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by Matt Sorger
Nov 21, 2004

November 21, 2004


The picture at left is Matt standing next to the Evan Roberts Memorial at Moriah Chapel in Wales.

On October 31, 2004, we celebrated the 100th year anniversary of the historic Welsh Revival of 1904. The Lord sent me to Wales during this kairos moment to seek Him in prayer and to minister at a national Wales Youth Conference to help re-dig this ancient well of revival and to see a new well opened up. The Lord came in a powerful way and spoke some significant things to my heart concerning the prophetic hour we are living in. In this article I will share with you some of the personal experiences I had with the Lord during prayer and the words He spoke to me.

To give you some background on the Welsh Revival, the power of God invaded this community of coal mines and farms back in October of 1904. The day the revival began was October 31, 1904, when the life of a young revivalist named Evan Roberts was touched by the flame of God. Before the revival broke out in a national way, Evan Roberts was visited by God's glory for 3-4 months every night from 1am to 5am. At times the light and glory of God would be so great upon him that his bed would physically shake. Evan Roberts was quoted as saying, "I have reached out my hand and touched the flame. I am burning and waiting for a sign." This was shortly before the revival was unleashed upon the entire community. Evan Roberts was so moved during a meeting in which Seth Joshua an evangelist was preaching, Evan cried out "Bend me, oh God!" From there, under the direction of the Lord, he called a meeting with the youth and that is where it all began. The young people were moved upon by the power of the Spirit and soon the entire region was set ablaze with revival fire.

The revival had such an impact on the region that prostitutes were getting saved and opening up Bible studies. Bars and movie houses were closing down. So many coal miners were getting saved that the mules had to be retrained because they were so used to commands with curse words. The community was covered with a tangible awareness of God's presence. The unsaved couldn't help but repent and give their hearts fully to God. It was a national level revival where not only was the church set ablaze, but the surrounding communities, as well, were converted and transformed.


The picture to the right is the inside of Moriah Chapel in Wales where the revival broke out.

During my recent trip to England and Wales, I had several life-changing encounters with the fire of God. Here is a written account of what transpired during those days.

Friday morning, October 22, 2004, we began our series of weekend meetings in Nottingham, England, called "Igniting the Fire." I received a profound visitation during the worship that set the stage for the rest of the weekend. I was prepared to teach on healing that morning when I received a visitation of the holy fire of God.


Standing next to me, I became acutely aware of a "fiery angelic being" like that of the seraphim in Isaiah 6. It resembled a hot fiery pillar of Glory. I could physically feel the heat coming from it and reached out my hand into it. The temperature raised at least 20 degrees in that specific spot. The Lord began to speak to me about a visitation of His fire and of the King of Glory, and instructed us to prophesy to the doors that the King of Glory would come in (Psalm 24:9). We were making preparations for a visitation from Him. The Lord showed me the throne of glory with the fiery seraphim flying overhead proclaiming to one another "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, the whole earth is full of His glory!" They proclaimed the holiness of God and prophesied of His glory covering the whole earth. The Lord gave me insights into this visitation Isaiah had with the King of Glory and the fiery burning, seraphim angels found in Isaiah 6. Out of this encounter with the purging fire came a commissioning and a release into the destiny and purposes of God in the earth for mass harvest. We welcomed the fire of God and the living coals from His altar to purge us of sin. We continued throughout the day to teach on the fire of God and the fresh baptism that God is bringing to the church in this hour. It's a fire of purging, holiness, deliverance, passion and devotion, and empowerment. Through this fire the whole earth will be covered with God's glory.


That night, we gathered again in the sanctuary. It was one of the most unusual services I had ever been a part of. About a half hour before the meeting began, my body temperature rose as I physically began to burn with a supernatural heat. As we came into the meeting I was constrained by the Holy Spirit and forbidden to preach. I had a message ready but it wasn't what God wanted. He wanted to demonstrate what He had been showing us all day about His fire. As we drove into the parking lot the Lord gave me a vision of "fire balls" coming from around the region and hitting the roof of the church and coming into the sanctuary. I believe it was both His fiery glory and also fiery angelic beings that had been sent into the church for this time. Many times the angels carry something of the glory of God on them because they have been in His throne room and glory, and they carry it on them. So, while there is angelic visitation involved, they really are servants of the purposes of God in helping release and bring the move of the Spirit and glory of God into the earth. As Hebrews says, they are "flames of fire" sent to minister to those who will inherit salvation (Hebrews 1:7,14).

There was no preaching that night as God's fire swept through the sanctuary and corporately moved upon the congregation. Many were caught up into visions and could see the door open into the heavenlies with living water being poured down upon us. Many became physically hot as the fire of God burned in them. A corporate wave of intercession moved upon the congregation as people began to cry out to God. Many humbled their hearts before God and prayed in repentance for the sins of the land. It was a glorious time.


Sunday night, the power of God hit the congregation again in a powerful way as many became filled with new wine. As God's glory moved throughout the room, many became overcome by the Spirit, some for hours as they lay on the floor groaning in the Spirit. A deep impartation was released. After several hours in the glory of God, a depth of the Holy of Holies came into the room releasing many into visions and a life-changing encounter with the depths of God's heart. My own uncle was overcome by the Spirit and began crying out, "I can see the Glory!" He was so compelled by the Spirit that he ran outside the church and cried out, for all to hear, "The Glory of God is in the house!"


A young, handicapped girl's eyes were opened to see the angelic realm. As we were praying for her, we asked God to open her spiritual vision. Suddenly, she looked up into the corner of the room with eyes wide and a joyful smile on her face as her eyes beheld what our eyes could not see. Her gaze was fixed for some time in that direction. Children have a special place in God's heart with the innocence and purity of their hearts.


For some, it was their first time in a service like this and they were gloriously saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. There were at least 10 salvations that weekend. Many others rededicated their hearts to God as well.

Here are some of the healing testimonies that came this weekend:

A woman testified Sunday to the Lord healing her eyesight. She was from Columbia and was suffering from a loss of eyesight. As I prayed for her, I could feel the faith radiating from her spirit. She quickly testified with great joy to the healing of her eyesight.

Many responded to words of knowledge for healing called out during the meetings and were powerfully touched by the Spirit. Another woman responded to a word of knowledge about a condition hindering childbirth and, as we prayed, the power of God shook her body to the floor. We are expecting a testimony of a new baby on the way!

"I suffered from muscle damage and soft tissue damage to the knee. I had received ultrasound therapy. After a time of intercession and a Jericho march, the Holy Spirit took hold of my leg and shook it. All the pain was gone!"
- Marie Day, Nottingham, England

"I have felt really touched by the ministry at this conference with Matt. I have been suffering with sciatica and I feel a release of pain in my legs. I also am being released in emotional and spiritual areas where past experiences have held me back so that I can move on with God."
- Margaret Wood, Sandiacre, England

"I have suffered from a broken right scaffold bone in my wrist. It was broken three times. I also had arthritis. I had taken anti-inflammatory drugs for the pain and arthritis. I also had cortisone shots to the wrist joint. During the Saturday morning Jericho march round the church, I suddenly realized that all the pain had left my wrist. I found that I had full movement and all the swelling had gone down. I asked my husband to squeeze my wrist tightly. This would normally have caused me great pain, but there was no pain at all. Praise the Lord."
- Maureen Grummity, Nottingham, England

"I suffered from high blood pressure. I was on blood pressure tablets for about a month. After the Jericho march the anointing came upon me and I went on the floor, Matt prayed for someone's heart. I felt the Lord on my heart, resulting in a heartbeat, and the Lord said, "It is finished." I will be going to get it checked out within the week.
- Susan Handley, age 44, Nottingham, England

Only eternity can truly chronicle all of the healing and restoration that took place in people's lives.

by Matt Sorger
Matt Sorger Ministries 

Copyright Matt Sorger Ministries 2004
May be reproduced with permission.



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