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Join us in Israel at the Feast of Tabernacles. Filling fast

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Jul 15, 2020

Join us in ISRAEL for the Feast of Tabernacles!

Come Experience the Feast of Sukkot with us!

The Trip of a Lifetime!

October 5- 13, 2020 (Main Trip)
October 13-16, 2020 (Eilat Extension)




If you could only visit 1 nation in your lifetime I bet I know what nation that would be. It's Israel of course! And if you could go to Israel at any time of the year I'm sure you would want to go at the most glory filled festive season and that would be the feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot. And what if you could go with a group of likeminded people and a ministry carrying the Glory of God everywhere they go?

Well guess what, that is exactly what God is inviting you to! An invitation to be in God's country, the only nation on earth He names Himself after, Israel! And God is inviting you to what the Bible calls the 'Feast of all nations' during a time called the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot when the heavens are wide open! God promises a blessing to those who worship the King in Jerusalem during this time. In fact when Jesus returns it will be a command for every nation on earth to go up to Jerusalem to worship the King (Jesus/Yeshua) during the Sukkot if they want the rains of God over their nation as it is written in the book of Zechariah. I don't know about you, but I need all the "rain" both spiritual and physical that God wants to pour out.

What is more exciting is that this feast is the last unfulfilled feast. Many scholars agree that this would be the season of the Lord's return. No one knows the day or the hour or the year, but we can know the season, and we know it's the only Feast that has not yet been fulfilled saved for His Return. (Jesus was conceived at Hanukkah, died at Passover and His return will be during the Fall Feasts). Many believe each year during Sukkot is a dress rehearsal for the return of the Lord after the Last Trumpet sounds most likely during the Feast of Trumpets right before the Feast of Tabernacles otherwise known as Sukkot. The Feast of Tabernacles is a special time of year both for Jewish people worldwide and Believers as it's an invitation for all nations to come up and meet with Him and receive major heavenly and physical blessings.


What if you could be in Israel and during an open Heaven national feast during the Feast of Tabernacles. Well you can NOW!

Register Now For 2020 Israel Tour and Outreach

Zechariah 14:7 "If any of the peoples of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord Almighty they will have no rain."

The flip side of that verse also means that when we do go to Israel and Jerusalem during Tabernacles to worship a mighty blessing of God's rain is promised. I started to go to Israel at Tabernacles 14 years ago out of a revelation of that verse and God started to bless my socks off (and my ministry). What really got me was that this is going to occur when the Messiah, King Jesus comes back to planet earth and rules and reigns from Jerusalem. Every year all nations are to go up to Jerusalem-not just Israeli's to worship the King of all kings!

Zechariah 14:6 "then all the survivors from all the nations that have attacked Jerusalem will go up year after year to worship the king, the Lord Almighty and to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles."

Register NOW for Israel Tour and Outreach

I thought if this will be a commanded blessing to go to Jerusalem/Israel at Tabernacles yearly after the Lord's return and in so doing rain/blessing comes what would happen if I started going now. Would God equally bless my life and ministry? Well it happened! I went at that timing as the Bible says to and suddenly then nations opened up to us within days, I was offered to host our own TV show on a worldwide network, stadiums opened up worldwide and everything just sky-rocketed and most of all, the glory of God ignited in my life and my relationship with the Father of Heaven and earth changed forever while walking in Jesus' footsteps. It was the beginning of days of Heaven on earth.

When you bless Israel and show up at the right place at the right timing huge blessings follow! It's a huge secret blessing that many Believers miss but it's so clear and plain that this blessing will happen and explode in your life when you celebrate Him during this seasonal portal and divine rendezvous that God Himself set up for us to pull away with Him! It's the one last unfulfilled feast that is a dress rehearsal for His return.

Now I want you to also enjoy this supernatural rain and favor of God.

Just pay the registration fee for now before we are sold out if you know you can come.

Click Here to Register Now!

Why is this significant to you?

The Feast of Tabernacles is one of those super prophetic seasons in which God speaks to His people more clearly and intimately and when His glory shows up in unprecedented ways! The Heavens are open 24/7 during this time and Heaven and our Heavenly Father seem so near. It is a time when Believers, who honor these days and set aside time to be with God, position themselves to receive great heavenly visitations which open them to huge favor and blessings.

We like to call these times "seasonal portals," where God promises to visit us in an extraordinary way if we just show up to His appointment which He set up. Couple that with being in the "geographical portal" called Israel and a "seasonal portal" during 'The Feast' and you will see a multiplication of the Glory. We are creating an environment where you can come and be with God in a powerfully anointed atmosphere during the Feast of Tabernacles as this tour and outreach is unlike any other you have ever been to or heard of. And, we want you to be there!

Join us on this trip to Israel!

Make plans now to Join Us in ISRAEL, and position yourself to enter into this season as one aligned for awakening in your life, in your Church, and in America!

Trip Includes:

4 Nights in Jerusalem
2 Nights in Galilee
1 Night in Dead Sea
1 Night in Tel Aviv
Excellent 4/5-star hotel Accommodations
Delicious Mediterranean Breakfast and Dinner Buffets daily

Entrance Fees to all Scheduled Sites All Transportation in the Land with an English-speaking Guide and Air-Conditioned bus
OPTIONAL: Trip Extension in the Red Sea Resort city of Eilat, Israel.

And much more...

Join David & Stephanie Herzog in Israel

Click Here to Register Now!

Experience the Greater Glory Impartation with David & Stephanie Herzog
Experience Heaven at Jacob's ladder at Bethel

Get infused with faith in Galilee where most the miracles Jesus performed occurred, (On the boat, and all over the Galilee)
Timna Park (King Solomon's Mines) and Tabernacles - (Eilat Extension only)

Experience the Glory of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem as you join with local Believers

Impartation of resurrection at Jesus Tomb, Gethsemane, and a fresh Holy Spirit Infilling at the Upper Room
Partake in a Miracle Service
Pray at the Western wall, visit the Old City and mingle with the locals
Experience the Glory, miracles and prophetic during the meetings!
Receive Impartation at Mt. Carmel where Elijah saw the fire fall
Share God's love to those who don't know Him
Walk where Yeshua walked, lived, died, and rose again
Visit Capernaum where Jesus healed
Get Baptized in the Jordan River
Go to Mount Herman and ride the ski lift
Visit Jaffa where Simon Peter lived and Visit Tel Aviv
Receive the Israel Blessing–and much, MUCH more...

Register Now For Israel Trip

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