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"2020: Reset for a New Era"

Shara Chalmers
Jan 7, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

I sure enjoy the prophetic revelation coming forth from the next generation of voices God is raising up.

This is an excellent word by Shara Chalmers in which she shares key revelation in many current events...and what is on God's heart in the next outpouring.

Believe me, you'll walk away encouraged and your expectations heightened for this new year and era.

God is most certainly doing a new thing and you're going to see this as you read through Shara's article...enjoy! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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The Two-Fold Cry of "Come"

2020 will go down as a pivotal year and be known as "a hinge of history." You will look back on this year as a reset for a new era.

Joshua 3:5, "Joshua told the people, 'Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.'"

There is no road map to rely on for where we are going. There is no playbook as we pioneer into new realms of the spirit. I believe the key prayer to cry out for in 2020 is the final prayer in the entire Bible found in Revelation 22:17: "The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come!' And let the one who hears say, 'Come!' Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life."

This is the two-fold cry from Heaven being released on Earth today. There is the cry of the Bride for intimacy with Jesus like never before. The Church must ask Him to release a revival which will not end, the culmination of every previous move of God which will usher in His return. And there is a second cry for the lost to come home that the Father's house may be made full (Luke 14:23) and for the Lamb to receive the just reward of His sufferings.

His Spirit without Measure to a People without Mixture

This year, 2020, there will be an awakening of consecration, a return to the first love of Jesus. It will be marked by a fear of the Lord we have never seen before. The first quarter of this year through Purim (March 9-11, 2020), there will be a profound exposing not only of hidden sins, but of motives, agendas, ambitions, insecurities, control, self-promotion, and any leaven within us that hinders a move of God.

There is a window of grace extended to the Church today for purity and the healing of the heart like never before. Denominational walls of division will crumble as there will be an even greater cross-pollination between different streams. The Bride's posture is coming up out of the wilderness limping and leaning on her Beloved (Song of Songs 8:5-8). We can do nothing without Jesus, but also we can do nothing without His Body. Our breakthrough is found in each other. Unity is key for moving forward. True strength is found in leaning into Him like never before.

The fear of the Lord will sweep the Church. Just like Paul Cain had a reoccurring vision for decades of stadiums being filled with the very glory of God, where newscasters would proclaim that there will be no news but good news, revival and awakening is at hand. Today, God is looking for those to share "His Spirit without measure to a people without mixture." Glory without measure! He wants a measure of power and glory the world has yet to see. However, the Father is looking for the broken and contrite heart that will not prostitute His glory for their own means or ministry (Psalm 51).

The Church will stare at the dissonance between what Jesus paid and purchased through the finished work of the Cross, and what we are currently walking in when no one else is looking. The only right response is to fall to our knees like never before in hunger for more. Humility is the only way forward. We must be obsessed with Jesus. Hunger is a gift. Repentance is a gift. Remember, it is His kindness which leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4). God is inviting us to more, but is looking for those whom He can trust. Judgment begins in the house of the Lord.

As we draw near as friends of God (Amos 3:7), we can actually move His heart, change His mind, wrestle with Him over nations, and release grace. As prophets, we are called to stand in the gap in the place of intercession to move the very heart of God (Psalm 106:23).

The Lord is asking us for an extended corporate fast, a season at His feet and nights of worship with no agenda or preaching. Revival must begin with us. He is looking for corporate prayer and the agreement when the brethren cry out in unity (Psalm 133). He does not want the prophetic to be a middle man, but rather is asking for His Joel 2 and Acts 2 army to arise where all can prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:31). Just like in Exodus 20 when God invited all of the Israelites up the Mountain of the Lord, but the people were afraid of God and sent Moses instead, God is desiring a corporate visitation for all of us – a habitation of His glory.

Like Moses, we need to draw near "the thick darkness" where God is (Exodus 20:21). But the people stepped back when Moses drew forward. We must step forward. We have to run to God, not from God, like never before. The Israelites stood afar off and asked for a man to speak to them from God instead of themselves experiencing Him. But, Moses drew near the thick darkness.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

A Reformation in the Prophetic

There is a prophetic reformation going on in America where God will use prophets to train and equip saints to hear for themselves, rather than being a middle man. God desires to give us a measure of the fear of the Lord that would turn us away from sin and death (Proverbs 14:26-27; 16:6). Just as Moses was a man with a stutter and a stick, the Lord is releasing signs and wonders at the speaking of His Word. These signs will restore awe and wonder.

Light belongs in the darkness. Revival cannot be contained in the Church alone; we will go from revival to renaissance to reformation to transformation in a "9-5" revival within the 7 mountains of society. You will see more revivalists, like Sean Feucht, arise who will put feet to their prayers, run for public office and try to become the solution to today's challenges. Out of Silicon Valley, there is an anointing of "imagineering," and there will be great salvations even in Google and Facebook as worship arises. God is going to release a natural cure for cancer and call the Body to divine health.

A Cry for the Lost

This cry is two-fold. The cry is for nearness to Jesus but also for the lost to come home. In America, God is birthing the greatest Jesus People Movement of all time, with a bi-coastal revival crashing upon America. The Father is releasing the mantle of Billy Graham and Reinhard Bonnke upon an entire generation, using celebrities like Kanye West to offend the religious. Kanye will continue to pack out stadiums and be a sign and a wonder of how Jesus the Evangelist is swinging the sickle for harvest time (Joel 3:13).

The office of the evangelist is being restored in the Body of Christ like never before. Jesus the Evangelist is here in America. Stadium Christianity is here, as God releases the Spirit without measure to a generation without mixture. There will be a significant increase in the working of unusual signs and wonders. There will be an incredible harvest of souls among the gay population, and among artists, as the spirit of Elijah is poured out to turn our hearts to the Father (Malachi 4). Look for a cure to AIDS as the Father comes to the fatherless. God will even restore forgotten promises and mandates as He did on Lonnie Frisbee from the past Jesus People Movement. Baptism will again fill the Pacific Ocean.

The Father is after His sons and daughters. A revelation of the Father heart of God will sweep through the Millennials, ushering them home. An intergenerational revival of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be restored (Isaiah 44:1-4) as generations run hand in hand so that the baton will not be dropped.

Kingdom = Family

God will restore His vision for the Kingdom, which is family. The restoration of family will be like the stitching of fishing nets to contain an unprecedented harvesting of souls. I believe, 100,000,000 Christians will be raised up to reap the 1,000,000,000 soul harvest. Just like when Peter obeyed Jesus' commanded to go fish and throw his net deeper, if Christians will look into deeper waters where they have judged people, there will be a double portion of fish (Luke 5). It is time to ransack Hell and populate Heaven. It is America's time.

Jesus Is King!

"Jesus is King!" will ring from the radios to billboards to rooftops, as God has raised Kanye West up as a first fruit of Hollywood becoming "Holy-wood." Bible movies will trend throughout the year. The revival among the Jews in Hollywood will impact the Jews in Israel, as media becomes a main sickle for the end-time harvest. Christians will look to media for a highway/byway revival. Reality TV shows will be used for the Gospel, and watch the Lord visit Kim Kardashian in the next 12 months.

Leaders in the Body of Christ will lead the Body to worship, as God returns us to our first love. God is after purity. Prayer and evangelism will be married as the expression of worshiping the only One worthy.

In America, the impeachment scandal will boomerang like Haman's evil plot to hang Mordecai. I Trump will be that trumpet of the Lord and I believe will be re-elected, followed by Vice President Mike Pence for a 12-year season of financial restoration. We will look back on these years as golden years, but the main purpose is for America to fully align with Israel, and catalyze many other nations to follow suit and move their Israeli embassy to the spiritual capital of the world – Jerusalem – the apple of God's eye.

The Creative Power of the Tongue

Words create worlds. The Hebrew year 5779 was represented by the Hebrew letter "Ayin," which means eye. This Hebrew year, 5780, is represented by the Hebrew letter "Pey," which means mouth. The past decade has been all about "seeing" what God is saying. 5779 year was a transition year, as we reset into awakening.

Now is the time to declare things that are not as if they are. There will be an increase in creativity and creative miracles. We must decree weather patterns, headlines of newsletters and watch our words. Gossip, slander, division, exaggeration and lies will not be tolerated. Our decrees will become the table of contents for our next season. It is time into step into the Promised Land after years of being prepared in the wilderness seasons of our lives, learning to live before an audience of One.

2019: Restoration of Family

My husband Daniel and I released a word that 2019 would be marked by the "restoration of family" from the life of Mephibosheth. Just like when Jesus visited Zacchaeus' household, we declare that 2020 is when Jesus will visit each of your own families. Household salvation is our promise and the Father's plan. Estranged family members will call as Jesus restores what feels forever lost. Our own kids will not be sacrificed on the altars of ministry, as God raises up double-portion sons and daughters and a baton of leadership is transferred. Prodigals will run home as family will be safe.

Let us all reset for a new era!

Shara Chalmers
Love Wins Ministries


Daniel and Shara Chalmers have vowed their lives to love Jesus the way He deserves and be as close to Him as humanly possible, while loving others with nothing less than the very love of the Father. Shara loves preaching on passion for Jesus and has ministered in over 35 nations. She is also the producer, director and writer for Iris Global Film's first feature length documentary "Compelled by Love." Danny wants to shout from the rooftops the goodness of his heavenly Daddy and see people completely healed – spirit, soul and body. He functions strongly in the prophetic, miracles, signs and wonders. Shara helped write "Compelled by Love" with Heidi Baker and is also featured on the film "Finger of God" and "Hope Has a Name." They are on staff at Catch the Fire Raleigh-Durham with two perfect daughters in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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