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Fidelity's Top 20 Favorite Stocks

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Nov 7, 2018

My Latest FREE Report is Reserved in Your Name…

Fidelity’s Top 20
Favorite Stocks

and the Fund Managers Who Own Them

Legendary Fidelity fund manager Peter Lynch made investors rich with a single secret:

“Know what you own!”

But do you know what your Fidelity funds own today?

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Fellow Investor,

Fidelity is the place investors go to beat index funds. You know that. But do you know how easily you can beat the average Fidelity investor by an astounding 201% — while cutting your risk in half?

You might never find out, unless you give me your permission to release your FREE copy of my newest Special Report to you — so that you can discover exactly what’s powering Fidelity’s best (and worst) funds.

CLICK HERE for your FREE reportFIDELITY’S TOP 20 FAVORITE STOCKS and the Fund Managers Who Own Them is hot off the press. What you’ll discover in this Special Report is both fascinating and rewarding. And it’s yours free today… totally free… as in “100% FREE” without any obligation to buy a thing, now or later.

I’m Jim Lowell and as head of the world’s largest independent Fidelity research organization, it’s my job to show individual investors like you how to make more money than the average Fidelity investor. How am I doing? No one’s better, as my verified performance record proves…

My Fidelity strategy produces
201% bigger profits than average.

With such an impressive profit edge, you might think my strategy is a big secret. Truth is, it’s the oldest mutual fund wealth-building strategy in the books. I buy the manager, not the fund. Sound familiar? It should. The buy-the-manager strategy is and has always been the best way to build wealth with mutual funds.

The trick, of course, is finding the best managers. And I’ve nailed it! I’ve created a proprietary manager ranking system that’s purely quantitative and rules based, which is to say this system is heartless. My rankings are 100% void of subjectivity.

I can tell you each manager’s daily performance and how it correlated to his or her benchmark and peer group — for each and every day they’ve managed money professionally — and for each and every fund they’ve ever managed!

photo: Jim LowellJim Lowell is the editor of Fidelity Investor, the private and independent advisory published for individual investors seeking superior performance from their Fidelity investments.

Jim’s subscribers are known as “Fidelity’s Fortunate Few.” The fund selections they get directly from Jim double, and in many cases triple their returns. His strategies for investment income have boosted members’ annual income two-fold.

Now you can get Jim’s best advice in his latest new report, Fidelity’s Top 20 Favorite Stocks… FREE!

As a result, it’s critical for me to know how much of which stocks each manager owns right now. There’s no other way to master the buy-the-manager strategy. Heck, I’ve been tracking Fidelity’s managers in-depth for decades… ever since I launched my private advisory service, Fidelity Investor, in 1997. It’s the key to making 201% bigger profits!

You might be fascinated to learn that many of Fidelity’s favorite stocks today didn’t even exist when I began publishing. Take a look at the top 3 on today’s list:

#1) Alphabet (GOOG)

#2) Amazon (AMZN)

#3) Microsoft (MSFT)

Perhaps you were expecting the likes of ExxonMobil or Walmart? Those giants didn’t even make the Top 20 List.

In their place…

#4) iShares: Wouldn’t you like to know the managers who put a passive index into their actively managed funds, and their reasons for doing so?

#18) Wells Fargo (WFC). Why not? Since the 2008 housing collapse, business is good. Wells Fargo borrows money at practically zero interest and lends it out at much higher rates, for car loans (booming!), mortgages, home improvement, you name it. What happens when the Fed raises rates from near zero to...? And which Fidelity funds will feel the most impact? It's all in this important Fidelity Investor alert.

There are 15 more stocks profiled in FIDELITY’S TOP 20 FAVORITE STOCKS and the Fund Managers Who Own Them. You’ve probably heard of most of them, but you might not know how their prospects for the immediate future might impact your Fidelity funds.

CLICK HERE for your FREE reportBerkshire Hathaway (BRK) is #8… PayPal (PYPL) comes in at #19.

Where’s Salesforce (CRM)? Where’s America’s largest healthcare (insurance and managed care) company, UnitedHealth Group (UNH)? Both are in the top 20 list, but not in the ranking order you might expect.

How come Visa (V) and MasterCard (MA) are in the top 20 but American Express (AXP) is not? Get your free report right now for insights Fidelity won’t ever share with you.

Your report is free, but I need your
permission to release it to you today.

Respond right now and you’ll gain access to FIDELITY’S TOP 20 FAVORITE STOCKS and the Fund Managers Who Own Them within seconds.

No charge!


Jim Lowell,
Editor, Fidelity Investor

P.S. This is a totally free offer that’s open to you for the next 48 hours only. So please, claim your free copy of FIDELITY’S TOP 20 FAVORITE STOCKS and the Fund Managers Who Own Them right now. Don’t let another minute slip away. Beat the 48-hour deadline. Respond now.

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