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Ella Onakoya: "A Heavenly Invitation: Enter through the Door of God's River of Glory!"

Ella Onakoya
Oct 15, 2018

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

God is always calling us higher...because He wants to continually draw us closer to Him.

This is an awesome word of the Lord that Ella Onakoya recently received for the Body:

Prophetically, God is on course to bring His Church from a season of dryness and barrenness, into a realm of supernatural fruitfulness. I sense the Lord is saying, "You have stayed in your abode of dryness for too long. Enter through My open door into My ever-flowing river of fruitfulness, power and glory."

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Over the years, the Lord has given me several dreams regarding the river of the Holy Spirit. I feel led to share this particular dream He showed me concerning His river, as it speaks so powerfully of where He is calling His Church to be in this season. I believe the Lord is calling us to walk with Him in great intimacy and power, and to abide in the river of His Holy Spirit.

A House Filled with the River of God

In this dream, I was inside a room within a house. As I opened a door to enter another room, I was suddenly amidst a powerful, flowing river! I felt the mighty waves lifting me up, and I began to soar higher and higher. The length, breadth, depth and height of the river was immeasurable, but I could not touch the ceiling of the house. There was no limit as I kept soaring higher. Inside the waters, I heard the most beautiful sound of worship and praise all around me being offered up to God. This dream lasted all night till I woke up in the morning. There was no sense of time as the Lord caused me to soar in this eternal realm of His river.

"There is a Holy invitation today to drink of the new wine of the Spirit of God."

I feel the Lord would have me share the following revelations I received from this dream: Prophetically, God is on course to bring His Church from a season of dryness and barrenness, into a realm of supernatural fruitfulness. I sense the Lord is saying, "You have stayed in your abode of dryness for too long. Enter through My open door into My ever-flowing river of fruitfulness, power and glory."

In the dream the room I was initially in was dry, until I opened the door. When I did, I was immediately transported into a supernatural room full of the river of God. I felt an excitement in my spirit; the Lord revealed to me that Jesus is this open door! In John 10:9, Jesus said, "I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture."

Stay Connected

I sense the Lord's encouragement to stay connected to the person of Jesus. As we stay connected in worship, listening and obedient to the Word, we enter through Him into a heavenly, divine realm where His power, presence and supernatural provision is richly made available to us. Many will experience miraculous testimonies, even during their times of trial. There will be many suddenlies of upgrades, increase in anointings, breakthroughs and supernatural provisions for those who stay focused and connected to the heart of Jesus! He remains the eternal door through which heavenly resources will be released.

I would like to share a recent testimony of a supernatural salvation that took place, because I stayed connected to the heart of Jesus. Recently, after I had finished ministering at a church in the UK and was on my way home in a cab, I started chatting with the cab driver. He told me how successful he was and how he seemingly had everything, including a loving family and financial security.

Initially when I preached the Gospel to him, he seemed untouched as he insisted he had everything he needed and didn't really need anything else. I then started to talk about Jesus' love for him and how the Lord yearned to have a relationship with him even deeper than what he had with his wife. (Photo via Unsplash)

As I spoke of Jesus' love for him, a "suddenly moment" occurred, and a sweet and powerful anointing of His love flooded the car. With tears brimming in his eyes, the driver ignored all calls coming in for his services as he became captivated by God's presence. He said he had never felt such a presence before, and whenever the Gospel had been preached to him in the past, it had always felt dry. He told me he wanted a relationship with Jesus, and right then and there he prayed for the Lord to forgive his sins and for Jesus to come into his heart and be his Lord and Savior. The love of Jesus I spoke of was that same door to God's heavenly, glorious river, and it released such an anointing that it moved the cab driver to receive salvation.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

Ezekiel 47: Immersed in His Presence

The Church is in a Kairos moment where we are being called to be immersed in the Ezekiel river!

When I woke up from the dream, the Lord breathed into my heart the words, "Ezekiel 47." As I opened my Bible and started to read from Ezekiel 47, I realized that I had just been immersed all night in a supernatural realm within the river that I was reading about. When I read the first verse, about the water flowing from underneath a temple, my heart was filled with excitement as if I was seeing it for the first time!

"The man brought me back to the entrance to the temple, and I saw water coming out from under the threshold of the temple toward the east (for the temple faced east). The water was coming down from under the south side of the temple, south of the altar." (Ezekiel 47:1 emphasis mine)

"...God is on course to bring His Church from a season of dryness and barrenness, into a realm of supernatural fruitfulness."

As I laid on the bed feeling totally intoxicated with the Spirit of God, such was the memory of the vividness of the dream, that I wondered if there was really a building in Heaven similar to the temple described in Ezekiel 47—where the rivers of God were flowing underneath the temple.

Then I heard clearly in my spirit that there is a need to be immersed in the Spirit of God for the assignment that is ahead. God is calling His Church into His chamber where they will be immersed in total intimacy with His character, His glory and power. Assignments from Heaven must be immersed in God's presence.

I believe there were layers of interpretations to this dream. We must be immersed in Him, yet He is in us. What a wonderful reminder and encouragement: We are God's habitation. We are His temple. I believe the temple spoken of in Ezekiel 47 has become our reality. Through relationship with Jesus we have become His temple. 1 Corinthians 3:16 declares that we are God's temple and His Spirit dwells within us.

"Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in your midst?"

The river flowing in Ezekiel's temple speaks of His Spirit moving in us today. A powerful revival will take place when the river within each person flows unhindered. I see rivers flowing from God's temple of Believers to overflow into communities and nations.

Church, You Are Called to Soar!

A life in the Spirit will cause us to soar beyond earthly and demonic limitations. I believe the Spirit of God is saying that each Believer will be divinely positioned to soar into victory and authority, and as they surrender to His movement, it will cause the powerful ripples and waves of His Spirit to lift us higher. As I soared in this river all night till morning, there were no boundaries at all in this heavenly realm. God's presence will always beckon us to come up higher!

An Invitation to Drink the New Wine of God

The first wave of the new wine of God's Spirit was released on the day of Pentecost. It was released as the promised Holy Spirit descended on hungry Believers, who were praying earnestly in expectation for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The gathered audience wondered aloud at the manifestation. When they saw the disciples speaking in strange tongues, they asked if they were drunk. Peter explained that they were under the influence of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that was prophesied about in the book of Joel. It was not physical wine that they were under the influence of, but a spiritual wine, which we are also invited to drink.

After the dream, I woke up feeling drunk in the Spirit and remembered the Scripture in Ephesians 5:18, exhorting us to not be drunk with wine but to be filled with the Spirit of God: "Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit..." There is a Holy invitation today to drink of the new wine of the Spirit of God. I hear the eternal cry of Jesus, "Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost" (Isaiah 55:1). (Photo via Unsplash)

Friends, this is an encouraging word to stay connected to the heart of Jesus. Be wary of the enemy's tactics to bring trials that will cause you to disconnect from His presence. As we stay connected to Him, we will experience Jesus as the door that will cause us to step into the era of fruitfulness that Heaven wants to release to the Church! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Ella Onakoya
Harvest of the Nations


Ella Onakoya is the founder of Harvest of the Nations. She is a full-time itinerant minister and author based in the UK who has been traveling for several years to preach a message of revival and awakening to Believers in churches; she also preaches the Gospel to the lost and unsaved in many parts of the world. The ministry also aims to equip, activate, and disciple Believers in their calling to do the works that Jesus did. As an evangelist and prophetic revivalist, Ella Onakoya travels and ministers extensively in Asia, Africa, Europe, the UK, and in America with God fulfilling His Word with signs and wonders as she speaks at crusades, conferences, church revival meetings, and equipping schools.

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