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Steve Porter: "New York and the 2nd Great Awakening - Could It Happen Today?"

Steve Porter
Mar 30, 2019

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

God has great plans for this nation and the nations of the earth!

We've heard quite a few prophetic words from those who carry a passion to see their areas of influence be ignited and revival sweep through the land.

Steve Porter from New York carries the heart of the Lord for his area as he shares:

I see a cloud moving toward New York state; the glory is drawing near; the very manifest presence is building, and the cloud will draw even nearer as we pray. The glory is invading the enemy's camp where the people of God will dance and sing once more, rejoicing that Heaven is being released. Repentance will fill the streets again as the people of God stand firm! The throne room is cracked open and the very atmosphere of Heaven is leaking out toward the earth.

Read this word from Steve Porter for New York...and let's come into agreement with God's plans there. God has mighty plans for the nations including where YOU are located. Be encouraged in that as you read through Steve's article! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Father Daniel Nash

This is the story of a humble man known as Father Nash, whose fervent prayers inspired a revival like none other. Though his name may be unfamiliar to most, he was born in 1775 and, at age forty, he began to minister for six years as a preacher in upstate New York where he saw powerful revival twice during that short period of time. It's said that he didn't trust in his own spoken words or cleverly-written sermons to change the hearts of listeners but knew that only prevailing prayer would summon the presence of the Holy Spirit to transform the culture of the day.

Daniel Nash lived during the time when Charles Finney was traveling wherever the Spirit moved to preach the Gospel of salvation. It was then that the Holy Spirit spoke to the heart of this unknown man, urging him to pray for the power to fall over Finney's evangelistic services. As the result of his powerful prayers, Heaven opened and crowds rushed the revival altars, so that even the hardest of hearts supernaturally turned toward the Lord, never to be the same again. In fact, Nash's prayers were so effective that Finney's services reverted to the ordinary after Nash died and was no longer praying—but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

At this point you're probably asking, "What did Nash do to be such a powerful prayer warrior? Could it happen today? Could mighty, fervent prayer actually transform a city even now? What can God do with a few prayer warriors who know how to pull Heaven down to Earth for such a time as this?" The story of the city of Rome, New York, and a sheriff's conversion testify to the transforming power of fervent intercession that occurred in Daniel Nash's life.

Red-hot, fervent prayer was the secret to the city's incredible transformation in Nash's day, and is still true today. Before Charles Finney ever stepped into town, Daniel Nash and Abel Clary had already arrived to storm Heaven as if their lives depended on it. From dark, damp rented cellars to tiny, hidden meeting rooms, their anguished voices could be heard endlessly crying out for the lost souls of the region. Tears, trembling, and groaning filled the space until those within earshot grew concerned and were compelled to check on them. In the end, their prayers were so powerful that Heaven couldn't refuse to move on their behalf.

Charles Finney said this of Daniel Nash: "I have known people who prayed till they were soaked in sweat on a cold winter's day. I have known people who have prayed for hours until they were totally drained of strength because of the agony of their souls. I have worked with a man of this caliber." (Photo via Steve Porter)

The Conversion of a Sheriff

From that point on, the revival couldn't be contained and spread like a wildfire, becoming a mighty move of the Spirit, much like what happened at Pentecost. Mr. Finney wrote that villagers and those farther afield felt awe-struck at the tangible presence of God—even unbelievers realized that something amazing was happening around them.

One such story involved a county sheriff who made his home in Utica, but often traveled to the nearby city of Rome where he stayed overnight while conducting business. And while he had heard about the revival, he didn't believe it could've changed things so radically. He and others even laughed about it, that is until he had to make a trip there. He was glad for the chance to see whether or not the news was true for himself.

On the way, he was thinking of nothing in particular, until he crossed the bridge over an old canal located a mile or so from town. It was then that he felt something change, it was like God's presence had filled the entire atmosphere. He was indeed awestruck by the sensation, and no matter what, he couldn't escape the awareness. What's more, the impression only grew stronger as he approached his destination. When he arrived at the hotel a man came to take care of his horse. The man said not a word, but, like himself, was apparently afraid to speak at all.

Inside the hotel, he found the man he was to meet, but the presence of God was so powerful that they could scarcely attend to business. He himself was so struck by the power that several times he had to rush from the table and run to the window to keep from weeping out loud. From all appearances, the power had the exact same effect on everyone else as well. After hurrying to complete his business, he returned home, never again speaking lightly of the power of God. He had never in all his life been so impacted, and it changed him forever. He gave his heart to Christ within a couple of weeks.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

A State is Changed

The work of the Spirit had done its job, changing everyone and everything in its path. So much so, that no one wanted it to stop. To that end, they held sunrise prayer meetings that continued for over a year, no matter the season. People often said that the city bore no resemblance whatever to the place it once was. Whatever sinful behavior remained had to hide itself because no overt sin was tolerated without confrontation for even a moment. The city streets became impromptu prayer meeting sites among two or three residents, who would begin to pray at a moment's notice over any situation. They often focused their corporate prayer on those still unconverted, until there were no unbelievers left among them.

Here is an excerpt from Charles Finney autobiography: "I should say a few words about the spirit of prayer that which prevailed in Rome during this time. Indeed the whole town was full of prayer. Go where you would, you heard the voice of prayer."

The life-changing revival spread until it involved Utica, New York, where it headquartered in the area's largest hotel. Untold numbers were saved there, after merely stopping for a meal or a night's stay and becoming mightily convicted. Over time it was said that no one could pass through the city without being forever touched by the power of God. The truth is that it would take an entire book to describe the incredible things that happened because of the fervent prayers of one faithful man—Daniel Nash.

Things in Rome, New York and the surrounding areas were so charged with the presence of God that people who entered the region felt that powerful presence in a beautiful way. Tears fell freely there in His tangible glory. Revival had rained down because of ongoing fervent prayer.

In November of 2017, I stood on the old "American Corner" in Rome. The very place where this special prayer went forth during the Second Great Awakening. I, too, was awestruck by the intercession that had come forth years earlier and the legacy it inspired. I fought back raw emotions, desperate to see Rome and the surrounding areas host another great revival of intercession and awakening. (Photo via Steve Porter)

Scripture says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. If that is so, He still responds to the fervent prayers of His children, but are we willing to pay the price to change our little corner of the world? Oh, Lord, let it be so!

Prayer Changes Everything!

I see a cloud moving toward New York state; the glory is drawing near; the very manifest presence is building, and the cloud will draw even nearer as we pray. The glory is invading the enemy's camp where the people of God will dance and sing once more, rejoicing that Heaven is being released. Repentance will fill the streets again as the people of God stand firm! The throne room is cracked open and the very atmosphere of Heaven is leaking out toward the earth.

Open your hearts; open the gates for the entry of the King of Glory. Seek the Lord while He may be found; welcome Him in to rest and abide in you, for the empire state shall be transformed as He dwells there. With a kiss of His presence we, as the Bride, shall come forth arrayed in His magnificent glory. PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Steve Porter
Refuge Ministries


Steve Porter and his wife Diane founded "Refuge Ministries." Steve is a regular contributor to many prophetic publications, including the Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and the Identity Network. His writings have been read worldwide by hundreds of thousands of people. He has also been interviewed by the Trinity Broadcasting Network and other TV programs. Steve's books, articles, and videos have touched countless lives around the world. The Porters reside near Rochester, NY.

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