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"Right Standing With God"

by Paul Keith Davis
Jul 26, 2004

News Item #1 -- Police Call it "Miracle": Kassam Rocket Explodes, Lands in Israeli Bed with Mother and One-Month-Old Baby and 10-Year-Old Son

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Last Wednesday, a Kassam rocket fired by a terrorist cell in the Gaza Strip burst through the roof of a Jewish home in an Israeli Negev kibbutz...and landed in the bed where a lady was sleeping with her one-month-old baby and 10-year-old son; another child slept in a separate bed across the room. The rocket landed in the bed between the mother and the 10-year-old. Yet no one was hurt! The lady's hand was lightly burned when she awakened and reached for her sleeping son but touched the warhead instead. Evidently the explosive charge had gone off as the shell hit the roof. The father, who had been sleeping upstairs with two other children told the story to Ynet, "At 5:50 I heard a tremendous boom, and the entire house shook. I ran down, and when I entered the room, I couldn't understand what was going on. There was a burnt smell. My wife came out right away with the baby, and I went into the smoke and took out the other two. We were all in shock at first. The 10-year-old had pieces of plaster fall on him...the Kassam...penetrated the roof and got stuck in the middle of the bed...I thank G-d for saving my family." A local police commander said, "It's simply a miracle. There's no explanation how four people escape such a thing without a scratch."
News Item #2 - Planned Parenthood Comes "Out" With New "Social Fashion Line: T-Shirt: 'I had an Abortion'"

There was a time when Planned Parenthood used to use politically correct speech such as: "A woman's right to choose" and they talked about "When a woman's health was in danger" and "Freedom of Choice." All that has changed. The Bible speaks of a coming time when evil would be called good and good evil. Now women are being encouraged to buy a "t-shirt in our new social fashion line." The caption? "I had an abortion." Yes, that's right. Women are now being encouraged to buy a new social fashion line of T-shirt stating proudly about the life that once lived inside a woman (who will buy this shirt), "I had an abortion." Let the reader understand. Don't believe me? Check out:

"Right Standing With God"
by Paul Keith Davis

Greetings friends,

We trust this month's newsletter is a blessing to you. There are key insights shared that we hope will help facilitate our positioning to be used by God in the fullness of His desire for us. The next six months will be spiritually pivotal. Many decisions will be made individually, politically, and within the corporate church that will set the course for the next season of the Spirit. We must choose wisely!

Richest blessing of peace and favor,

Paul Keith & Wanda Davis and the WhiteDove Team

During a gathering of friends in August 1994, the Lord wonderfully released prophetic keys involving His strategy and desire for the end-time harvest. Many churches, ministries, and individuals have experienced spiritual transitions and re-structuring to function more fruitfully in God's plan. Therefore, I thought it good to revisit that prophetic word with the expectation of extracting further present-day applications. The Lord is searching for saints upon whom He can place powerful mantels of revelation and power to initiate a wave of spiritual harvest. Hopefully the insight from these visionary encounters will help position us more effectively.

Three Pillars for Harvest

The meeting took place eighteen miles west of Pensacola, Florida, at our home in Orange Beach, Alabama. Rick & Julie Joyner, Bobby & Carolyn Connor, and Bob & Viola Jones joined Wanda and I for a few days of fellowship and pursuit of revelatory insight. It seemed that each person received a piece of the prophetic puzzle portraying the Holy Spirit's desire for Pensacola and the Gulf Coast region. This was approximately ten months prior to the visitation that occurred at Brownsville Assembly of God.

In a spiritual vision, Bob Jones was told that pastor Cho of South Korea received a prophetic word involving Pensacola. We were not certain of the word's content, but the Lord affirmed that it was valid and accurate. Furthermore, the Lord outlined in the revelations a threefold application of His desire. The three pillars for harvest are:

Repentance = Righteousness = Power Evangelism

When we embody the Spirit of Truth, He will bring the conviction of sin that initiates Godly granted repentance (John 16:8-9). The Lord Jesus, thankfully, promises that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us (1 John 1:9). Clearly, repentance was the most notable attribute of the Brownsville outpouring.

The apostle Paul, writing to his spiritual son Timothy stated,

" humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth, and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will." 2 Timothy 2:25-26

Correction leads to repentance that awakens us to the knowledge of the truth. It brings us to our senses and allows deliverance from devices and snares of the adversary hindering the high call of God.

Established in Righteousness

Secondly, the revelation expressed the Lord's aspiration for true righteousness to emerge from an atmosphere of contrition. Right standing with God is fundamentally essential for individuals to be utilized by Him in powerful ways. Although repentance will be a vital component until the end the age, we are now in a passage from repentance into standards of righteousness.

There is a present call to maturity within the body of Christ. Writing to the Hebrews, the apostle admonished them to advance beyond the elementary principles into a place of spiritual adulthood. With maturity, we are poised to taste the good word of God and the power of the Kingdom age. He challenged them and us saying,

"Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ, let us press on to maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, of instruction about washings and laying on of hands, and the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment.

"And this we will do, if God permits. For in the case of those who have once been enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and have been made partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come..." Hebrews 6:1-5

Divinely granted repentance allows apprehension of a more complete knowledge of the truth. A cleansing of our soul then occurs according to the John 17:17 prayer - we are sanctified by truth and established in righteousness.

This was the principle utilized by the Lord with His early apostles. He planted His Word in their hearts and watered it with His Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. This birthed the early apostolic age in supernatural power and impartations of great spiritual authority.

Times of Refreshing

Part of Bob's 1994 revelation highlighted the ministry of Charles Finney. The working of God in the life of this saint furnishes insight into this blueprint for the harvest of souls. Acts 3:19 provided pivotal inspiration for Finney and the revival he launched. Repentance introduces times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. This transformation opens the door for the establishment of righteousness and the anointing for harvest as Peter demonstrated in the days following Pentecost. The Holy Spirit's outpouring at Brownsville Assembly inaugurated this strategy by stressing repentance. We have recently experienced a season of transition into a more pronounced emphasis on the righteousness of believers. There will be many messages emerging from God's leaders highlighting intimacy with Jesus and close fellowship with His Spirit. These messages will forge our nature and character according to His.

Friends of God

There is a holy longing birthed in the souls of many to enter into friendship with God that promotes spiritual refinement. The Lord has many servants, but very few friends. The truest form of friendship calls for the removal of all masks and veils. We presently have an unprecedented opportunity to join the company identified as the "friends of God." To them, great secrets and mysteries of the Kingdom will be confided (John 15:15).

Righteousness is best described as sharing the Lord's divine nature and escaping the corruption of this world and its lusts (2 Peter 1:4). Being endowed with the nature of Christ allows us to reflect His image. Then we can be entrusted with awesome deposits of Heavenly virtue and authority without corrupting their purity.

Experiential apprehension of these foundations will impart the enablement of God for us to complete the third stage - power evangelism. True spiritual harvest is the integration of the Word and Spirit producing a demonstration of God's Kingdom and His power.

Our perfect example is best discovered in the ministry of Christ. The Bible records that He went about Judea teaching in their synagogues, declaring the message of the Kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and disease (Matthew 4:23). He supplied the purest definition of power evangelism.

Prayer Mountain

One final aspect of the 1994 revelations involved God's intent for intercessory prayer in the western church to reach a much higher level. The Holy Spirit expressly promised an impartation of His grace for intercession from the South Korean Prayer Mountain.

The Lord symbolically portrayed shipping navigation to communicate this strategy. He is presently preparing "lighthouses" of God to furnish abundant light to the leader-SHIPS for adequate navigation throughout these perilous times. They will be "lighthouses" of prayer and revelatory insight that will uncover submerged obstructions and prevent shipwreck.

A lighthouse is defined as a structure along coastal waters to guide ships by day as a land marker or project light during darkness. Lighthouses are primarily constructed in strategic points to mark entrances to harbors. They help identify a ship's location and warn the ships of potential hazards. Each of these functions symbolically conveys spiritual meaning.

Substantial spiritual "light" is about to be released in the house of God. This inspired revelatory truth will highlight the promises of God for this generation and places that are havens of rest. His light dispels darkness and uncovers the schemes of the adversary promoting shipwreck. The spiritual "lighthouses" will impart great understanding and wisdom essential in accomplishing our prophetic mandates.

Schools of Ministry

The schools of ministry chosen for this duty will be commissioned to ignite passion in the hearts of its people and training as spiritual warriors. The last century birthed three significant expressions of revival according to this model.

During the spring of 1900 Charles Parham became burdened with the "weight" of God. He spiritually discerned something fresh and new on the horizon that created a yearning in him for greater personal manifestations of spiritual power. As a result, he withdrew from the evangelistic field and gathered a small company of consecrated students from his Topeka, Kansas, ministry school. For the remainder of the year they devoted themselves to prayer and prophetic proclamation of God's promises from His Word.

On December 31st, 1900, while the group fervently prayed, one student encountered God in the same fashion experienced by the 120 on the Day of Pentecost. This reintroduction of God's infilling launched the Pentecostal Age which has now swept the nations of the earth.

In like fashion, Evan Roberts was in the Newcastle Emlyn ministry school when the Holy Spirit fell upon him igniting the 1904 Welsh revival. He had been encountering God in significant ways in the months preceding his entrance to the school. However, two weeks after arriving at the school, he had an experience with God. This empowering of the Spirit transformed Roberts into a Revivalist who altered the spiritual atmosphere of Wales.

Finally, on February 12, 1948, in the North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Sharon School of Ministry, the Canadian Latter Rain revival was birthed. After attending a 1947 William Branham healing meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, leaders of the Sharon School returned with passionate desire to see revival launched in their own region. Their year-long season of consecration, fasting, and prayer was answered with a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

End-Time Mandates

Our present times are both sobering and exciting. End-time mandates and promises are positioned to be released to a body of people prepared for them. There is a yielded cooperation with the Holy Spirit necessary for our preparation. Even so, there is a marked increase in intensity and focus within many Christians related to this grooming process.

The Spirit of the Lord is placing his finger on issues of our lives that He desires to extract. As we sincerely repent of these shortcomings, a grace is released to cleanse us and prepare us in righteousness. True repentance is not the mere recital of empty words, but an expression of Godly sorrow for sin. When the Lord sees His image reflected in us, then there will be notable releases of His power essential in the great harvest.

by Paul Keith Davis


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