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John Meyer: "The Kingdom Aircraft Carrier/Party Ship Is Arriving in All Its Glory!"

John Meyer
Oct 8, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzThis word by my friend John Meyer is fascinating. John is very good with interpreting dreams and visions as you will see in the article below.

God is inviting His people not to "a party," but to HIS PARTY.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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The Aircraft Carrier of Good News

I received this vision while visiting some friends in Abbotsford, Canada. I believe this is foundational for what the Kingdom is like as a whole and what lies ahead for the people of God.

I saw before me this vast ocean, and I was hovering in front of and above a massive aircraft carrier. It was enormous, greater than any "standard" aircraft carrier you would see in the natural. The color of the aircraft carrier wasn't the normal military gray. It was rainbow-colored; the colors of the covenant of love. The rainbow colors were not stationary; they were living and moving, like they were alive on the ship. And embedded in the surface of the ship were huge gemstones.

The aircraft carrier was pulsating with a heavenly energy of mercy, oneness and grace – the heartbeat of the Father. It was beautifully staggering to behold. Written on the right side of the ship were the words "John 17," and on the left front side were the words "Good News." They were stenciled on as if they were the ship's serial numbers or name identification.

The Shining Surfers

As the ship moved forward in the ocean, it would create massive "maverick" type waves, like the big wave surfers ride on. As I looked closer, I could see surfers riding the waves. Again, the waves were enormous! I can't even describe how big they were. They were greater and larger than anything I've ever seen in any surf movie, or in-person on a beach in the islands. They were tsunami-like, but non-destructive in nature.

I watched as this enormous ship continued to propel through the incredible swells with ease. The surfers were not only riding the waves on their boards, but they also had shofars in their mouths, and musical instruments of every kind in their hands, playing them as they rode the waves. They were the minstrels, the worshipers, leading the way. These were the adventurous ones – surfers of all ages. They were wild at heart and were made for the great outdoors; they were literally outdoor adventurer types. Their joy was unspeakable and they flooded with glorious laughter as they rode.

I was thoroughly enjoying watching them play, in every way. As I leaned in to look a little closer, I could tell their skin was glowing and sparkling, as if they were coated in some kind of glitter. Their skin looked to be as smooth as a baby and it seemed that none of them had any wrinkles on their bodies. So, I asked the Lord about this. He said that these were the shining ones, and that their joy was their intercession and their play was their power to keep them young and strong. He said they could ride forever as long as they kept enjoying the adventure. They are what Kingdom intercessors look like in their mature form.

A Sticky Golden-like Substance

I was now taken to the deck of this big carrier and there were people everywhere. I saw this sticky, golden-like substance on the landing strip that everybody was dancing in. I was like, "What is that, Lord?" He said, "It's honey; it's the sweetness of My presence and grace. For what appears to be military action in the natural, with aircraft coming and going on the tarmac, is really play in the Spirit. I want My people to play more so they can see more and feel more of what has already taken place. I want them to feel the dance of what I am speaking to their hearts in the sweet place of My presence."

I was loving this. To see a runway flooded with golden honey was new to me, but now I was seeing it from His perspective. The joy of the Lord is our strength and to become like a child in the dance is where the battles are seen and have already been won.

Then I saw people in all types of aircraft, in every shape and size, flying in to land on the ship. I heard the words, "It will stick this time." The "honey-filled" runway was like a massive slab of honey that caused them to stick when they landed. I could even hear some of the pilots of their aircraft say, "I'm gonna stick this landing, just watch!" The Lord then said, "When they land, the knowledge of My goodness will stay. It will stick." (Photo via Pxhere)

A Living Expression of Unity in Christ

There was a lot of celebration going on; a whole range of activities. There were also people below the ship's deck "working" but having a great time doing it. At the same time, there were different types of functions that were being launched off the deck, like rockets and jets, in various forms. It's hard to describe, but I knew they were, in fact, functions or abilities launching from the top of the deck. There were too many to count.

As I watched all of the action going on, I could see Jesus. It was unmistakable. He was there dancing and celebrating on the deck with all of the others. There was laughter, celebration, and the bustle of people moving about the deck. It was as if they were moving rhythmically together as one, and knew exactly what to do to encourage one another without "offending" while they were "partying" together.

It seemed the more I thought about how extraordinary God's grace was, the more the people celebrated from front to back on the ship. The ship's crew were all moving in such unity and harmony to the degree that it became a party. It became a living expression of the good news stated in John 17.

"I pray for them all to be joined together as one even as You and I, Father, are joined together as one. I pray for them to become one with Us so that the world will recognize that You sent Me. For the very glory You have given to Me I have given them so that they will be joined together as one and experience the same unity that We enjoy. You live fully in Me and now I live fully in them so that they will experience perfect unity, and the world will be convinced that You have sent Me, for they will see that You love each one of them with the same passionate love that You have for Me." (John 17:21-23 TPT)

Thousands of Gunner Boats

As the ship continued moving forward, I noticed that following behind this big aircraft carrier were thousands and thousands of gunner type boats, like the destroyer boats you would see in the U.S. Navy. They were smaller in nature – way smaller – in contrast to the enormity of the aircraft carrier that was out in front.

The weather and temperature were perfect for the carrier ship and its crew. It was a great time to have a party! As I watched these ships move through the ocean for a moment, a mist or a fog seemed to blanket them, while the big ship was in clear blue skies. I thought, "Wow, that's interesting! What's that about?" So, I asked the Lord what it meant, and He said that the Destroyer boats represented religious, denominational paradigms, and people going about their lives doing their own thing. The mist and fog represented the confusion and lack of clarity they carried.

There was a myriad of beliefs and lifestyles aboard these boats. People of all ethnicities, races and languages.

The Doorway of Grace

The vision now began to shift. I saw a lot of these smaller boats, not all, but a lot of them starting to steer directly toward the carrier. They noticed all the activity happening on board and wanted a closer look. Many of the people who were on these smaller boats said, "Wow! I want to be on that ship!" How can I get on board?" As soon as they said this, a big gate began to lower in the back of the aircraft carrier as if to say, "Welcome! It's wide-open; you can come on board anytime you want."

As people began to file on board, the others who were partying on the deck met them and every one of them began to shine like the "glitter" that was on the skin of the surfers.

I thought, "Wow! Now that is beautiful! They are all shining and glowing as one!"

As I pondered the gravity of what this meant, I looked up and saw people in the tower of the ship where the "Captain's" deck is. Sitting inside was God the Father Himself, steering the massive ship. I had no doubt that this was who it was. He was sitting in the "Heavens" steering this great vessel. (Photo via Pixabay)

As I looked down the spine of the tower, I could see what appeared to be leaders and hosts working together. They were helping with navigating and overlooking the entire ship. They were cheering the people on with a roar that was louder than any sporting event I had ever attended. As I looked a little closer, it seemed as if they were directly communicating with the command center at the top of the ship.

Again, it's important to note that everybody was celebrating; no one was in an emotional funk or a battle with depression of some kind. It was all good news! They were all in unity; no one greater or higher than the other. I had no doubt or question in my mind that this aircraft carrier, as a whole, represented the Kingdom of God as it was meant to be revealed in this hour.

Now back to the opening at the back of the carrier...

A lot of the smaller boats began to file in through the opening. But, some of the destroyer ships chose not to follow rank and merely turned and went their own way. Some of them took off, just as fast as they could, in the opposite direction to get away from the carrier.

I watched as other gunner boats kept moving forward, past the giant door opening, toward the side of the carrier, and started to shoot their guns toward the top. But when they fired their weapons, it was as if they were shooting blanks. As they continued shooting their weapons, the blast that was supposed to be filled with ammo rounds turned into a puff of smoke that looked like a beautiful, multi-colored, floral type of dust. I could even smell it, and the fragrance had a wonderful aroma to it, like citrus and plumeria.

This was confusing the gunner boats, causing them to wonder why they were seeing this colorful smoke and why they didn't have the firepower they thought they had. Meaning, they were used to firing something they thought was working, but it wasn't having the same effect anymore. In fact, it was having the opposite effect! The floral essence of 'goodness' was surrounding them now. It was the only thing firing out of their guns. The smoke coming out of their weapons was God unveiling His passionate love to them in a tangible expression, whether they liked it or not.

I thought that they would recognize it as miraculous, and that it would have a significant impact on them, but it didn't. The beauty of the smoke actually turned a lot of them off, so they turned and sped off. But there were some on board who recognized it as God and His great love for them, so they dove overboard and swam toward the giant carrier to get on.

Lost at Sea

The vision and scene now changed. I was now looking in the opposite direction of the aircraft carrier coming toward me. I was still in front and above it in the spirit, but I was now turned around in mid-air, within the vision, and began to look out in front of the big aircraft carrier. I could see where it was heading. It was heading toward the lost. I could see people by the thousands, the millions, out in the middle of the sea! Some were floating in what looked to be like flotation devices, while others were in big, beautiful yachts, and still others were in fishing boats and Ski-Doos.

I could see almost every kind of watercraft imaginable floating on the water. But while I was watching all of this unfold in front of me, I noticed the vessels were gray in color; everything was gray, including the people.

I asked God why they were all gray, and He said, "It is because they believed they were supposed to be at war with themselves and others. They were taught that everything was supposed to be a fight, therefore gray became their color of battle. They didn't realize that the battle wasn't theirs to fight and that everything in the Kingdom is flooded with color to help them see what has already been won. Aircraft carriers are positioned to fight in the natural, and that's why they are gray, but battleships in the Spirit are filled with color because the battle has been turned into a party long ago."

Now that made much more sense to me, but the sight of so much gray was grieving. I wanted so much to trumpet the coming of the enormous "color" that was coming to rescue them, but I didn't need to because I could hear and feel the enormous carrier ship behind me. I could literally feel the colors and smell the beauty of its fragrance as it came closer to the lost adrift in the sea. Many of the people began to take notice, too, but not everyone; just those who were curious, looking for something other than the gray they'd been so used to. As they took notice of the great carrier coming their way, they would shout, "I want on that ship! My time has come! I'm so weary! I need a break! That looks like The Party of all parties! I have to get on that ship!" (Photo via Pixabay)

As the carrier began to get closer to where they were, the stenciled sign on the front of the ship with the words "GOOD NEWS" written on it started to flash. It was flashing like a lighthouse would to welcome in all who were lost at sea. It was like an SOS light flashing back and forth as if to say, "Here we are, come this way. You'll find safety here."

Many people who were on the vessels and in the water came toward the good news of the ship heading their way. I watched as thousands of lifelines were thrown overboard and small, purple rescue boats were lowered down from the carrier to help all who were wanting to come aboard.

What is important to note about this entire vision is that it was pulsating with the heartbeat of love! It was His ship and His Kingdom! And God was limitlessly selfless in mercy; the kind of mercy that was tangibly revealed in the thousands of lifelines and safety preservers thrown overboard to help anyone and everyone who wanted it.

Cheers and shouts of joy flooded the sea as people were rescued from the gray and boarded onto the massive vessel of hope. When they would reach the deck on top of the ship, they all started moving rhythmically together as one, with unity and harmony to such a degree that the sound of the "Party of all parties" began to reverberate throughout the earth! It became the living expression of a worldwide movement of John 17, in every sense of its meaning. It was undeniable and amazing to behold! It was truly GOOD NEWS.

Some Would Not Come Aboard

It's interesting and grieving to note that some of the people would not come aboard. They were bent on doing their own thing and could not receive the truth about the party. It was foreign to them and they just couldn't understand why people would be partying in such gray times.

I watched as the crews on some of the gunner boats continued to fire their guns toward the great carrier ship and even toward the lost. They were trying to shoot their own. It was gray firing on gray, but with every shot fired it would only manifest into the floral type substance that now produced the words, "fruit of the Spirit" and, "Kingdom of God," written in the smoke as it dissipated into the air. When some of the gunner boats saw the words they were like, "We don't want anything to do with it!" So, they too sped off in the opposite direction.

The Awakened Majority

God's ways are fast approaching the earth's systems. We are living in unprecedented times, my friends, and He is challenging every system, institution, and belief by revealing just how enormously fun, powerful, and beautiful the Kingdom of Love is. The ship represents the masses, the Bride of Christ in all of her beauty. Some say we are in a civil war, but on this great carrier there is no war. It's only a party. The kind of party that changes perceptions and transforms lives. Color does not retaliate, it only radiates. Rainbows reflect, they do not reject. There is no violence or rioting found here. No, everyone is having too much fun enjoying the dance of presence on board the enormous presence of love.

No paid admission ticket is necessary to board this vessel of wonder. The ship stands before you; in fact, its colors abide within you. It's ready. The only thing needed is the will to relinquish the gray in order to receive the eternal colors of oneness. Allow your paradigm to shift and its gate will open wide for you to abide in the dance.

Prepare yourself, my friends, for the party of a lifetime!

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John Meyer
End of Effort


John and Amy Meyer are the overseers of End of Effort and Lonchit Media. They have an online resource center inspiring people to end their survival mentality to embrace well-being in Christ. John is an author, speaker, and advocate of love and mercy. His work/ministry background includes prophetic ministry, oversight of inner-city outreach programs for The Dream Center in Los Angeles, California, as well as pastoring, counseling, and helping people to live life from a state of rest. John and Amy love working together helping people to discover the real Jesus, the non-religious one who loves them more than they could ever imagine. They are both active on social media sharing their hearts with others. Amy is an author, speaker, and lover of people. She is a prophetic artist illustrating stories and motivational messages through her art. She enjoys helping others discover God's voice and their oneness in Him.

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