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Phillip Clemons: "Foresight Is The New 20/20"

Phillip Clemons
Feb 22, 2019

February 22, 2019

"Foresight Is The New 20/20"
Phillip Clemons, Florence, AL

Intro from Amy Shamp:

Steve ShultzThis is a word written by a good friend of mine, Phillip Clemons. He and his wife Marsha have been pastors at a church called The Ark for 15 years in Florence, AL.

My husband Jessie and I have been in relationship with them for many years and they also have relationships with various well-known leaders such as Leif Hetland, Bob Hazlett, Todd White, Jeff Jansen (Phillip frequently preaches at his church) and many others.

This is a word that I believe will really encourage the Body of Christ. Please take a moment to read it and be blessed! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Amy Shamp
Kingdom Culture International

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Foresight Is The New 20/20"
Phillip Clemons, Florence, AL

Oh Wow It's a Purse

Walking to our car in the downtown area of our hometown one evening my wife said to me, "Look honey, it's a puppy!" (Being the dog lovers that we are, she knew we would go straight to the puppy for a quick visit.) She pointed down the sidewalk several yards. As I kept asking "Where?" She said with shock at my inability to see the puppy, "RIGHT THERE!" But as we continued getting closer, she said, "Oh wow, it's a purse." There were a couple of girls standing near their cars chatting and one of them had sat her purse on the sidewalk beside her. As you would expect, we laughed until we cried at the expense of her "somewhat" distorted vision.

We have gotten tons of fun out of this story and it continues to come up in conversations with the family about a puppy every time we see a purse. All in fun, of course. It truly is one of those timeless stories that never loses its ability to bring all of us a good laugh. Being the good sport she is, I have been given permission to preach and write about this at will and she too has shared the story while speaking publicly. I am actually laughing as I am writing now.

Needless to say, when we got closer and the lighting was better, she could see. We learned an important lesson that night: seeing things in the right light is vitally important. When we view something in the "wrong light" we can misjudge or mislabel it. We can label things and call them what they are NOT and miss what they ARE altogether. It is imperative that we see each other and circumstances that arise in the "right light."

What We Do Sometimes Determines How Well We See

That wasn't all though. After that incident revealed a weakness in her sight, my wife had to make some necessary adjustments herself. She obviously didn't want to go around calling purses puppies! She had to get corrective lenses in order to see a purse as a purse and a puppy as a puppy. She did her part and went to the doctor, ordered her glasses and contacts, and followed through with the process. She put in the time and effort necessary to be able to see clearly. She had a new understanding that if our vision is off, we can misinterpret what we see and be wildly off base with it.

There comes a time for all of us when adjustments could be made to clear our view to some degree. Most times, we have to do our part to illuminate our vision where it has been obscured with dark emotions and the like. This is such an important thing to note: what we do sometimes determines how well we see! There are many avenues for inner-healing and physical healing. We can investigate and allow Holy Spirit to lead us to the right path for our own personal healing process.

"The eyes of your spirit allow revelation-light to enter into your being. If your heart is unclouded, the light floods in" (Matthew 6:22 TPT)! As the Lord reminded me of this story, He said that this year, 2019, is the year for us to do the work and get healthy. "Beloved friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and that you continually enjoy good health, just as your soul is prospering" (3 John 2 TPT). We must be purposeful about seeing things in the "right light" and that will come through doing what we have to do to become healthy in every way.

The Lord said to me, "There is a divine shift from hindsight to foresight at hand." This is a very significant time for the Body of Christ and He doesn't want us to miss what He is showing us due to a clouded view. The darkness of past hurts and trauma, left untended to, can cause our vision to be overcast and foggy.

Healing Healing Healing!

Those who have been in a hard season should be diligent to actively pursue healing this year. I encourage you to pursue physical healing, inner healing, and spiritual healing. God is revealing incredible things to fresh eyes that are able to see with clarity and an unhindered outlook. The emotions that come with trauma such as cynicism, distrust, bitterness, shame, and envy, to name a few, will be a major deterrent to our vision and we could miss having the ability to see with the accuracy that we all want. This is why we must pursue healing with all the vigor and determination we have. To be clear, HOW WE SEE WILL BE IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO THE HEALING WE GET. Back to 3 John 2, in order to truly prosper and be in good health we shouldn't we be whole? To see as He sees, shouldn't we be healed from those things that cause us to "see dimly"?

This doesn't mean we have to wait until 2020 to begin seeing with 20/20 foresight and total clarity. It means the offer is on the table now, in 2019, for all who will it. There is a grace right now to partner with Heaven and be healed in every area and take part in ushering in the year 2020, seeing things in the light of Heaven and seeing the Kingdom increase exponentially due to the brightness!

As we receive the healing we need, we will feel the shift, we will know we are changed. We will be fully aware that we have stepped into a new realm of 20/20 "foresight" and begin to live in forward and not arrears. The should'ves, could'ves, and would'ves will be a thing of the past as we live with pristine vision and foresight. We will indeed be "forgetting what lies behind and pressing forward to our higher calling" (see Philippians 3:13) and become more familiar with where we are going than where we have been. We will have a fresh anointing and will see, through crystal clear eyes, the path before us and be much more familiar with WHERE WE ARE GOING, not where we have been. When we do our part toward healing in our minds and emotions, our physical bodies, and our spirits, he will do far above and beyond on our behalf and those whose lives we will touch!

The old adage of "hindsight vision is 20/20" is being nullified. There will be many articles, books, messages, and testimonies emerging that solidity that "foresight" is the new 20/20. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Phillip Clemons
The Ark

Phillip Clemons is the founder and co-pastor with his wife, Marsha, at The Ark in Florence, Alabama. Phillip carries the Father's heart in a dynamic way and with a strong prophetic edge that ignites people with passion and the love of God and then empowers them to grow into world changers. Phillip not only inspires the Body of Christ but is a motivational speaker who is passionate about inspiring businesses and teams across the nation. He motivates players, coaches, CEOs and businesses to focus on achieving their goals together. His heart for the Kingdom in every walk of life is inspiring in and of itself.


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