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Steve Shultz: Your Christmas List of our Prophets' Prophecies

Steve Shultz
Dec 2, 2021

Steve Shultz: Your Christmas List of our Prophets' Prophecies

     Dear ELIJAH STREAMS Family and Friends,

     What did Robin Bullock, Kat Kerr, Hank Kunneman, Johnny Enlow, Amanda Grace or Manuel Johnson just Prophesy?

     In fact what did ANY of ELIJAH STREAMS prophets prophesy?

     That's what OUR ENTIRE TEAM tries to learn every single day and then we LOVE to bring those encouraging prophecies and Words of the LORD to you – ALL YEAR LONG!!

Steve Shultz LIVE with Kat Kerr
Steve Shultz LIVE with Hank Kunneman

Manuel Johnson
Donna Rigney
Amanda Grace
Here is what they said:

Kat Kerr:
"God didn't tell us to sit on our rapture rug and wait to be rescued."

Hank Kunneman:
"There is a new North America coming!"

Robin Bullock:
"This is a Red Sea time, and an Elijah moment."

Johnny Enlow:
"God didn't say 'Speculate until I return,' He said 'Occupy until I return!'"

Amanda Grace:
"I shall cause them to fall into their own trap they have set."

Manuel Johnson:
"These are not gloomy days, but glory days!"      

Do you remember what it was like toward the end of 2020? Everything was falling apart in the USA and throughout the world. "Covid" was on everyone's lips (and still is). It was beginning to feel like there was no hope.

     Then, it became WORSE as the elections were stolen right out from under us! The wrong person began to be called "president" and you and I knew it was not right. It was dead wrong.

     I know it seemed like there were very few prophetic voices out there to bring hope; IN FACT, IT WAS HARD TO FIND ENCOURAGEMENT ANYWHERE!!

     During all these panic-filled days, when things were beginning to look hopeless – THAT'S WHEN God told us to change up the entire format of ELIJAH STREAMS! The LORD told us to GO ON-THE-AIR "LIVE" EVERY DAY BEGINNING WITH KAT KERR, to fight back on the election fraud and Covid LIES! And so we did – we went LIVE five days a week in November of 2020 giving you daily encouragement – NON STOP – every time the calendar changed.

     It reminds me EVEN NOW of the writer of Hebrews who wrote:

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called
'today,' so that none of you may be hardened by
sin's deceitfulness." Hebrews 3:13

Steve Shultz LIVE with the Bullocks
Steve Shultz LIVE with the Enlows

Mike & CK Thompson
Yvon Attia
Nathan French
     God knows us better than we know ourselves and the LORD who created us knows this clearly. WE NEED ENCOURAGEMENT EVERY SINGLE DAY. And when we're not being encouraged by others and by the PROPHETS OF GOD, we need to be turning to our 'neighbor' and be encouraging him or her too!

     REMEMBER - It's in the Word of God to do that! "ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER AS LONG AS IT'S CALLED TODAY!"

     God's revealed Word clearly says: "But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort." (1 Cor. 14:3)


     We desperately need to get the words from God's Prophets to more and more viewers and we need to ask you for your help.

     If ever there was a time when giving is needed and when people tend to give... THIS IS THAT TIME – it's CHRISTMAS TIME and it's HAPPY NEW YEAR TIME.

     At this year-end giving time, Derene's and my PERSONAL REQUEST TO YOU is this... If ELIJAH STREAMS has encouraged you this year, I mean REALLY ENCOURAGED YOU... Would you take just a minute to sow back into this ministry?

     You've heard me address you all as FAMILY and that is how both Derene and I see you... AS OUR FAMILY!

     So, from one family member to another, may I PERSONALLY ask you to help ELIJAH STREAMS grow and blossom, expand and bless more than ever before in the amazing coming year, "MASKLESS and RESTORED in 2022" that is just before us?

Thank you for your friendship and generosity,

Steve and Derene Shultz
Elijah List Ministries/ELIJAH STREAMS
525 2nd Ave SW, Suite 629
Albany, OR 97321

P.S. Just like you, I want to know what ALL our prophets are saying in the coming days and we will work hard to bring them ALL to you, including what Robin Bullock, Kat Kerr, Hank Kunneman, Johnny Enlow, Amanda Grace, Manuel Johnson, Yvon Attia, Christa Elisha, Wanda Alger, Donna Rigney, Barry Wunsch, Nathan French, Mike Thompson and many more will have to say and prophesy. We will be introducing many more prophets in the coming days to you. Thank you for making this possible through your generous donations to ELIJAH STREAMS!

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