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Anthony Medina: "Resurgence of the Inner Healing Prophets"

Anthony Medina
Mar 15, 2019

March 15, 2019

"Resurgence of the Inner Healing Prophets"
Anthony Medina, Cedar Hill, TX

Intro by Dutch Sheets:

Steve ShultzIt is a true joy and pleasure to endorse Anthony and Melissa Medina. Having known and related to them closely for several years, I can confidently affirm their godly character and integrity. Also, their gifts—writing, speaking, teaching and more—are strong and highly refined. Most of all, however, they possess a great and infectious passion for Jesus! I could not recommend them more highly. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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"Resurgence of the Inner Healing Prophets"
Anthony Medina, Cedar Hill, TX

As I began to pray into what the Lord would have me share pertaining to a Prayer for Life initiative that my dear friends, Nate and Christy Johnston, were spearheading, He brought back to memory a dream that I had on the night of November 14th, 2017.

I dreamt that I was at Cindy Jacob's home relaxing on her brown leather sofa. I was sitting there, falling asleep, when my phone rang. On the other end of the line was R. Loren Sandford, the son of the late John Sandford. Loren began to tell me that he had left a gift for me in Cindy's living room closet, on the top shelf. He then told me that what he had left for me was the watch he had inherited from his father and was now passing on to me, a Panerai Luminor - 47mm (I was able to see the exact make and model of the watch in the dream, strap color and all). He told me that it wasn't exactly working because it needed a new battery.

I responded to him with such gratitude and excitement because this was an extravagant gift, running or not. I told him that I didn't think I could accept it because of the high cost attached to this watch. He responded with, "Well, it is only $9,100 dollars" (the watch actually costs this amount in the natural). I thanked him again and ended the call. Right as I started to admire the watch, Cindy walked into her living room with a bag full of gifts for me and said, "Good, now that you've received that gift that Loren left for you, you can get these as well." The dream ended with me tearing into the gifts that Cindy had given me, all while wearing the, now working, watch.

A Call to Inner Healing Prophets

I believe that this dream is a call to wake up and see that it is high time to again empower the ministry of inner healing that is mixed with the prophetic. It is a call to hope prophets, who speak reality from Heaven that mends wounded hearts and removes the weight off of vexed souls. The healings will be dynamic, dramatic and quick. Because of the prophetic aspect of their ministry, the wholeness of heart will come much quicker to those receiving the ministry.

It is interesting to note that I had this dream at the end of 2017, and John Sanford went to be with the Lord in March of 2018. There is an invitation from the Lord to receive the valuable gift of the prophetic inner healing ministry, and reveal it to the world around you.

A Release of Healing and Freedom to Those Touched By Abortion

Concerning abortion, the Lord wants to deal with that foul thing and bring it down. But what about the women who have already gone through with the abortion, or the men who paid for one? The Lord wants to release healing and freedom to these individuals as well, so that they will see that they have not been forgotten by the Father. He is sending these inner healing prophets to them. They will go forth declaring Psalm 91 (this reflects the price of the watch in my dream) over those touched by abortion and rescue them from every trap.

Embrace His Gift with a Whole Heart

As we embrace the gift of inner healing mingled with the prophetic, the Lord will then add other components of what it should look like (the other gifts that Cindy brought me in the dream) and how/where you should use it. The strategy to walk with and operate in this will not come until you receive it with a whole heart.

Ask the Lord for the grace to walk in love and power to release prophetic words of healing and destiny over those who have already had abortions, the forgotten women who live in agony due to a prior mistake. Ask Him for divine appointments with men who live in secret shame due to having paid for an abortion. Ask Him to help you be a conduit of the spirit of adoption to lift up the heads of the downtrodden.

How to Pray

Pray for those called to minister in these strategic gifts of inner healing, that they would steward them well as we prepare for an influx of those needing and seeking inner healing from post abortions.

Pray for the men and women who have endured the trauma of an abortion. Pray that the Holy Spirit would heal their hearts in such a way that their stories become testimonies—testimonies of His goodness and His mercy; testimonies that becomes a weapon in the hands of our King, a weapon that will turn on the demonic workings of abortion and turn other women aside from its doors. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Anthony Medina
HopeFires International

Anthony and Melissa Medina are a husband-wife team with a mandate to ignite hope, healing and spiritual hunger. Their vision and passion is for hosting the presence and power of God to change lives and transform nations. Experiencing through their personal life journey how prophecy unlocks hearts, and prayer precedes great moves of God, they are devoted to discipling others in the areas of prayer and the prophetic for fueling revival lifestyles and reformation in every sphere. Together, they founded HopeFires International, an itinerant ministry by which they engage their complimentary gifts to deliver sound Biblical teaching, prophetic ministry, and demonstrations of God's power to heal and set people free. Anthony and Melissa are recognized prophetic ministers and members of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders. They are also a part of the pastoral staff and teaching team at Trinity Church and the Trinity School of Supernatural Ministry in Cedar Hill, TX where they reside with their son, Caleb.

Anthony and Melissa Medina's Itinerary:

April 4, 2019
Recording with The Jill Monaco Show
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April 13-14, 2019
Women's Conference
Christian Metropolitan Center
Grand Prairie, TX
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June 22 - July 2, 2019
Kingdom Leadership Summit
Deborah Arise Conference
Cameroon, Africa
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