glory carrier. It will cost you, but it will be worth it. I love the anointing of God, and I love when the anointing comes upon me and God uses me to minister to His children. But I have found that the secret to the anointing is in the source, not a person. It all begins in the secret place. Glory carriers begin there and end there, and that's what keeps us burning for Him.

My very first mentor was Prophetess Jan Painter, whom I still love and admire to this day. She told me that the anointing and being a glory carrier would cost me everything. She was right. I'm glad she warned me, and I'm extremely glad that I chose to keep making choices to change. Every time it gets difficult, I make the decision to embrace the fireball that burns all that needs to change, and also ignites me to be used by His Spirit and to witness the transformation of others.

2022 is a year of surrender. When I was a child and first received Jesus, I marched myself to the altar as the choir sang "I Surrender All." I'm still doing it, decades later. Some prophetic directives are repeated through the decades. I've learned that surrendering all to Him will be repeated throughout all eternity. This is the life of glory carriers.

Allow me to pray for you:

Father God,

Thank You for Your hand upon each one that has read this article today. I know that You have placed it upon my heart for a reason. I pray that You heal all that has been broken in all our lives so that we can cycle into places of complete transformation. Empower each of us to walk in our God-given authority that fully demonstrates Your goodness and Your love. Help us to separate ourselves from all evil and live holy lives that are above reproach in all areas.

Thank You for choosing us to live at this time as demonstrators of Your glory. We choose to co-labor with King Jesus and build His Kingdom on this earth. Today we choose to rise up. We stir ourselves up in holy faith and set our faces like flint, choosing to shine brightly as we burn for You, Lord. Use each of us as glory carriers so that others are ignited for You. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Believing that you will shine!

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Sandie Freed
Sandie Freed Ministries
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Dr. Sandie Freed is an apostolic, prophetic leader, author of more than 14 books, and travels nationally and internationally preaching, teaching, and ministering the Word of God. Ordained as a prophet by Bishop Bill Hamon, Sandie's ministry involves a strong prophetic anointing and spiritual discernment. Her unique gifting is in dreams and visions, and as a modern-day Joseph, she empowers others to interpret God's voice through dreams and visions. Sandie's goal is to always equip the Body of Christ in their callings and empower them through revelation of the love of God. To this day, her best selling book is Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord: How to Discern and Defeat the Lies of Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilah, which has been taught around the world and is printed in many different languages. Sandie and her husband Mickey co-pastor Lifegate Church in Hurst, Texas.

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