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Personal from Steve Shultz: Do you AGREE with these Elijah Streams viewers?

Steve Shultz
Aug 3, 2021

Personal from Steve Shultz:
Do you AGREE with these
Elijah Streams viewers?

     Dear Elijah Streams Family,

     Since this last November, God has EXPLODED His favor on us at Elijah Streams! All of our many team members are feeling the same thing and I bet you'll agree with what I'm saying.

     We've all gone through times where everything was a struggle to hold on to, the "bear up" under the warfare and to "keep on keeping on" in the ministry. BUT NOT NOW. NOT TODAY! God has lavished His abundant GRACE and FAVOR on Elijah Streams and so it is our delight and privilege to share HIS BLESSING of our many prophets with all of you.

     Please take a quick peek at what some are saying about many of our prophets you see regularly. This is most of them, though a few may be missing as we are always seeking and adding more of the most anointed Jesus-loving prophets and prophetic voices on the planet.

     TODAY, while you're here, would you help to encourage our staff by rushing a quick donation "seed" to keep all things growing? Our programming will, of course, always be free, whether you give or don't give. I can say that we've seen God mightily meet the needs of so many who have sown into ELIJAH STREAMS.

     I bet you'll agree with these testimonials below. God is certainly speaking (and HEALING) through His prophets!

In Christ's love,
Steve and Derene

PS. As SUMMER is HERE, some people go on those needed vacations. And we sure DO need to get out of our homes. But please keep us in mind in your summer giving. We are praying that God will multiply it back to you MANY TIMES!

From Palo: I just love to watch Elijah streams -- listening to Steve and Kat and all the prophets brings me such courage and builds my faith in God every day!

From Abi: Kat talked to us about sending Heaven's hosts to expose drugs coming in and out of our areas. I did this, as she taught us-- specifically for my area. Soon after that, the police force had "the force's largest ever heroin seizure" the next day! Thanks to Kat for her teaching!

From Amanda: The Lord led me to Kat's ministry and revealed to me I have access to the Hosts of Heaven. The moment I started putting my angels/hosts to work, I noticed a complete shift in terms of my mental health. THERE IS JOY!
From Kathy: Amanda, I love hearing God speak through you. It gives me comfort and knowledge.

From Caleb: I have full movement of my left arm after Amanda prayed for healing for someone with a rotator cuff injury! It used to keep me awake all night long due to the intense pain. Not anymore!

From Kate: Thank you so much Amanda and Steve for these timely, encouraging words...your words of hope have renewed my spirit.
Hank Kunneman
From: James: Thank you, Elijah Streams, Steve, and Prophet Hank. The Prayer at the end by Prophet Hank was truly a jolt from Heaven that broke off weariness, discouragement and attacks of the enemy.

From Suzy: My husband and I were watching Hank. As he prayed for a woman with nerve pain in her left leg, I knew it was me! I claimed it and I am healed.

From Laura: Hank felt the pain in my left leg and prayed for healing. I am here to say I am healed. I can walk and not be in pain. I can sit and have no pain. God healed me.
From "Break of Dawn Ink": "Mind blown!!! Robin's teachings have filled so many holes for me. I used to study things like this for years but he just connected the dots to so many questions I've had over the years!! Thank you Jesus!! Thank you Steve and Robin for your obedience in this season.

From Rachel: I was floored when Robin spoke a word for my daughter, Destiny. Robin spoke about satan not being able to trip her up. I just got done telling her not to let him trip her up. I shared this word with her and she said, "I really needed to hear that because I've been doubting God." Thank you for being so obedient

From Meg: Thank you for this mind-blowing teaching! I had to stop the video a few times for my brain to catch up! Always love Robin's teachings.
Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow
From James S.: "Johnny speaks to me like no other. I am a 75- year- old no-name prophet who has done his best to sound the alarm..." Regarding abuse: Thank you for your willingness to minister to people like me. You both are having a tremendous impact in our healing. Thank you for facilitating an outlet for this tremendous relief.

From Kim: When Johnny prayed against a spirit of pain, I felt immediate relief from hip joint pain. And I have felt different ever since.

From John: I just wanted you to know that after suffering chronic back pain for the last few months, I received a healing after the recent interview with Johnny.
From Maya: "I love Manny, he's so uplifting and encouraging! I love how he's always praising God in between his sentences. Makes me smile, HALLELUJAH!"

From Jacqueline: God healed my neck when Manuel said that God was healing necks - I knew that was for me. All my neck pain is gone!

From Rita: The Lord was giving Manuel words of knowledge with names. My name is Rita. I said to the Lord, "No one ever says my name." He said my name. Not once, but three times. He said I wanted to hear my name and the Lord hasn't forsaken me and told me He loves me.
From: Becky: "Donna has given me the confidence and the courage and the belief that there is nothing to fear and that Jesus wants us to seek opportunities to visit Him in Heaven. I feel released from fear!"

From Michelle: For over 20 years I've been suffering with digestive issues, making eating very painful. I felt the Holy Spirit touch me as Donna prayed, and I was touching the screen. I tested it like Steve said to do and stepped out in faith. I had no pain after eating.

From Jane: I was listening to Donna. The two of you were praying and you called out Bursitis. It fit the description of what I was feeling in my wrist. It was throbbing so badly I could not get comfortable. The next morning, I realized it was healed! I am totally pain free!
From P. Johnson: Nathan's voice is sealing the joy of our deliverance, the Harvest is already being addressed. HalleluYAH let there be His Way!

From Marie: Nathan French had a word of knowledge about a lady's lower back being healed. I was that lady! I've had issues with my lower back for decades. The pain went away right after I received the word and has not returned.

From Melissa: As I was watching Nathan French praying, I all of sudden yawned. At that exact moment with my mouth hanging open, he said: "A women yawning is delivered." I felt overwhelmed with joy and excitement. I have been waiting for this healing for years.
From: Dalila: Thanks Mike for talking about it and teaching us something about how to exercise those gifts.

From Carol: I'm sending a praise report regarding Mike Thompson's prayer. Whenever he prayed "RELEASE" my husband, myself and a friend of mine jumped and we felt electricity going through our bodies.

From Tish: I was listening to Mike Thompson...I was out for a walk in my neighborhood when he started to speak about a rainbow, immediately I looked up at the sky and saw a rainbow. He continued to speak about the rainbow glory, and the rainbow appeared even bigger around the sun. I know this had to be a divine moment.
From Kristen: I was crying! I had such an encounter from the Lord! Every time Yvon's on Elijah Streams, I do! Praise God! He is JUST AMAZING!!

From Cathy: I was watching Yvon. When she said that those with right knee pain would be healed right now, my right knee started to feel better and was without pain in 15 to 20 minutes. This has been an annoying pain for about 3-4 months for no medical reason. Praise the Lord!

From Carolyn: I would like to tell you and Yvon that I received a healing. I had a severe pain in my left elbow. The extreme pain in my left elbow is gone! I tested it out, moving it all about, and praise God, ABSOLUTELY no pain!
From: Mary: I am absolutely floored with the "HOLY" beauty of this whole interview's interaction between Brother Steve and Christa Elisha JOY on Elijah Streams, today!!!

From Stacy: My legs and knees hurt so badly over the past month. During the healing prayer I felt electricity in my legs. After arthritis prayer and the auto immune prayer, I have zero pain and I feel so much better.

From Kellee: Thank you for the unexpected gift of Christa. Thank you for letting her sing! We just cried and sang with her, arms stretched. What a HUGE gift you gave us today!
From Susie: Love Barry. Appreciate the word from the Lord regarding Canada and the USA. I'm Canadian and I am encouraged. I'm IN!

From Robert: Coming from Canada, just wanted to say to you - this is an amazing show. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts to bring this to everyone.

From Marsha: Love Barry W. He is so anointed. He stirs up the spirit.
From Mike: Chris' word about being in a cave described me. I saw myself standing at the mouth of a cave which I had just come out of. I was standing there making declarations in the Lord. Many times I heard the Lord saying that I was not alone or the only one experiencing trials like I was.

From Amanda: I am the woman who had the dream of the cave. I have felt stuck and alone in darkness, surrounded by evil. But I am coming out in power! Thank you so much for your faithfulness to share this. I am wrecked by His love towards me!
From Beverly: We want Kim back regularly like Kat. Love to hear all the wonderful and amazement things of Heaven and spending time with our heavenly Father God and our Lord Jesus! So awesome to feel the love they have for us!

From Nan: Thank you so much Kim. You helped me heal by telling your experiences in Heaven with the kids that have been aborted.

From Dee: This was awesome! I could just listen to her (Kim) talking about Heaven every day! Thank you so much.
From Teresa: Wanda is my favorite teacher. She is logical, balanced and spirit- filled. I can understand her from beginning to end.

From Ann: Wanda has SUCH an anointing on her for teaching and interpreting the Bible! We SO need to hear this and put it into practice! Thank you.

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