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"Unbelievable! The 'SHEE - SHOO' Prophecy"

Steve Shultz with Sunil Isaac
Jan 19, 2018

January 19, 2018

"Unbelievable! The 'SHEE - SHOO' Prophecy"

Hey ministry friends,

You're going to love this "SHEE - SHOO" prophecy story.

When you're finished reading this, ask yourself this question...

Is it hard for God to get a word to me, even from the other side of the planet, from someone I don't know?

I'm certain you'll be answering, "NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR OUR GOD! NOTHING!"

Now, please enjoy this story below written by Sunil Isaac who does our DECODERS segment for ELIJAHSTREAMS TV (Sunil pictured here with me, Steve).


Steve Shultz, Founder
Elijah List Ministries

Sunil Isaac with Elijah List Ministries writes:

Hi Steve,

Over a decade ago, during a time of transition for my parents and me, my parents "stumbled" on to this prophet while on a World Mission 360 trip—the outreach my parents do in India.

12 Years ago...

About 12 years ago, they were in a remote village with no modern technology, and happened to be in a small prayer gathering at someone's tiny remote village house. This man came up to them and gave them one of the most accurate prophetic words they had ever heard at the time—a word revealing things that no one else could have known about, and that only God could have revealed to him. That word has come to pass over the last decade for my parents and myself.

Then, A Couple of Months Ago...

My parents did not keep in touch with that prophet because literally, at the time, he was just a man from a remote village in India with limited amount of technology to even be able to keep in touch with him, even if they wanted to.

Then a couple of months ago to my parents shock, they literally "stumbled" on to him again here in the United States—over a decade later—at an elevator! This was where an Indian wedding was taking place at another state from where my parents live. Apparently, this man from that remote village in India had also been invited to the wedding—and there he was standing by the elevator, much to my parents complete shock! They had no idea how this prophet was able to travel to America because he literally does not know English at all.

So they exchanged pleasantries (both he and my parents spoke in the language called "Malayalam") and arranged to have a brief phone call a few days later since he would not be coming to Texas where my parents live. Because my parents remembered his accurate prophetic word from over a decade ago, they wanted to just pray with him.

Leading up to that phone call, my parents did not give this prophet any personal details of what was going on in their lives or my life, so that by some chance—if he began to prophesy, it would be a "pure" word, a prophetic word not influenced by the personal details they potentially could have given him.

Steve, he did not know of my involvement with you, who you are, or what you do. In fact, he did not know that I was in transition in life, and he did not know of my family's potential move out of state to Nebraska. He did not know of me working with Pastor Hank Kunneman and his church, while at the same time, working for you at Elijah List Ministries. He did not know anything about me, because my parents did not say anything to him other than what he had prophesied about them and myself over a decade ago, which had come to pass.

So the phone call began...

Then suddenly, as he was praying over the phone, he began to prophesy about me and said that God is shifting me and my family to a new geographic place, and to a new company of people, where my family will flourish, where we will prosper emotionally, spiritually and financially. Keep in mind, he is prophesying and speaking only in Malayalam, which is their native language.

But then suddenly, as he was prophesying, he pauses, stops talking for a few seconds and says, "SHEE - SHOO, SHEE - SHOO. What is SHEE - SHOO? I don't know what that means: Shee - SHOO. Ask your son what SHEE - SHOO means. That is also going to prosper greatly."

Remember, this was a phone call. My parents said that when they heard this, they looked at each other, eyes wide open, and jaws dropping in complete shock at what they had just heard. He does not speak or read English at all. They KNEW he was trying to say, "STEVE SHULTZ." They did not show him any pictures of you, Steve, or say anything about you or what you did for a living, nor what I did with you and Elijah List Ministries/ELIJAHStream TV.

When he prophesied those syllables, my parents were not even sure he knew whether or not "Shee - Shoo" was a person, or a thing. The fact that the Holy Spirit revealed those phonetic sounds to him—Wow!

The prophet added, "Shee - Shoo will take three years to be fully established. It will prosper."

That's the story.

The two interactions my parents have had with this remote village prophet have been amazing in accuracy and timeliness. My parents later in the call explained to him that I am working with a man named Steve Shultz, that I am also moving my family to Nebraska, and working with a pastor and a church there.

He replied that everything I (Sunil) am doing will prosper, he prayed a prophetic prayer of blessing over me, and encouraged me and my parents greatly with what had just happened.

It's just amazing to me how God strategically places His people at the right time, for the right purpose and season. God's Kingship and dominion is so vast! —end of Sunil's word

Steve Shultz continues:

On a side note, three years from the prophecy is toward the end of the year 2020. I am not sure what exactly the phrase "three years to be fully established" is referring to, but in my opinion, I do feel whatever is in your heart, whatever expansion plans and initiatives you have, it's going to prosper ultimately. So don't be shy with your vision. It will be established.

2020 Vision! Perfect Vision!

Final Note by Steve Shultz: Can I quickly tell you that we are in an urgent and accelerated season of growth! God is "all over" ELIJAHStreams TV, but of course, we depend on your faithful giving to keep us going and to help us build out our TV studio. You share in ANY and ALL rewards we have. I mean it. Our rewards in Heaven are also YOUR REWARDS IN HEAVEN.

Thank you so much in advance for your faithful sowing into this ministry.

Steve Shultz, Founder
Elijah List Ministries

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