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Cameron King: "God Said: 'Let Me Show You How My Acceleration Process Works'"

Cameron King
Oct 29, 2018

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This is such an interesting word we just recently received from Cameron King of Georgia.

Have you ever been curious how God's timetable works when His timing is so different from ours? Well, Cameron offers some great insight in this latest article as he shares:

When we think of acceleration in our current day, we usually assume that it means things will happen quickly within our frame of reference to what we perceive is "fast". Your paradigm must be aligned with God's—knowing these things happen faster on God's time line, not ours. This is especially true when the process of acceleration first starts.

I believe this is word to prayerfully consider...especially those of you in "waiting periods" with the Lord. It will bless you and encourage your faith! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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About ten years ago, I was really frustrated with the Lord. I had given myself to prayer, fasting, preaching, teaching and evangelism in and from a very obscure place. At that point, it felt like I had poured out everything I was for Christ, the Kingdom, the Church and the world only for minimal results. It's one thing to feel like you're giving everything when you're making an impact. It feels totally different when you're making great sacrifices with minimal to little results.

On a side note, the Holy Spirit was able to pull much more sacrifice out of me after this point than I thought I was capable of giving. However, at this time I perceived I was at the end of my rope, but in reality I had a lot more rope than I was aware of.

The One to One Ratio Changed by God's Acceleration

It was in this state of mind that I sat down in my "man-chair" at my house and the Lord gave me a vision. In the vision the Lord showed me a chessboard with the pieces set and ready to be played. The only difference was this chessboard was bigger than a standard chessboard. In the vision, I commanded my pieces to move as the kingdom of darkness did the same to their pieces.

I would move and the enemy would make a counter move. It was a one to one ratio. I couldn't make any progress in attacking the enemy's king, but we were both exchanging pawns (the small insignificant pieces) so the game could progress. Then in the vision the Lord spoke to me and said, "Let Me show you how My acceleration process works." At this point in the chess match, the kingdom of darkness moved its piece, and I would make a counter move. Then the Lord moved one of my pieces in addition to the move I made. In that cycle I got two moves to the enemy's one move.

When it was the enemy's turn, he made a counter move on the board, but this time when I made a move, God added two additional moves with my pieces, destroying two of the enemy's significant strongholds on the board. In this round, the enemy made one move to my three moves. From this point on in the game, every time it was my turn, the Father would make additional moves with my other pieces on the board. With each round He would add an additional move to our turn. So as the game progressed, the enemy would make one move to my four moves, then one move to my five moves, then one move to my six moves, etc. With the additional moves, even on a bigger board, we quickly routed the enemy and put him in checkmate, ending the game. (Photo via Unsplash)

The Lord spoke to me at the end of the vision and said, "This is how My acceleration process works. When I start moving the pieces of your life, then nothing can keep Me from winning. Be faithful until I start moving the pieces. Watch for moments when I start advancing on your behalf with things that are out of your control and beyond your ability to manage. When you see these providential events increasing, then know My acceleration process has begun."

Now fast forward ten years from this vision to September 13, 2018. As I was a few days out from finishing a fast that led me up to Rosh Hashanah, the Lord spoke to me about a few words and concepts He wanted me to release. As He was doing this, He brought me back to the vision of acceleration and He told me, "The process of acceleration is drawing near not only for you, but for the nation. It's for the revival that's coming, and for the hidden people that have been seeking Me intensely, but privately."

As I've prayed into the vision, I believe there are a few additional details and correlations the Lord has shown me.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

1. Faithfulness is the Qualifier for Acceleration

The Father will not invest Himself in your victory if you're not willing to do so as well. He'll not part the Red Sea for someone too lazy to walk to shore. He gives us a command, and our faithfulness in obeying what He has said qualifies us for for His additional involvement. (Keep in mind, we're not talking about earning righteousness, we're talking about multiplying talents. See Matthew 25:14-30 for reference.)

2. The Acceleration Process is Still a Process

Acceleration doesn't mean God does everything for us or that things are instantaneous. It means the providential events that shape our lives are occurring more frequently.

3. The Cycle of Moves Are Seasons in Our Lives

When we think of acceleration in our current day, we usually assume that it means things will happen quickly within our frame of reference to what we perceive is "fast". Your paradigm must be aligned with God's—knowing these things happen faster on God's time line, not ours. This is especially true when the process of acceleration first starts. You must accept that God may not be moving fast based on our definition of fast. Yet as each new season of life occurs, the pace of God's involvement begins to transpire more frequently and more powerfully. As the seasons of life change more quickly, they usher in greater victory and more influence to our lives.

4. The Enemy Still Makes Counter Moves

The kingdom of darkness still fights, but in each season of life its influence is diminished. Don't be surprised by the resistance you face.

5. We Can't Control When God Starts Moving the Pieces or Which Pieces He Moves

He sovereignly chooses the timing and the moves He makes. We're still co-laboring with Him. We move some of the pieces, but our ability to see and strategize is limited in times of acceleration. As God moves the pieces for us we reap the benefits of His wisdom and perspective that are working in ways beyond our control. (Photo via Unsplash)

6. We Still Have the Choice in How to Move Our One Piece

His additional moves adjust to the decisions we make within our own dominion and calling. He respects our desires and free will. He's able to overlay His overall strategy on top of ours. This is supernatural, spectacular and beautiful. He loves us so much that He allows us to take the lead and to initiate the victory. It's not just His victory, it's our victory as well.

My Prayer for You!

I declare, in Jesus' name: God, I know You're releasing acceleration in the lives of the people that have diligently been seeking You. You're coming alongside Your faithful servants who are obeying Your Word and are executing Your plan for their lives. The callings and visions that many of these people perceived as being on the verge of death are starting to come alive again. You are starting the process of acceleration. You're beginning to move the pieces that will bring about their destinies. They'll know it's not because of their great skills and wisdom that their callings were fulfilled and their visions were accomplished, but because of their mighty God who moved within their dominion and gave them the victory! In Jesus' name, amen. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Cameron King
Royal Perspectives
Email: click here

Cameron King served as the lead pastor for 13 and a half years at First Assembly of God in Cairo, Georgia and today he is currently the pastor of NewSong Church in Monroe, Georgia where he has served as the lead pastor since 2013. He is the author of "The Key to Your Church's Vision: The Practical Guide to Praying for Your Pastor." He has a knack for taking troubled Churches and transforming them into healthy communities of faith. Cameron and his wife, Rachel, also developed the Makiah Well Project where they build wells for children who need clean drinking water all around the world. He, along with his wife and four daughters, live in Monroe, Georgia.

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