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Amanda Grace: "The Writing Is On the Wall!"

Amanda Grace
Apr 1, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

A couple days ago, we had my friend Amanda Grace on Elijah Streams, and here is the transcript of some of the words she was reading from. Amanda didn't read through all of this on the air...maybe the first half.

There are some rather serious-sounding warnings that not every church is following after the Lord, but some are following after their own devices. Some are not following the Lord at all.

Rather than asking you to have any kind of suspicious attitude about who is good and who is bad, Amanda exhorted the viewers and readers to continue to pray for increased discernment in these days.

God has said that HE will remove some lampstands from some churches. When a lampstand is removed, the lights go out in that church, both literally and figuratively.

Stay in prayer, check your own heart and attitude about your own relationship with the Lord, and leave the rest up to the Lord to sort out.

God is simply pointing out, to use an expression, "All that glitters is not gold."

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Below are some recent prophetic words from the Lord given to Amanda Grace in the month of March:

Prophetic word of the Lord received on March 9, 2021:

A New Discovery and Table of Elements

"I am going into the nucleus of the situation, the 'brains' of the operation. [There will be] a new discovery with protons and neutrons, and electrons. New ways of using electrical impulses shall be discovered," says the Lord, "even to strike down missiles and cause them to fall from the air. A new protein strand shall be discovered.

"The table of elements is changing," says the Lord. "I the Lord your God am changing the elements of the church; the inner council shall be shaken and scattered, for I the Lord see all things and there has been a secret inner council influencing the direction and preaching of the big chain churches. They are all connected by an unholy chain and an unholy secret code where unholy, radical ideas, perversions, and conversions ARE WRITTEN WITHIN THAT CODE," says the Lord.

They are all in it together," says the Lord, "a 'good ole boys club' flying under the radar...who, as well, offer to 'make problems go away' for other churches that are struggling. However," says the Lord, "they attach puppet strings behind the scenes and then for that 'help' begin to tug that church in the direction they say, thus creating an unholy string, attaching MANY churches all echoing the same thing...Operations Mocking Bird," says the Lord. "However, who they have so chosen to mock is ME, the Lord God, the Lord of Hosts! 

A Schism in Catholicism: "A schism in Catholicism shall be exposed (schism: 'a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief'). This schism shall split it right down the middle; and the threat of a complete 'fracturing off' and 'breaking away' – the threat of this shall become very real and imminent," says the Lord. 

God Will Keep His Covenant with the Nation of the Eagle

Prophetic word of the Lord received on March 10, 2021:

The Spirit of the Lord says this day:

"Now is a time of great movement from the highest seats of government and leadership to [the] deep [places] within the fault lines, to My plans and MY purposes [which] are being carried out," says the Lord of Hosts.

"For I the Lord God hear the cries of My people...the ones I call faithful, faithful servants, who have continued to stand in faith and stand in the gap for your nation of the eagle – your nation of declaration. For I the Lord your God made a covenant with this nation. I the Lord keep MY covenants.

The Corruption of Man Will Not Hold Up in His Court

"I do not keep deals made by corrupt men, demons and devils," says the Lord, "for they are as dust in My sight and My presence; they hold no weight in MY courts," says the Lord of Hosts.

The Spirit of the Lord says this day:

"This is why the government rests upon MY shoulders; however, corrupt men who made blood covenants and contracts have attempted to make their leadership, their elections, their agreements hold up within MY court," says the Lord, "but they hold no such weight, these doctrines of man. Man-made, flawed, fallible, deceptive agreements...I the Lord do not make such agreements; I do not make or create fallible doctrines. And in this hour the dogma of corrupt men and groups filled with darkness have solidified such [things]...setting themselves up as Herod, [making] flawed political agreements with demons, striking such deals. The spirit that dwells and resides in the political arena has an insatiable thirst for power and influence and is beyond greedy, and knows not what loyalty is," says the Lord of Hosts this day.

A Memorable Passover, a Shifting & Shaking in the Supreme Court & an Unexpected Fall

"This shall be a memorable Passover, for I the Lord God shall put an exclamation point on such, and foundations shall be shifted and shaken as even the Supreme Court shall feel what I the Lord God have set out to do. For a power struggle has ensued behind the scenes of the courts, a hostile takeover," says the Lord, "as they have sold their powers off to the highest bidder; for men are filled with lawlessness and do not fear the law because they have taken control of the law, and make and manipulate their own. (Photo via Pxhere)

The Spirit of the Lord says this day, "The breath of MY Word – the breath of God – shall be blown on areas of this land. As My Spirit moves amongst a restless people, an unexpected fall, around the time of Passover, shall leave leadership shaking in the church and in the governmental arena; for behind closed doors the church has struck deals with the government in order to try and save themselves and their buildings and empires.

Clearing the Cobwebs That Cover the Church

"Dangerous deals have been made that do not rest upon the doctrine of MY WORD but upon the doctrine of 'every man for himself'; for the business machine of the back office of the Church, including indulgences, is being put under a microscope...For there are those who have forgotten [that] one needs MY favor and an anointing from the Lord their God to go forth in ministry and be blessed and protected.

"As webs have been spun all over to attempt to ensnare leadership and the church," says the Lord, "they find themselves making deals with heads of state and spinning themselves even more in their web, covered in cobwebs," says the Lord. "A power wash is coming – is upon the house of God – as many churches are merely empty stone and wood where My presence does not dwell. The glory is departing as some have flipped and flopped like a fish out of water.

"There are some who see their chance to attack and hit those [who are] standing for truth out of a very flawed conglomerate of pieced-together doctrines that make MY WORD look like patchwork...when My WORD is living – it is active – its is sharper than any two edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of soul and spirit, of joint and marrow, and is a DISCERNER of the thoughts and intents of the heart. It is transformational, it is weighty, it is meat to the soul...healing for the wounds inflicted by a fallen world.

The Writing Is On the Wall

"However, there are those who have risen up in the midst [of this]. I the Lord God took My hand and wrote in MY will and MY promises. However, they are causing the people to doubt and err even more so as they continue to play the blame game to elevate themselves on such an intellectual peak. However," says the Lord, "many shall tumble off of that peak now, as a sudden change in direction in this country will leave many speechless who had no vision and discernment to see the writing on the wall. For I the Lord God took My hand and wrote on the wall a judgment against King Belshazzar for praising the gods of wood and gold and silver, elevating himself, forgetting that I the Lord appoint kings and leaders, and I the Lord, in moments, can as well remove them.

"I the Lord am writing on the wall of this country; I am calling out to the ones who have dwelled in frustration and anger and resentment to surrender to ME and MY PLANS FULLY, for their work is not done. Confusion and conflicting stories have created a thick smog in the atmosphere in this country – meant to cause men and women to put their trust in a man instead of in ME, the Lord their God. For if I remove kings in a day, I can raise them up in a day...I the Lord can change the governmental layout of a country in a day, for look at what I did in Egypt with Joseph in a day! A Hebrew was now commanding Egypt and leading one of their largest undertakings for storehouses ever done.

Cutting Through the Spider's Webs & Purging Toxins

"I the Lord your God can do beyond what you could ever think in a single day, and I the Lord am set to twist and knot the inner workings of operations in the corporate sector, which have willfully and defiantly tried to scrub Me, the Lord, from the people – from their thoughts – bombarding them with tainted and corroded news that literally, in the realm of the spirit, is like little black spiders going across the land and infiltrating the mind with all thoughts of darkness and distraction. They spin their webs in the mind and around you and attempt to paralyze the plans of God," say the Lord.

"However, MY WORD, the SWORD, cuts through the webs, for the enemy is frantically spinning web after web. The marching orders to the media are to speak, to alter the soul and to cause you to become a lifeless vessel, where the glory departs and their dark web and chains dictate your path in life, ripping you from the path that I the Lord God have set out and chosen for you.

"The heaviness and tiredness and fatigue you feel are from the spiritual poison in the news; GET THE NEWS OFF and come to ME for your NEWS and INSTRUCTION," says the Lord of Hosts. "Do not let the enemy speak into your life and alter your spiritual DNA which, like poison, affects your physical, earthly bodies," says the Lord of Hosts.

"[There will be] a purging and exposing of the toxins in the realm of the spirit. Yes, these toxins have names and I the Lord shall, in even greater depth, expose the workings of the spiritual realm and the toxins that go forth like poison into your soul, which alters every behavior in your life."

A New Path & a New Chapter

The Spirit of the Lord says this day, "Leave the path of oppression, for in the spring I have set before you a new path and a new chapter, and the load shall lighten and those dusty chains shall fall off as deliverance is arising for My people. (Photo via Pxhere)

"As the serpent coils and constricts around those in the world who have given their life over to serving the serpent, and shall squeeze some, even unto death...the enemy shall not ambush those [whom] I am setting on a new path, opening up a new chapter. For a deeper healing in the soul, spirit, body, and mind shall occur in the lives of many, and it shall sharpen and intensify the gifts which I have put in them.

"In this season," says the Lord, "you shall see with sharper vision and hear with a sharpness and clarity that will bring glory to My name. You shall walk in an extraordinary faith and you shall see what others around you cannot. Receive it, in Jesus name, as I the Lord am refining MY children even more.

Standoffs and Strange Phenomena

"There will be moments in the coming months [where] it shall get very intense," says the Lord of Hosts. "Standoffs shall occur; [there will be] a physical battle in the house and senate, as even some in the military will cause a kind of mutiny," says the Lord of Hosts, "as there are those walking around in dimensional fogs that shall suddenly worsen, as leadership roles hang in the balance and as I the Lord your God am weighing and judging in this hour.

"You shall see a strange event occur in the oceans...just watch for a strange phenomenon to occur as a demonstration that I am the God who can do exceedingly abundantly beyond what anyone could ask or think," says the Lord.

"I am filling willing vessels with even greater detail – visions beyond the veil – as I even show them areas of the earth where seismic activity, underground currents, and other earthly phenomena are set to occur, as another hole shall open up in the earth," says the Lord.

Korah, Herod & Pharaoh Shall Be Dealt With

"Korah shall not rebel against My plans and lead the people astray, and the Herods shall not take credit for the divine power and authority [which] I the Lord operate in; both shall be dealt with in this hour, as you see hearts of pharaohs harden in order to show them that I AM GOD. I CHANGE NOT. THE EARTH IS MY FOOTSTOOL. THE EARTH CRIES OUT," says the Lord of Hosts.

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

"Choose this day whom you will serve, for the elected in Christ will be highlighted in this hour as they speak MY Word. There are those [whom] I will call back, for their commission is not finished. Greater discernment shall you receive, for the enemy is desperately trying to get the breath and sound of God right to deceive the people and send them walking off a spiritual cliff. I the Lord am intervening and exposing his breath and his bullhorn," says the Lord.

Exposure of Fraudulent Documents and a Scandal in the Postal Service

"For all the bitter gall and ugliness and infection will now be brought to a head and exposed, for even radicals will call it for what it is – corruption, beyond what they knew or saw, now being exposed, including the deepest-buried, fraudulent documents, and documents of birth," says the Lord. "Both are being exposed in this hour.

"Know this day, My children, that I love you. I am working on your behalf...You shall see [that upon] the soldiers of the kingdom of darkness surprise attacks [shall come]...which will cause a scramble and a stir, including in the medical field, as well," says the Lord of Hosts. "I am a mighty God. I will demonstrate how mighty [I am] in this hour as you see My plan unfold.

"The postal service is up to no good again," says the Lord. "Another scandal with the mail shall harm their wall of Jericho even more, as it cannot protect them. Their leadership cannot protect them from what I the Lord have set out to do, for I shall strike a major blow to the perversions in this hour [that] shall leave them stunned, as I the Lord call it for what it is – an abomination to MY CREATION. And there shall be a severance," says the Lord of Hosts. In the name of Jesus, the King of kings who sits at My right hand, AMEN."

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Amanda Grace
Ark of Grace Ministries


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