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Jennifer Eivaz: "God Says: 2019 is the Year of the Big Door!"

Jennifer Eivaz
Jan 9, 2019

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Jennifer Eivaz is a good friend to us, here at the Elijah List, and we always look forward to her insight.

Her word for the new year is a BIG one...pun intended, as Jennifer shares here:

Again, in December 2018, I heard this phrase in my spirit over and over for about 48 hours. I heard, "2019 is the Year of the Big Door!"

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3 Prophetic Words to Help You "Wage the Good Warfare"

As I prepared to write out this prophetic word from the Holy Spirit for 2019, I made sure to look back through the words I had received during 2017 and 2018. I've discovered that some prophetic words carry the breath of God on them for an extended time, while others seem to have hit their expiration dates. They might have been the right word for one season, but when that season passes they are no longer valid for the new season. With that said, there are three prophetic words from 2017 and 2018 which I felt should be re-mentioned briefly so you can continue to "wage the good warfare" with your prophecies (1 Tim. 1:18). Here they are:

1. He will pay you back, and pay you back double.

There are many of you who've obeyed the Lord and did not deviate under pressure. You stayed in the assignment He called you to. Still you were persecuted, treated unfairly, dishonored, and you experienced loss. You've had a Joseph experience, a Job experience, and a Daniel experience, yet you've remained steadfast in the waiting. The Lord's firm promise to you is this:

Double honor for your shame;
Double possessions for what was stolen;
A double portion anointing; and
Twice as much as before.

2. He is releasing new keys for healing and deliverance and co-joining the prophetic ministry with deliverance ministry.

In December 2018, I had a dream about a man known for deliverance ministry. This was not a literal dream, but a symbolic one. I dreamt that we were dating and our date was at a large shopping center. I understood this dream to be about the Body of Christ and not me personally. I also saw in the symbols of the dream that the Church was "considering and looking around," but not yet committed to deliverance ministry. Still, it was preparing to eventually make a purchase—meaning that deliverance ministry is going to be incorporated into the Church where it has been dormant or non-existent before.

3. There is a prophetic bounty.

For 2018, and AGAIN for 2019, you will hear a lot of diverse prophetic words being released over the year. A lot. There continues to be more hope and vision throughout the Body of Christ resulting in a collective faith to pray and believe for bigger things. This has created the conditions for an open Heaven with many prophetic words being released in response. This is not prophetic disunity, but a prophetic bounty. (Photo via Unsplash)

Prophetic Word for 2019: The Year of the Big Door

Again, in December 2018, I heard this phrase in my spirit over and over for about 48 hours. I heard, "2019 is the Year of the Big Door!" This was obviously a shout out from the Holy Spirit that there is great Kingdom opportunity up ahead. As exciting as this sounds, my heart has been focused more on the threshold of the door, rather than the door itself. A threshold is "a strip of wood or stone forming the bottom of the doorway and crossed in entering a house or room." More simply, a threshold is metaphorically a beginning point and an entry point.

What I heard later is this, "The Big Door will open to you, but can you overcome the threshold?" This kind of question from the Lord is not a statement of doubt toward you, but actually a challenge and an invitation. The reason for this is because you will need to cross over a thing before you can begin a thing. And usually that thing we need to cross over involves extreme surrender, extreme trust, and a miracle that we've not seen before.

Make No Excuses

Are you getting excited to cross the threshold? Me too, but we need to prepare ourselves for a hindrance that will be sure to present itself. That hindrance will come in the form of an excuse, a legitimate one, to convince you to not cross the threshold and to not go through the "Big Door."

We read how this played out in Luke 14:16-23 when several individuals were invited to a feast, but all made lame excuses to not go. One bought a plot of ground, but insisted that he had to go look at it. Another bought a team of oxen and reported that he had to try them out. Finally, another got married and that was the only explanation given. To these individuals, the excuses seemed legitimate, but to us they are totally ridiculous. Think about it. Who buys a plot of land and who buys work animals before seeing or testing them? And then who gets married and doesn't want to show off his new wife?

My point is that an excuse will speak with authority and justify itself to tell you to not go forward on something. Set your heart now to not use any excuse, no matter what it is. You must cross the threshold.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

The End of the Story Is Not the End of the Story

Did you know that God's "no" is not always "no"? That sounds somewhat disturbing and I'm not referring to moral standards that we see in the Bible. Neither am I referring to Jesus' clear plan of salvation as these things don't change. However, we do read about instances in the Bible where it appeared that God gave a firm "no" or "denial" of a blessing to someone only to be persuaded to change His mind. Here are a few examples:

1. When God informed Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah would be destroyed with fire, Abraham retorted, "Would you also destroy the righteous with the wicked?" (Gen. 18:23). Then Abraham negotiated with God the terms on which He would spare the city, specifically that it would be spared if ten righteous persons were found there. There weren't ten righteous persons and the city was still destroyed, but Abraham's relatives living in the city—Lot and his daughters—were still spared from destruction (Gen. 18, 19).

2. King Hezekiah was sick and the prophet Isaiah came to him with the word of the Lord: "Set your house in order, for you shall die and not live" (2 Kings 20:1). Hezekiah cried out to the Lord to live and the prophet quickly returned to him with a new word: "I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you. On the third day you shall go up to the house of the Lord. And I will add to your days 15 years" (2 Kings 20:5-6).

3. A Gentile mother was begging Jesus to heal her daughter of demon possession. Jesus responded in a way that would highly offend us today. He said He was there for the Jews and not the Gentiles, distinguishing the Jews as "children" and the Gentiles as "dogs." That didn't stop her, however, and she wittingly appealed to His compassion to care for the "little dogs." Jesus liked her response, changed His mind, and instantly healed her daughter of the demon (Mark 7:24-30).

It's confusing to us when God says "no" about something that should be a "yes" because of who He is. He's a healer, a deliverer, a blesser, and more. What we need to remember is that God's "no" isn't always "no," and then learn how to press into His nature and press into our relationship with Him to receive the answer we need to cross the threshold. (Photo via Pixabay)

Look for the Road That Isn't There

You probably think I'm really going off the deep end by now. How can you look for a road that isn't there? The Israelites experienced this when they were fleeing from the Egyptian army and came to the edge of the Red Sea. This wasn't going to go well unless God did a miracle, which He did.

"Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters—a pathway no one knew was there!" (Ps. 77:19 NLT)

He miraculously split the sea and made a dry road so they could cross their threshold. For us too, there are roads that we can't see yet that will take us over the threshold and through the "Big Door." When you need that miracle, He will make a road for you. He will do something impossible to enable you to cross the threshold and step into your new beginning.

My prayer for you: Holy Spirit, You've told me the "BIG DOOR" will open, but it's the threshold we need to focus on. Give us eyes to see the excuses for what they are when they present themselves. Give us courage to deny excuses a voice. Help us to know You so well that we can identify the "no's" that aren't really "no's." Encourage our hearts that You will make a way. We are not stuck. There is a road that we can't yet see, but You will reveal it. In Jesus' name. Amen. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Jennifer Eivaz, Executive Pastor
Harvest Christian Center, Turlock, CA


Jennifer Eivaz is the bestselling author of both The Intercessors Handbook & the newly released Seeing the Supernatural. She is also a featured writer for several online publications including the Elijah List and Charisma Magazine. Jennifer is a vibrant minister and conference speaker who carries the wisdom and fire of the Holy Spirit. She is passionate to equip the Body of Christ for effectual prayer, to hear the voice of God accurately, and to experience genuine encounters with His glory. Jennifer is the founder of Harvest Ministries International and Executive Pastor with Harvest Christian Center in Turlock, California. Jennifer is married to HCC's Senior Pastor Ron Eivaz, and they have two wonderful children.

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