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Banking Crisis Puts Your Money At Risk?

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Jul 9, 2020

Banking Crisis Puts Your Money At Risk?
It is only a matter of time before banks and financial institutions face a severe liquidity crisis and risk insolvency. Will it be your money to rescue them? Details.
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Americans will bear the burden of the debt bubble and the next big political event. This new financial system could wipe out your retirement savings. Details.
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Given the current situation, we must prepare for a time that could be worse than the Great Depression Details.

Dear Fellow Americans,

Your retirement account could be in serious danger. You're not alone if you think another stock market crash will occur prior to the election. With the current situation stocks could easily drop more than 40%.

We are certainly in uncertain times to say the least...

We are witnessing a global Health, Financial and Economic crisis...

Unemployment surged to 38 million... which means 1 in 5 Americans are out of a job...

The national debt surged to $26.5 Trillion Dollar with GDP forecasted to fall more than 50% and the dollar expected to weaken by an additional 35%...

Needless to say, the current situation looks to be a powder keg getting ready to blow. There could be a tremendous risk on your retirement accounts and savings. Request this FREE Guide to learn how to secure your portfolio.

There could be a serious liquidity crisis in the banking system. The Federal Reserve lowered the interest to 0% and has more than doubled its balance sheet from $3 Trillion to $6.2 Trillion in less than 2 months; simply put it created money out of thin air. Not to mention, the recent $2.2 Trillion covid-19 Stimulus.

The debt bubble could be about to burst. The U.S. national debt has reached its highest level nearing $26 Trillion. All the stimulus, shutting down the economy and loss of tax revenue, is leading to an additional $4 Trillion forecasted budgetary deficit that will push the national debt to surpass $30 Trillion. That is a definite tipping point. Not to mention both corporate and consumer borrowings are at a record high.

All these risks could lead to a situation far worse than the 2000 dot-com bubble and the 2008 financial crisis combined. If you are not the type to sit around and wait for something to happen, there is something you can do. Request this FREE Guide to learn how to secure your portfolio. You don't want to be a victim again.

During uncertain times it's prudent to reduce risk by diversifying into segments that are not as susceptible to devaluation, inflation or market crashes, and moreover has the potential to significantly increase in value to secure your financial future with tax benefits that every investor longs for. Diversifying your portfolio with Gold IRA is a wise choice. During the last recession, Gold increased 3X and Silver increased 5X.

This could be the way to finally support that peaceful future that you foresee for yourself and your offspring. Those who are currently heavily invested in equities and bonds will find themselves hurting when the stock market finally crashes. While the economy is at its peak, now is the time to lock in your profit from the last 11 years of bull market and place a portion into Gold & Silver.

There is no obligation or commitment. All you have to do is Request Your FREE Guide Now.

Note: You will not be ordering this item from The Elijah List. Your order will be processed on the Allegiance Gold site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

This is a paid advertisement for American Bullion and is not affiliated with The Elijah List. All investments involve some amount of risk. We recommend that you research all investment opportunities and that you seek advice from investment professionals and pray for the Lord's wisdom prior to making an investment of any kind.

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