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"Steve Shultz: The Perfect Prophetic Word – See Something? Say Something!"

Steve Shultz
Mar 11, 2018

March 11, 2018

"Steve Shultz: The Perfect Prophetic Word – See Something? Say Something!"

There is an important warning out these days...

"If you see something, SAY SOMETHING!"

More than any day in history, Americans are taking this warning seriously, as it relates to terrorism or gun violence and more.

Steve ShultzSteve ShultzIn the prophetic movement which has been here since 1988, it could be said that this has also been our training too. I was raised up personally under CI, Christian International, with Bill Hamon, Tom and Jane Hamon, and their entire team. That training is in my DNA, and frankly, in the DNA now, of ELIJAH LIST MINISTRIES!

We were trained from the ground up that we can, and we should mostly—PROPHESY AT WILL. 

At will?

Yes, "At Will" can be said another way, which is prophesy—"ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH" (see Romans 12:6).

A number of years ago, I did a conference with John Paul Jackson. One night I watched as he "read every single person's mail". This was done seemingly as if it was very clear, obvious and transparent, with what each person needed to be prophesied to them. 

Steve ShultzLater that night, John Paul and I had a late night snack and I asked him the following, "John Paul, how many of those prophecies tonight did you see, like absolute, as if in a vision? And how many of those were that clear because you could see them? And how many of those were you prophesying BY FAITH?"

Without so much as a hesitation he said, "About 50/50! 50% I saw perfectly clear, and the other 50% I saw by faith."

I will never forget that, as I've not forgotten many teachable moments from other prophets. And now hopefully, you'll not forget that either. 

Romans 12:6, "We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith..."

Now, back to my CI (Christian International) training...

Since my training was that we can prophesy "AT WILL" and "ACCORDING TO OUR FAITH" —that is what I've always done. Even now, some may ask the question, "Does our faith allow us to tap into what God's prophetic word is—causing us to suddenly KNOW what the prophecy should be?  OR you might ask, "Does God, who always responds to faith, 'back our act' and cause our prophecies to come true for the benefit of the person we prophesied to?"

The answer: I think it's often true both ways, and sometimes at the same time too. When we prophesy according to our faith, God loves our obedience, our faith, and our love for HIS PEOPLE. So when you prophesy, "feel the love" and just prophesy! Then you'll be amazed how God backs your act. Other times, you'll SEE IT as if on a billboard and it is equally true and equally from the Lord. So, from a billboard or from the faith in your heart—it's all from God!


That brings me to, "If you see something, say something." Again prophesying by faith can also be described as taking the teeniest, tiniest impression or picture in your mind's eye and prophesying it confidently toward the other person. So, whatever you SEE, no matter how small and even if only in your mind's eye, you then SAY SOMETHING, or in our case, YOU THEN PROPHESY SOMETHING! Or said a final way, "YOU PROPHESY WHAT YOU SEE—BY FAITH!"


You're about to read my short encounter of one of the most accurate "words" I've ever given. Remember our new mandate, "IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, PROPHESY SOMETHING!"

In one of my early conferences, probably close to the year 2000, I had not yet learned to pace myself. Going back that far we did not yet have hundreds or even thousands of prophetic voices as we do now. Every person speaking out at churches was almost a "novelty" because so few had been released into the churches in the USA to prophesy to anyone.

So, after my session that night, I found myself alone, prophesying over every person who decided to stay in the line until well past midnight. Even as I did this, I felt myself running out of steam and telling myself, "I don't think I'll do it like this again." 

But God was faithful and every last person I would give a prophetic word to, each one of them, seemed so very grateful. Then there was the very last woman in line. I think she was around 25 to 30 years old at the time, and she stood there all night, patiently waiting for her turn to come.

I got her name and said, "Let's see what God has to say," and then I listened and watched. I tried to receive from the Lord the slightest picture in my mind. Nothing! I was drawing a blank.

Let me assure you, this had never EVER happened before that time, and frankly, I don't think it's happened but a time or two since.

Finally, after a long embarrassing pause I said, "You know, I really apologize to you, but I'm honestly not getting ANYTHING for you!"

I assumed I was about to see the disappointment on her face or maybe even tears from her.

She lit up and enthusiastically said, "Oh good!"

"Good?" I asked. "You've been waiting in line all night. Why is that good?"

"Easy!" She said, "When I got in line God said to me, "You can stand in line if you want but he's not going to have a word for you! You already know what to do because I've already told you what to do!"

I think there were two relieved people that night. She was happy to have tested her word from the LORD HIMSELF, and so she stood in line anyway. And I was completely happy that I had not just made something up. Now, to be clear, I've never intentionally made anything up. But can you imagine, what if I had?

So, as you learn to prophesy or to prophesy much better, remember this: "If you see something, PROPHESY something...and if you SEE NOTHING, PROPHESY NOTHING!"

From that day to this one, I've told this story as an example of one of the most accurate prophetic words I've ever given—the time I gave NO WORD AT ALL!

Does that help?

Hey, while I have you here for a second, Derene and I wanted to thank you in advance if this is one of the times God impresses you to sow into ELIJAH LIST MINISTRIES. We always send these prophetic emails for free. ALWAYS! But we do pay our staff with your financial support.

God bless you as you continue to prophesy!

Steve and Derene Shultz, Founders
Elijah List Ministries

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