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Why a New Awakening in America could come this Summer.

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Apr 30, 2019


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Summer of Glory
June 20-23, 2019


The great Awakening of America is about to occur! 2019 is a key year for the beginning of birth pains of the last great harvest!

Lou Engle has seen stadiums filled like in LA with TheCall Azusa event in 2016 in the 100,000-seat stadium! God has shown Lou that another "Jesus Movement" like what occurred in the 1960's is about to occur again but in a much greater way!

Lou got very excited about this event as his 1st visitation to start "TheCall" stadium events first occurred while he was in Phoenix, Arizona. He has re-arranged his schedule to be here as he feels that this event in Phoenix will bring about a release of the fullness of the impartation for the next Great Awakening and the next Jesus movement that he saw in a vision! He will release the fire and breakthrough mantle to see entire regions saved once again! Also, the prayer movement he represents and has led is a major key to the next great move of God. The combination of the massive prayer movement with the evangelistic and glory of God will ignite an explosion of Awakening like America has never seen before.

If you could receive an impartation for the next Great Awakening from those that are doing stadium evangelism and bring it back to your church, city, school and ministry would you come to such an event?

Of course you would.

Well guess what... Evangelist Michael Koulianos is also coming to Phoenix! He is one of the key up and coming evangelists moving in incredible miracles, revival, and stadium evangelism as well as the Glory of God. He also ministered at ‘The Send' in Orlando and will release a huge impartation with signs following.

Jerame Nelson: Has been co-hosting over 800 days of non-stop revival in San Diego with salvations, healings, miracles and the prophetic. He will release this spirit of revival to us in Phoenix NEWS.

David and Stephanie Herzog will be releasing the Greater Glory that God is releasing for this season for the Great Awakening! They have been speaking worldwide in Olympic Stadiums, Civic Centers, hockey stadiums and crusades all over the world with major miracles, resurrections and signs and wonders following with many souls saved causing regions to shift toward Awakening.

Steve Swanson will be rocking us into greater realms of praise and worship breaking through into new dimensions of God's Glory. Something that has never been released before will be released!


God has chosen Arizona to host and launch the spirit of Awakening. Come to the Summer of Glory Conference to receive that mantle, fire, and Glory!

Can you imagine - God is sending these generals of the faith! They feel the Awakening is so close that they need to impart the torch to spread it!

The Great Awakening of America is about to occur! 2019 is a key year for the beginning birth pains of the last great harvest! Billy Graham recently passed away and it has been prophesied that once he does his mantle for mass harvest would be released to many. It was also prophesied that once both Oral Roberts and Billy Graham died a new awakening would hit America. Well we are now in that time frame!. All the signs are pointing to an Awakening and a Summer of glory.

The question is: Are you positioned and ready? Ready or not it's about to hit like waves across this great nation.

Between Passover and Pentecost God re-aligns His people for the harvest ahead. These meetings will occur shortly after Pentecost and that which God did during the 50 days will be fully ripe and ready to harvest. Your time to harvest is now!

We have never been so excited about these meetings as what occurs in them will ignite a huge harvest of souls and awakening-the likes that we have never seen before in our lifetime!

We are on the verge of a 3rd Great Awakening and Phoenix, Arizona is ground zero for many prophetic words that Arizona will model the new thing about to occur in America. Intercession and prayer groups have been covering the land for years and the Hebrew year 5779 is the culmination of the beginning of this spiritual rebirth coming to America!

I have never in my lifetime seen a paradigm shift this big as what is about to occur in America!

What we do this year in 2019 to align with God will determine the course of your life for 2020 when the biggest moves will hit and beyond. What you do this year and how you position yourself has great eternal consequence on your destiny.

We have never been so excited in our spirit as we are this year. This will be a divine appointment with the GREATER GLORY unlike any other time in history at the timing God is calling in His chosen ones, so HE can unleash on them the greater glory, power, favor and assignments that He has reserved for such as time as this. Now is the time!

The USA is on the verge of a major breakout in Awakening that it has not seen since the last Great Awakening! God often starts new things during key Kairos moments and empowers His people during these key times.

You don't want to miss the impartation that God has for you this June 2019 in Phoenix!

This year, we don't want you to miss that appointment!

So, we are creating an environment where you can come and be saturated with God in a powerfully anointed heavenly glory filled atmosphere. This summer, David Herzog Ministries will be hosting the Summer of Glory Festival in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona June 20- 23, 2019.

And we want you to be there!

WARNING: This conference will fill out very fast and once sold out the building won't let us put more people in than is legally allowed. Please register ASAP if you plan to attend and get the pre-registration rate!

Make plans now to be with us at the Summer of Glory Festival June 20- 23, 2019 and position yourself to enter into this season as one aligned correctly for awakening in your life, in your Church, and in America!

Come immerse yourself in the glory with these dynamic and anointed speakers!

Lou Engle is a revivalist, visionary and co-founder for TheCall, Inc. For more than three decades, Lou's passion has been to call Believers into radical consecration through prayer, fasting, and acts of justice. Lou has been involved in church planting, establishing prayer movements and strategic houses of prayer. He is the founder of the pro-life ministry, Bound 4 Life, and has inspired other justice movements.

Michael Koulianos is an evangelist and founder of Jesus Image, an international ministry focused on bringing the saving and healing message of Jesus to the world. Michael has one desire: to love Jesus and introduce Him to as many people as possible. Michael served as a pastor in Southern California from 2005-2008 and spent seven years assisting in world missions and large crusades around the globe. He now travels the world ministering the Good News of Jesus Christ, praying for the sick, and teaching the Word of God. Michael is also author of the two life-changing books, The Jesus Book and Holy Spirit: the One Who Makes Jesus Real.

Michael and his wife Jessica steward a burning desire to win cities, nations, and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through their faithful leadership, Jesus Image has seen thousands come to Jesus and multitudes healed by the power of God. Michael and Jessica reside in the Orlando area along with their three children.
Jerame Nelson is the founder of Elisha Revolution. He is an author, as well as a well-known international conference speaker & a revivalist to the nations.

It's Jerame's passion to equip the body of Christ in the areas of hearing God's voice, as well as walking in the supernatural power of God in everyday life. Jerame and his wife, Miranda, live in San Diego, California, where they are currently hosting the Fire & Glory Outpouring.
David & Stephanie Herzog are the founders of David Herzog Ministries. Their passion is to live in the Presence and Greater Glory of God through intimacy with God in the Holy Spirit, to equip Believers to do the greater works and to bring the Gospel to as many souls as possible in every nation of the world in stadiums, revivals, conferences and mentoring. David and Stephanie have been in full time ministry for over 27 years since 1991 and have lived in the U.S as well as in France with their family. Taking the glory to the nations with miracles and signs following across the USA, Europe, Asia, The Middle East and beyond is how they live their life, through ministering in stadiums, conferences, revivals and outreaches and one on one all over the world on every continent.

And worship with Steve Swanson. Steve has traveled throughout the world leading people in worship. He has led worship in conferences with many powerful ministries of the Kingdom such as: Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, David Herzog, Patricia King, Paul Keith Davis, Bill Johnson, JoAnn McFatter, Julie Meyer, Joshua Mills and many more. Steve carries a powerful anointing and impartation in worship, intercession, and prophecy, which creates an atmosphere of breakthrough in worship and opens the heavens. His unique gifting and passion allow worshipers to experience freedom, joy, and intimacy with the Lord. Steve has released 20 worship CDs and continues to record and produce CDs. Steve and his wife Lisa oversee Friends of the Bridegroom Worship Ministries, a ministry dedicated to the release of His creativity in worship, the arts and healing.

At the Summer of Glory Festival, you can expect to:

Pick up the spirit of revival
Experience the Glory on new levels
Discover your New Beginnings
Enter into your new season of destiny and awakening
Pass-over into your own promised land
Move into greater access and flow in the Glory of God
Experience healing, miracles, signs and wonders
Hear God more clearly for your life

This 4-day event will be a time of revival fire impartation converging on the Southwest region of the United States with miracles, healings, signs and wonders, to awaken and ignite fresh prayer for a national revival and unveil prophetic revelation for the amazing days ahead!

IMPORTANT: Don't wait, register today! We expect to be fully packed out very soon. Please register while there is still advanced seating available.

Global speakers that are generals in the faith have a special urgent message directly from God to release for His people during this time.


TEMPE, AZ 85282

PHONE: (800) 528-6481


June 20-23, 2019


June 20-23, 2019

Thursday: 7pm
Friday: 10am, 2pm & 7pm
Saturday: 10am, 2pm & 7pm
Sunday: 2pm & 7pm
*9 Sessions

$30.00 - Pre- Registration Rate
$40.00 - Door Registration Rate
($10 per session Walk-In)

Please register each person separately.
Registration is Non-Refundable.

Contact: 1-888-384-5679 for more information

PLEASE NOTE: Childcare is not available

For More Information:




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