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Steve Shultz: A PERSONAL Word For You and - One Question...

Steve Shultz
Oct 30, 2020

Steve Shultz:
A PERSONAL Word For You and -
One Question...

     Dear Elijah List Family Member,

     Two things happened between last night and this morning that I'm excited to tell you about. I won't write a long note because the word I got is very short but very potent.

     Out of nowhere last night, God spoke THROUGH me. Notice that I said "through" me rather than to me.

     Some may not be aware that when God wants to prophesy, He sometimes intentionally bypasses a prophet's brain altogether and simply uses his or her mouth.

     That's what happened last night. It lasted only a few seconds...

     ...So here's what happened. Last night one of our Elijah List staff emailed me and was telling me about her amazing encounter with Heaven that she had just had. It was a bit personal so I won't share the details. But rest assured, it was profound and it was the kind of experience every reader, including ME would desire to have. And I KNOW YOU WOULD WANT THAT EXPERIENCE!

     I turned to my wife, Derene, who was sitting by me on the couch and I read her that email...

     Then I said, (still using my brain) — "This kind of thing is going to happen more and more to God's people. These encounters have hugely accelerated in the Body of Christ in the last 10 years!"

     She agreed.

     Then it happened to me. Out of my mouth, and totally bypassing my brain I literally heard myself say...


     Then I said to Derene, "Wow! I've never said THAT before! I've never even had that thought!"

     Derene's response was, "WOW!"

     Now, do with that what you will — but if you read no further, take that and run with it. Realize that your faith and confident trust in God's faithfulness WILL OPEN PORTALS OF HEAVEN INTO YOUR LIFE — so that these encounters will happen to you!

     Remember, God said through my mouth: "Faith OPENS PORTALS OF HEAVEN!"

     Are you ready? I am...

     Now, the second part is that I was contacted today by a staffer who asked if I might write a letter about our needs in this ministry. I've been backed up with a lot to do but all of a sudden I thought, "Hey I'll tell what happened to me last night." I always like to try to give something TO our Elijah List Ministry Family members — before asking something of them.

     Now TRUE STORY...As I took out my laptop, that is when this Scripture occurred to me...

     Malachi 3:10:
     "Bring the whole tithe ('whole' meaning tithes and freewill offerings) into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house. 'Test Me in this,' says the LORD Almighty, 'And see if I will not throw open the floodgates of Heaven [windows] and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.'"

     So that's when it hit me...that floodgates or windows...ARE PORTALS TO HEAVEN from which God pours out His favor and blessings.

     I promised you a short email, so here it is. Our needs at this ministry are enormous and I could list them all but you see the words we put out and the TV PROGRAMS. Right now that takes about 20 of us to do this and, as I say, the needs are great because twice a month, I owe it to our team to meet the payroll. They all work very hard to bring all this revelation to you. And while for 23 years, we've never missed a payroll, we've come VERY CLOSE to missing one. Thank You Jesus.

     So please, if your Faith allows this and if this ministry has helped you in your walk and if it's encouraged you, would you consider stopping for just a moment and making a quick donation to help us keep going? The promises from God about Him Opening up the portals of Heaven and pouring out a blessing for you still stand.

Derene and I thank you, right now, for your generosity.

His Warmest Regards,

Steve and Derene Shultz
Elijah List Ministry/Elijah Streams TV.
525 2nd Ave SW, Suite 629
Albany, OR 97321

P.S. As you give, remember that God has promised to open the Portals of Heaven for you, when you are generous toward the Work of His Kingdom. I always like to tell Him what I am especially believing Him for, when I give. He knows our needs anyway but He said, "You have not because you ask not." Ask for what you want and ask Him to open Portals, windows, and floodgates from Heaven into your Life.

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