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If you feel bloated, tired, or fat...try this

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Dec 1, 2021

One of the top nutrition researchers in the world has just reported a surprising discovery. And it may prove life-changing for middle-aged and older Americans.

It's becoming common for people over 40 to say they suddenly feel like they have the body of someone 20 years older. Telltale signs include gas, bloating, joint stiffness, daytime fatigue, and unwanted weight gain.

"Contrary to popular belief, these are not natural problems. Not at age 40, 50, or even 80. We think we've discovered why it's happening," says Dr. Steven Gundry — one of Castle Connolly's Top American Doctors.

According to Dr. Gundry's research, there's one "anti-nutrient" that's become widespread in American food. And this unhealthy compound — rather than just "age" — is often behind the digestive, energy, and weight problems people are having.

"Unfortunately, this compound is in nearly everything we eat at this point," Dr. Gundry continues. "Since it's nearly impossible to avoid, we've had to come up with a different solution."

Fortunately, after working with thousands of patients, Dr. Gundry discovered there was one food that could actually block your body from absorbing the compound in the first place.

He found, if you added this one food to your diet... you could start getting back your energy, relieving digestive issues... and even losing weight more easily.

In fact, when Dr. Gundry had a pilot group of people try this, nearly all of them reported feeling a big difference by the first check-in a few weeks later.

They described benefits like a flatter belly, looser clothes, more mental alertness, smoother digestion, increased confidence, and feeling "lighter" overall. *

Since then, Dr. Gundry has recommended this surprisingly simple solution to hundreds of patients at his clinic. And after seeing the dramatic difference it's made in their weight, energy levels, and overall health... he now strongly encourages all adults over the age of 40 to follow suit.

So, with the help of a video team, he's put together a short online report. In it, he reveals the toxic compound in food that causes problems in your body. And he shows you the food you can eat to block it.

Dr. Gundry does caution that everyone's body is different. And the results you experience may vary. However, the feedback on the technique has been overwhelmingly positive. And if you're like most people, you'll likely feel a big difference in your digestion and energy... not to mention your weight.*

"The best part is that it only takes about a minute a day to do. I encourage everyone to try it," says Dr. Gundry.

Since Dr. Gundry's report went live, it's been getting thousands of views per hour. You can watch it yourself by clicking here.

*Individual results will vary. Pilot group consisted of 22 volunteers — 16 female and 6 male — and ran from January to April of 2017. Not a scientific study

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