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Amanda Grace: "Deliverance Is Here! The Enemy Will Reap What He Has Sown"

Amanda Grace
Mar 2, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

I am sure enjoying getting to know Amanda Grace and the work she does. If you've watched our Elijah Streams interviews with Amanda, you'll see her with some rescue animals, as she and her husband also run an animal rescue sanctuary.

Amanda just sent this word into us...and "to see it is sobering" is an understatement.

I'll keep this short but know this – God is a God of Justice and He will come through for His beloved children, our beloved nation and the nations of the earth. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Be vigilant, be prayerful.


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Word from the Lord released on Purim – February 25th, 2021:

Praise be to the Lord God, Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of the Living God...who is everlasting, omniscient, omnipotent, the Alpha and Omega, the King of kings and Lord of lords! And to His Kingdom, there is no end.

Rise Up!

The Spirit of the Lord says this day, "RISE UP, MY CHILDREN! RISE UP! For in this hour, My children need to RISE UP [and] STAND FIRM in Whom they have believed; for deliverance is coming, help is arising, and I, the Lord, your God, am leading you in this battle in the political arena – in the judicial.

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "as it was in the book of Esther, so shall it be, so shall you see the same come forth before your very eyes. For there are those I have chosen in this hour, in the political arena, in the judicial arena, in the prophetic; lawyers with a calling, and those over the and women in this hour I have chosen to rise up and speak truth, and lead My people through this very narrow way, a path, being carved in order to snatch the country back from the grasp of the serpent, from the grasp of the dragon, from the grasp of Baal, from principalities and rulers of darkness in high places," says the Lord of Hosts.

Warring Angels Have Been Dispatched

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "the captain of the army of the Lord of Hosts has been dispatched, along with the warring angels, to do just that – war and cut the serpent that has intertwined itself around the feet and the wings of the eagle, attempting to squeeze and constrict it until there is no life left.

"However," says the Lord, "I have given the command from My throne, and I have dispatched the captain and the warring angels in this hour to lead you in this battle as they cut, in pieces, the serpent from the eagle. For I, the Lord, have taken mercy on the eagle for the sake of My children – a remnant crying out, repenting, seeking My face; a remnant crying out in the wilderness saying, 'Prepare ye the way of the Lord in this hour!'

"And a way I shall make," says the Lord of Hosts. "For as in the book of Esther, there was a sudden change of events as a brave few I had chosen within the Kingdom for such a time as this – [they] submitted and listened to their Father in Heaven and petitioned the king, exposing the plots of the wicked Haman, of Lucifer, [with] another attempt to destroy the Jews so the seed of My son Jesus Christ would not come forth.

A Plot Shall Be Exposed! Look for an Unusual Sign in the Spring

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "there is a plot with currency, dirty money, laundered through China and back, laundered through Iran and back, laundered through Germany and back," says the Lord of Hosts. "The plot shall suddenly be exposed!

"I, the Lord, your God, have a plan and a purpose in this hour, and you shall see an unusual sign in Spring to confirm this, as I am putting hooks in their jaws and leading them out to be judged and removed, like roaches – unclean in the political arena, judicial arena, corporate arena, the Church – roaches and rats," says the Lord of Hosts. "And now there shall be an extermination that is beginning. Pest control is beginning and shall take place in the most unusual of ways, for when I the Lord act – when I the Lord demonstrate MY power – it is unprecedented," says the Lord of Hosts.

God Is Turning the Tables

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "a major earthquake in the part of the world where Turkey lies shall shake that area, and leadership shall be exposed," says the Lord of Hosts this day.

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "I am turning the tables over, for there is much evidence hidden under the tables. Secret compartments shall be found," says the Lord, "and evidence shall come forth as there [are] rumblings within the government, and disloyalty to a fallen Biden is growing," says the Lord of Hosts.

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "another dark surprise shall spring forth as Spring approaches... and even more shame shall cover the Biden family. As they challenge, I, the Lord, shall expose. For they are contending with ME, the Lord Almighty God.

The Lord Is Your Deliverance!

"And now, My children, I shall contend with those who contend with you. I shall fight against those who fight against you! My children, take up [the] shield and buckler and STAND UP for your help. Draw out the spear and close up the way of those who pursue and persecute you. THE LORD IS YOUR DELIVERANCE! (Photo via Piqsels)

"The word 'DELIVERANCE' shall be echoed in this hour, as a major blow to Washington DC and its internal workings, and a major breach shall send them scrambling," says the Lord.

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "to those who speak blasphemies against Me and against My children, who are SUPPOSED to be public servants – you wicked servants," says the Lord, "you wicked servants! I gave time, I gave mercy in good measure. However, now is the hour," says the Lord, "where you will see those 'public servants' suddenly fall. Such disgrace shall cover some. They shall hide their faces and the word 'RECALL' shall be shouted in this hour by the people. The word 'IMPEACH' shall be shouted by the people in this hour. The words 'MURDERER' and 'THIEF' shall be echoed in this hour," says the Lord of Hosts.

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "the people are restless. I see the restlessness," says the Lord. "In this hour, stand firm in your FAITH and in TRUTH; cling to [them], as [they've] become a rare commodity. And those filled with TRUTH shall boldly speak MY WORDS in this hour, and you shall see what they speak happen in a way that [will] even strike fear in the hearts of the wicked, [the] indignant who think their god can protect them.

"HA!" says the Lord, "for I laugh at the wicked, and I am laughing from MY throne, for the hour is upon them where their demons and gods will run with fear and trembling, as I the Lord, and MY Spirit, completely consume these circumstances.

Tearing the Curtain Over Hidden Acts

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "the people are perplexed. The people are perplexed as they see a show being acted out when there is a whole other ACT being perpetrated behind the curtain," says the Lord. "And I the Lord shall grab ahold of that curtain and tear it, and expose the dark side of their show business that they have scrambled in the dark to continue," says the Lord of Hosts.

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "this is only being allowed for a short time, for their runaway train will crash as it is just that – a train wreck – reckless decisions, [and] reckless orders upon orders. Whatever a man sows, [that] he shall reap," says the Lord. "And the season of reaping is here.

"For men shall be given their wages, in full, for the engineered and manipulated seeds they have planted; for the documents they have forged – duplicates shall appear, and it shall become clear – a GIANT forgery has taken place, and there shall be even more pressure upon the judges to act uprightly or step down, as the Supreme Court is no longer supreme," says the Lord. "For they have allowed darkness to rule over them, and I, the Lord, your God, shall expose this and shake the courts," says the Lord. "Many courts shall shake and quake as their dirty dealings fall to the ground.

The Word Is Your Sword - Use It!

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "I am moving MY children. I AM I AM – the WORD. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God, that is your sword. Utilize it in this hour and drive back the enemy. For the enemy is attacking the peace, and the mind. Rebuke distractions in Jesus' name, as the enemy attempts to get you caught up in the frivolities, for he is running out of options," says the Lord. "And when I SAY 'ENOUGH,' there is nothing the enemy, nor his puppets, nor his followers can do about it," says the Lord of Hosts.

Congress Has Been Desecrated

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "they have desecrated Congress...a stench [is] covering the entire chamber. [They are] nothing more than Shakespearean performers caught up in their own delusions," says the Lord. "Persecutions have gone forth against the few who are standing boldly for truth, and they shall be vindicated, as a mockery shall be made against the elephants and donkeys barking the loudest to drown out the truth. A.O.C, watch," says the Lord of Hosts, "just watch..."

Outpouring of Provision, Boldness, Wisdom, Council & Might

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "those I have ANOINTED I, the Lord, am protecting and shielding in this hour. They shall not be harmed as they go forth, being filled with a boldness, wisdom, council, and might that comes from MY Spirit," says the Lord.

"And those in other countries in Europe shall be filled with the boldness to speak out, as the Euro will crash," says the Lord, "as will the Yen. For I, the Lord, am toppling the women with the stars...and I the Lord am speaking forth MY WORD IN THIS HOUR, AND IT SHALL BE. FOR I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE ENDING. I AM HOLY. I AM YOUR GOD.

"In this hour you shall know your God, MY CHILDREN. You shall know that I am far above every power, principality and 'might.' You shall know that I provide. You shall know that I AM. That deep-rooted faith shall come forth, [and] from it wellsprings of insight that I shall give, which will have such a power upon them [when] spoken, that it will make the kingdom of darkness tremble and their cohorts quake.

Many Quakes, the Revealing of the 'Lots,' the Statue of Liberty & Discovery of a Mine

"For many quakes in this hour shall break forth in different forms," says the Lord, "as I the Lord am compelled to act for the sake of Israel, My firstborn, for the sake of My precious children. And," says the Lord, "because the enemy SHALL NOT AND WILL NOT ADVANCE BEFORE HIS ALLOWED TIME, and a barrier shall be placed and time shall stop for them, as they shall be sent in retreat – the whole LOT. You shall know the 'LOTS' in this hour; they shall be revealed," says the Lord.

"Watch the Statue of Liberty," says the Lord. "Just watch...

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "a mine shall be discovered in this country. I shall lead the one searching to it and it shall provide a resource to help many, for I am opening up the earth and revealing the good and the wicked," says the Lord. "For they [the wicked] shall attempt to hide in caves and catacombs, but I the Lord shall open up the earth, and they shall be yanked forth from their bunkers," says the Lord of Hosts. (Photo via Unsplash)

A Restless Military and a Humble Trump: "My Trumpet Shall Not Be Silenced!"

"And," says the Spirit of the Lord this day, "the military is getting restless. Many have not bowed the knee to Baal. There are MANY more than they know within the government, who are not loyal to a tainted, smeared-with-deception, administration.

"...I, the Lord, am not done with the one called TRUMP. They have attempted to silence a trumpet. However, I, the Lord, shall blow the shofar in the heavenlies, and the muzzles shall fall off of those afraid to speak, and they shall speak with a loud voice as the resistance is being mounted.

"I, the Lord, am calling your nation to humble themselves before ME, for I, the Lord, will put on a demonstration for MY people in ways unseen, for if Pharaoh so chooses to contend, if Haman so chooses to contend...I, the Lord, shall answer and cause a shaking and a loss of power in multiple ways. They, the wicked, the corrupt, the darkest of men – shall not be able to resist, as their resistance is being toppled; and I, the Lord, shall and will have the victory for My Kingdom, for My glory, for My children, for there are still souls that need to be saved." Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts, the everlasting King of kings, in the name of Jesus, amen and amen.

Manna from Heaven & a Newfound Freedom

"Manna and relief [are] coming to My children. Their bondage, their chains, the heaviness, will be broken... And freedom – let freedom RING. [There will be] a newfound freedom for MY children as the battle for this nation rages. They shall be set free and they shall receive a greater anointing and power.

"Watch Philadelphia!

"My children will move about more freely under My protection to do My will. They shall have favor with leaders in business, in finances, [and] in personal situations. They shall receive favor that will baffle those around them, for they shall easily walk through doors that have remained locked for others.

[There will be] a double portion for the people of Texas and Oklahoma for what they lost. The Lord shall restore greater than before out of the devastation; [there will be] new growth and a bumper crop," says the Lord.

God Is Dealing with Those Who Have Gone Too Deep

"The Deep State does NOT protect My children. I, the Lord, your God, protect [you]. There are those who have gone too DEEP into the Deep State and stepped out of the confines of their calling, and have made a 'brambled' mess of confusion and agitation. They shall be dealt with," says the Lord.

"The Rod of correction has gone out against the rage-filled shepherds and the snake oil salesmen, sneaking, slithering, in selling their delicate dainties; capitalizing on deceit and the political atmosphere. The 'I told you so' preachers [who have] come lately will be left speechless, as they have missed a crucial point and have moved people into doubt and anger as they peddle their self-worshiping books and antidotes," says the Lord.

"I am God. I will NOT be mocked, and those who have dared to shall now be ensnared with the word 'fool' written across their heads. I AM making a mockery of their delicacies; humiliation shall be their portion as they have bowed to a constricting, greedy, deceptive spirit that dwells in the political arena.

"And that spirit is being sent in retreat, as they fumble their words and expose the deeds done in the back office of chambers and airstrips. The deals, the fine print, shall now be exposed as I, the Lord, know the hiding places of their sin, and it shall now find them out in the most unexpected and unusual of ways. They will fumble," says the Lord. "I will act..."

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Amanda Grace
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