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Barry Wunsch: "Prophetic Words for Canada and USA - Victory Will Sweep the Nation!"

Barry Wunsch
Jul 2, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

I have loved getting to know Canadian Prophet Barry Wunsch.

What a heart for the Lord he has and what a tremendous heart for Canada he carries. Barry Wunsch carries the heartbeat of the Lord for His BELOVED CANADA.

In this amazing word which was shared on ELIJAH STREAMS recently, Barry also prophesied some pretty detailed and quite amazing words for our own United States of America.

Because of Barry's heart for Canada and the USA, I feel he is one of those men of God worthy of DOUBLE HONOR. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)



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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Open Vision on June 17, 2021: "Victory – DJT Sweeps the Nation!"

During a prolonged time in prayer, I was taken into an open vision where I saw the front page of a newspaper. The headline read: "Victory – DJT Sweeps the Nation!" Like history, the war was over. I knew it was over...this was it. It was done. It was finished. It was time to celebrate! Then I saw masses of people pouring out onto the street; there were flags and celebration. Yet, there was still work to be done; there was still tension in the air – intense tension.

I saw a large crowd gathering outside the White House. Those who had conspired and engineered the evil plans were suddenly surrounded inside the White House with nowhere to run, nowhere to escape. This was the end for them. I saw military coming in for support – the support of the people. They entered the White House and other buildings and escorted these evil ones out. They were gathered like prisoners of war on the front lawn, lined up row upon row, each one now restrained in handcuffs and shackles. The crowd would cheer in great outbursts as each group was rounded up and brought out on display. The patriots were singing on the streets anthems and songs of victory and thanksgiving unto God!

Soon enough, the corrupted ones were all extracted. They were then marched out into the street surrounded by and under the control of the great patriot army, and followed by the citizens that had gathered. I watched as they were marched through the streets, now humiliated and about to face the consequences for all the evil and corrupt actions and things that they had done. They were marched into an army base where it appeared that they would be processed and incarcerated, put on trial and made to face the righteous judges, to face Justices and the highest of consequences. They would get all that they had coming for their crimes against humanity.

I saw DJT in an inauguration ceremony. He was surrounded by military, but this one looked different. There was no showboating; it was serious. The job had been done and it was time to heal, and time to rebuild. Even those who had opposed DJT could now no longer deny the evils that had been done by the corrupt. The fighting spirit in them had been broken.

I saw military planes being loaded with special teams and lawyers and boxes and pallets of documents, then departing to other nations to do what they had to do. They had foreign dignitaries awaiting their arrival to help them when they arrived; plans were strategically in place to execute their plans. They were on route to arrest those foreign, corrupt leaders to bring them to justice. The world would never be the same.

I watched as nation after nation rejoiced on the streets as justice was served, and freedom, truth and righteousness flowed like mighty waters. The battle had been epic, and many were lost along the way. Those who were left standing had a great reward! (Photo via Piqsels)

The Angel Army and the American Official

A few weeks ago, I was in a prayer meeting where I was taken into an open vision. I saw a mountain range where there was a deployment of angels. This was an angel army that had been sent at this time to escort an "American official" to a place that had been hidden and out of bounds for a long time. As this angel army entered the mountain range, they absolutely slaughtered the enemy and the demonic forces that had been positioned to protect and guard entry into a very secret military tunnel.

As this angel army positioned themselves around the American official to protect him and escort him for the assignment that he had to do, they approached a hidden entry into the side of the mountain where there was a stone that had been rolled away. Once removed, this revealed the most high-tech, advanced tunnel that I've ever seen.

As they flanked his side, the angels marched him into the tunnel to a high-security door. As he stood in front of the door, just his presence and who he was activated the high security, and the double doors opened up for his entry. It was clear that he was the only man on Earth at this time that was assigned to do what he was about to do.

As he continued through the tunnel, he came upon a second set of sliding doors and the security got higher. Again, the doors opened and he walked through with the angels at his side guarding him and protecting him all the way. He walked with a limp, and he looked a little bit weary. He was the one that was called in this time to do what he needed to do.

He ended up going through five sets of sliding doors. Upon entering the last set, there was a large room; however, it was empty, and all that was there were a couple of things for him to pick up. The first thing that he picked up was the size of a small suitcase, and it was obviously a computer drive of some sort. I knew that the codes and the information that were on this drive were the most valuable and powerful codes upon the earth at this time. They were even more powerful than what the president carries with his nuclear codes.

There was another suitcase that he picked up which was full of many files correlating with the assignments and the things that they needed to do, and what they needed in the days ahead. These were the most guarded, well-protected files and technology and information on the earth at this time.

He then picked them up and turned toward the exit tunnel, full of determination. It was clear that these angels were going to bring him through all he needed to get through for the victory that was well in hand. As he walked through the tunnel, strength returned to him and his limp disappeared.

Victory is assured, and it is happening now.

Open Vision on June 12: Canada and the United States' Border at the Peace Arch

Last Saturday, I was in Vancouver on the lower mainland. I woke up early in the morning and the Lord gave me an open vision of the Canadian and United States' border crossing at the Peace Arch. I saw that there were deep and dark tunnels under the ground. These tunnels were set in place for every sort of evil to flow between our two nations, and it was God's intention to reveal it and to deal with it. He also showed me that this gate was to be opened up for the nations to come to Canada to receive the healing and empowerment to take back to their nations. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

As it turned out, we were able to go and pray on-site where we were joined by an American group of intercessors, and together in unity we prayed and got some things done.

I had forgotten that several months ago, I had been contacted by a national Canadian prayer group that had been planning a "Prayer Strike" at that very place, but it was not coming together for them. I realized in that moment that the assignment had been handed to the Canadian and American officials to get it done.

Word of the Lord Received on Pentecost – May 23, 2021: God Is Turning the Key for Canada

I woke up with a lamp laying on me in the hotel we were staying in. I knew, right away, this was significant. I didn't know how it could have just ended up on me unless God was saying something, and immediately, He began talking to me. I will share with you shortly what He said, but first I want to say, I know that I know that I know, Alberta you are a key to Canada opening up!

God said: "Barry, tell My people today that they are a remnant that I am raising up and releasing in the last days. And that on this day of Pentecost, I am turning the key; I am turning the key for Canada. I have oiled the ancient lock over this province, and today I am turning the key! The leader you have despised is the one that I have called in this hour. His heart is for you, My people. There are things going on that you don't see, which I am dealing with.

"You are going to have a new premier, Alberta, but not how you perceive it. For can I not change a man? Can I not remove scales from his eyes? Can I not save a nation in a day? I have called him to lead you, and lead he must. I am removing those from his midst that were sent to control him. They set a trap for him to be controlled and manipulated. And, My Church, I am calling for you to set him free. He is not your enemy; it is bigger than that.

"Alberta, My Ecclesia in Alberta, stand up! Stand up! Stand up...not to shed blood, but to walk in My ways and My wisdom. For in this hour I am putting the lamp back on the lampstand over this province. The enemy has tried to remove it, but I am going to restore! Restore! Restore! I have called the oil to flow from this land, and flow it shall. For in this hour I am releasing My glory upon the earth. Do not hold back, do not falter, for I have called you, My Bride, to carry My glory unto the ends of the earth."

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Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer

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Barry Wunsch is a Canadian prophet and businessman. He has a father's heart and a love for family and community, bringing words of hope, restoration and healing to many. Barry has a deep love for Canada and the heart of a reformer. He is part of the Frontline Church in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada, a prophetic community who have gathered the Ecclesia for 20 years, hosting some of Canada's largest prophetic gatherings. Barry brings words for individuals and regions and is a prophetic voice for Canada throughout social media. He ministers prophetically in meetings locally and regionally across Canada. Barry was born and raised in Central Alberta, and is currently residing in Red Deer. He is married to Judy and is the proud father of two adult sons.

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