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Accidental Discovery Leads to Digestive Health Breakthrough

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Oct 23, 2020

10 Years Ago, It Became Digestion's Best Friend And Leading
Stomach Defender... Today, Studies Show It's So Much More...

The Greatest "Accidental" Health Discovery In Decades!


Most of Your Health Problems Start in the GUT!


Being healthy doesn't have to be hard! Just one capsule delivers an unheard of 130,000mg of Aloe Vera, a plant used for thousands of years to treat multiple ailments. But not just any Aloe Vera. This strain is one of the most powerful the world has ever seen, in fact, so powerful it was only available to research laboratories before now. It is proven to work on even the most chronic and uncomfortable digestion problems but new research shows it does a lot more..


Scientifically studied for startling health changes:

  • Helps end gas, bloating, heartburn, acid reflux bouts and other digestive nightmares
  • Manages immune system function
  • Promotes good gut flora for healthy brain function
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Promotes healthy joint mobility
  • Manages balanced blood sugar levels
  • Supports sleep that promotes weight loss
  • Helps increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles


"Accidental" Health Discovery

Turns a Leading Pill for Acid Reflux Bouts Into a MAJOR HEALTH PHENOMENON!

Ten years ago, it turned the $17 Billion antacid industry upside down. Originally it was hailed as a natural and safe answer to virtually every major digestion problem – allowing users to beat the nightmare bouts of acid reflux, gas, bloating, and inflammation while supporting regularity. Now, experts are saying it's a major health advance in other ways.


AloeCure® was an instant smash success, with millions of bottles sold, because it neutralizes acid discomfort so you can eat anything... no matter how spicy. Even those "forbidden" foods you never could before. Clinical studies have been just as impressive, virtually all participants reported improvement in digestive relief including heartburn.


Beats Heartburn Hell


But it wasn't always that way. If you were one of the millions
suffering from indigestion hell you were caught between a rock
and a hard place.

Chances are, you tried all sorts of antacid remedies on drug store shelves. But nothing worked or if they did it would only be for a brief period... and then BOOM! Your nightmare would return. Or maybe another ailment popped up but you didn't connect the dots.


But still, you'd stop at nothing to calm the unbearable pain. So you probably turned to one of those proton pump inhibiters (PPIs). It was a miracle... it worked great. Little did you know that they're nearly impossible to stop using and could put your life in danger.


AloeCure worked better than anyone ever dreamed. Letters and calls poured in from people all over the country, describing some pretty incredible and unexpected benefits.


Our special aloe contains an astonishing 75 life-enhancing nutrients with the power to boost your immune system. The result is startling and dramatic changes to your health: You can manage a healthy and balanced lifestyle, fight off serious ailments, slow down aging and get healthier inside and out.


Your Worst Health Nightmares May Be Over

3,000 Years of Health in 1 Capsule


According to Dr. Liza Leal, a leading Houston area medical doctor, specialist for pain management and company spokesperson, AloeCure was originally created to give all day and night relief from even the worst digestion problems.

But she soon discovered something even more remarkable: "With AloeCure, my patients reported better sleep and associated weight loss, and were able to eat new foods. Then they started reporting less discomfort, clear thoughts, more energy, less time feeling sick – these were all pointing to a stronger immune function... even less stress and even better skin and nails," Dr. Leal explained.


The Science Behind the Phenomenon


But how? The answer is that AloeCure is a very effective
immune system modulator that contains the highest levels of aloe vera's famous healing component called "acemannan." In scientific studies the aloe used in AloeCure clearly show it has biologically active material in both cellular and humoral immunity.


Click ForР’В Free Trial!


By Ralph Burns

"Former Acid Reflux Sufferer"


Here's My Story: I've Suffered with Acid Reflux for Almost 40 Years Now. Unless you experience it, you can't imagine how horrible Acid Reflux symptoms are. Every time I ate spicy foods I would get what I call "ROT-GUT". Because it felt like something
was rotting inside my stomach. But now I can eat anything I want... No matter how spicy... even if I never could before!



To celebrate, I treated my neighbor to the Chef's Special Dinner at the top Italian restaurant in town – something I was afraid to do for years. We drank the house wine – ordered garlic dishes, sausages, the works – all drowning in delectable onion tomato sauce!


Click ForР’В Free Trial!


Spicy foods
Nuts & seeds
Fatty foods (cheese, burgers, fries)
Vegetables (broccoli, kale & cabbage)
Soda & other carbonated beverages
Artificial sweeteners


"All the issues I had with my stomach are gone. Completely gone!"

- Phillip, a Loyal AloeCure Customer & Now a Spokesperson


Being "regular" varies from person to person. If you have less than three bowel movements a week, you have constipation. If it's sudden or lasts for a short time it's like occasional constipation.

But if it keeps coming back or lasts a long time it's chronic. Stop wasting money on over-the counter stomach remedies. With AloeCure, you can finally get the relief you need.


It's enough to make you sick to your stomach. If you've got gut problems your diet is not ideal, and over time breaks down the protective intestinal bacteria.


Over time, this breakdown robs you of life giving nutrients and compromises your immune system, that leads to poor health, lack of energy, inflammation, and allergies including development of food intolerances.



Feel Great Inside And Out!


Benefit #2: Tames Inflammation for Less Discomfort

Scientists call it the "silent killer" and for good reason. While inflammation is a life saver that helps you fight off germs, bacteria and viruses, if it's left alone it can ravage your arteries, chew up nerve cells and lead to all kinds of chronic ailments. According to leading aloe research, AloeCure contains a powerful component for regulating a healthy immune system. It is loaded with antioxidant power that fights off free radicals that are known to cause discomfort and inflammation.

Benefit #3: Peace of Mind & Unstoppable Energy

It's a double barreled whammy. When stomach problems strike, you have no energy during the day. And at night, when you need to get some restful sleep, you're constantly interrupted by frequent trips to the bathroom.

Benefit #4: Better Bones

If you're taking a leading acid reflux PPI drug, BEWARE. The FDA has issued a strict warning to limit your dosage to 14-Days/ 3 times a year.


That's because PPI drugs reduce your body's ability to absorb calcium, a vital mineral for bone strength. Use it excessively or longer than prescribed and it can lead to spine, hip, wrist, and other fractures.


Instead of blocking precious bone-building nutrients, all natural AloeCure is a natural bioenhancer that helps improve nutrient absorption including vitamins and minerals your body needs for healthy function.


Benefit #5: Unleash Your Memory


Research shows fatty foods and low and high doses of digestion drugs destroy that healthy bacteria. So you're left with sluggish, slow to react, brain. The Aloe will make your gut healthier so good bacteria flourishes for healthy brain support. The Aloe will make your gut healthier so good bacteria flourishes for healthy brain support.


Aloe's powerful antioxidants and natural immune enhancers help combat harmful inflammation that can cause your body to break down and age more rapidly.


Benefit #7: Better Skin & Nails


One of the best kept secrets in Hollywood is beauty from the inside out. There are dozens of leading beauty products enriched with Aloe Vera. Fact is, it's been used for centuries in creams and lotions to soothe the skin, alleviate burns, treat wounds and fade scar tissue.


AloeCure penetrates deep into tissue where new skin production begins. This is important since surface skin flakes off and completely replaces itself every 28 days. It can reduce wrinkles and increases elasticity. So with AloeCure, your skin could appear smoother with less fine lines and wrinkles.




Benefit #9: Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels


If your cholesterol and
triglycerides levels soar, you're at an increased risk for heart problems. Aloe Vera manages healthy total cholesterol, LDL "bad" cholesterol,
triglycerides levels and C-Reactive protein, and oxidative stress.


Physicians and Medical Researchers Agree: You Really Can...
Prevent Agonizing Bouts of



"I was a little skeptical at first. But I prefer natural solutions for my patients and was curious about all the AloeCure excitement. So we put it to the test and it works! AloeCure helps naturally balance the stomach's pH levels, decrease the acidity feeling and prevent that burning sensation so many complain of due to stress, worry or just an unhealthy lifestyle. AloeCure is an all-natural solution that allows your body to heal itself. That's why I whole-heartedly recommend it to my patients."





30 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee.
For a list of ingredients for this product, click here.

*Note: You will not be ordering this item from The Elijah List. Your order will be processed on the AloeCure site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

For Customer Service, please contact or call 800-577-3897

AloeCure, 8015 SE 28th St, Suite 217, Mercer Island, WA 98040, United States, (866) 576-6690

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