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"Powerful Interview with Will Ford & Steve Shultz: 'Stay in the Room' with Those Who Are Mourning"

Steve Shultz and Will Ford
Jun 3, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzMy guest on this is Will Ford. He is amazing!

Will and I each sit on the same prophetic roundtable headed by Cindy Jacobs called the ACPE.

The subject of this interview is one that you will very RARELY see. I am purposely and openly asking Will to tell me about the African American experience with injustice.

Some of what you hear or read will astound you, but Will approaches this subject with love and forgiveness in his heart, and that's what makes this interview so powerful!! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"I know some of your friends have said stuff on social media that you're not proud of, you're angry about, or whatever. People are saying, 'I can't believe he would say this,' or she would say that, or whatever ... Listen—stay in the room with us, cause for the first time, we're seeing on the outside what's going on on the inside. Would you just listen to our hearts right now?" -Will Ford

Aimee Herd, BCN Editor, writes: Steve Shultz, on Monday, interviewed prophetic minister Will Ford about the George Floyd protests in America. The interview contained some powerful insights, shared by Ford, in helping others understand what people in the black community are feeling right now, in light of George Floyd's death following the actions of Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin. Among other questions, Steve Shultz asked Will Ford what he would say to President Trump at this time if he could speak to him.

Ford replied, "I would say to the president ... there are a lot more people who are pulling for you in the African American community than you realize. You started off really, really well in the way that you responded to what happened with Ahmaud Arbery ... I loved your response, initially, to George Floyd and what happened there. You got the DOJ involved immediately to investigate this. We really appreciate your quick response. I know you have good people around you like Pastor Darrell Scott, and Bishop Harry Jackson ... Mark Gonzales, and Sammy Rodriguez, and others ... I really appeal to you to listen to these men who really understand this place that we're in right now. And understand how to 'pastor' the nation right now. We need you in that regard.

"But I wish, President Trump—I pray that you let somebody else look at your tweets before you release them. I know you're angry, I know you're a businessman and like to get things done in a certain kind of way. But right now, we need you to bring peace, we need you to bring calm, and you're the man for the job. You're the one who is in this position right now; you have the authority to do it. Your words, they matter so much! They brought so much hope in the beginning, but the last couple things you said, they could have been positioned and said better, so as not to inflame the situation.

"But I have hope because I've been to the White House, I got a chance to shake your hand. I had a dream that I was invited to the White House—I'd never had a dream like that before—then two weeks later I received the invitation. In my dream I was praying throughout the White House. I got a chance to shake your hand and pray for you briefly, and that 's exactly what happened. You just need to know that God has people praying for you, and that you can bring healing—greater than you realize. God is going to change your heart to be a 'change agent' to bring healing ... and your presidency will end with you being a healer on this issue."

Aimee Herd writes: When asked about the hope he feels right now, Ford shared some amazing history of a time in the 1700s when even amid slavery, God was bringing white and black men together in the Spirit:

WILL FORD: "Here's what I'm saying, there were black and whites who were running together during that time period. Revival and justice running together during that time period ... a bruised reed, a smoldering wick—He's not gonna let it be snuffed out. He's fanning the flames on that thing. The enemy's trying to burn a wick that will light a fuse. But God is trying to fan the flame of love, and bind us together with cords of love that can't be broken, if we'll just stay committed to staying in this thing together. This is the week of Pentecost ... all the people there in the Upper Room ... think about it, they came from all around the world and quarantined with each other for a hundred and twenty days ... when the Holy Spirit fell. My friend Jonathan Tremaine Thomas said something that was so powerful to me ... he said, "You know, one of the most powerful things about the Upper Room experience is that these people of all different languages, tribes and tongues, different cultures, and ethnicities—for the first time, they understood one another. (Screengrab image via ElijahStreams)

"God's gonna release a level of understanding, listen, IF we'll just stay in the room. That's my admonition to us all right now. I know some of your friends have said stuff on social media that you're not proud of, you're angry about or whatever. People are saying, I can't believe he would say this, or she would say that, or whatever ... Listen—STAY IN THE ROOM. Stay in the room with us, cause for the first time, we're seeing on the outside what's going on on the inside. Would you just listen to our hearts right now?"

STEVE SHULTZ: "...I'm hearing when you say, 'Stay in the room,' [you're saying] listen to the other side. Listen to what they're feeling."

WILL FORD: "If something happened to your son, or one of your children, are you going to ask for stats and figures? No, you're gonna weep for your son. The Bible says, 'Weep with those who weep'—it's a time to weep ... what God is saying to all of us, especially Christians right now who have a little bit of privilege on our lives, it's time for us to put our privilege at risk to see other people encouraged ... Jesus never used His privilege to protect Himself, He always put it at risk to see other people first. We've got to break our hearts for the things that break God's [heart] ... Sometimes we're not emotionally intelligent enough to enter into moments, and be present, and just BE with people.

"We're in crisis mode right now—the most important thing for a leader to do is BUILD TRUST. And that starts with listening." (To watch the entire interview with Will Ford, Click Here.)

Source: Breaking Christian News

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William Ford III
Will Ford Ministries

Email: Click here

Will Ford is a prayer intercessor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and Emmaus Road Ministry School in Euless, Texas, he is the founder of Will Ford Ministries. Will is the owner of a kettle pot used by slaves in his family for prayer. Forbidden to pray by their slave master, Will's ancestors would pray underneath the kettle late at night to muffle their voices. Turns out that they were not praying for their freedom after all, but the freedom of the next generation.

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