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Michael Lombardo: "Time to Run with Your Heavenly Assignments!"

Michael Lombardo
Jan 6, 2018

January 6, 2018

"Time to Run with Your Heavenly Assignments!"
Michael Lombardo, South Amboy, New Jersey

From the Desk of Larry Sparks:

Steve ShultzThrough this prophetic word, Michael Lombardo faithfully gives voice to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to the Church in this hour. Michael Lombardo is an international minister, revivalist and he and his wife Selina are the founders of Life Poured Out International, a mission-centered ministry with a vision to reach the lost, ignite the Church, and care for the poor and orphan.

In order for us to operate in the level of impact and transformation that Jesus envisioned, there must be an awakening. There must be awakening from our spiritual slumber and a forward momentum, intentionally picking up the Kingdom assignments God has given to us.

YOUR destiny being fulfilled is extremely important; not because it's ALL about YOU, but because it's about every Kingdom assignment of the Lord being activated.

You will be encouraged and mobilized by this word from Michael! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Larry Sparks, MDiv
Equip Culture



"Time to Run with Your Heavenly Assignments!"
Michael Lombardo, South Amboy, New Jersey

A few months ago, the Lord spoke to me vividly in a series of visions. In my travels to different churches around the country and overseas, the Holy Spirit has reminded me of these visions and their importance for this time that we're living in. In this new year, I believe it's imperative that we set our faces like flint on the promises of God and commit ourselves to walking in our God-given destiny, regardless of the challenges that arise along the way.

Angel of Awakening

As I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, my spirit was active as I felt the wooing of the Holy Spirit on the inside of me. As I turned my attention and affection to Him, I saw a series of visions. The first vision was of a majestic angel hovering over the cities of the world at night, blowing a trumpet to wake up the people. The Holy Spirit kept whispering to my heart, "Angel of awakening."

The first Scripture that I ever memorized as a new Believer was Ephesians 5:14. Honestly, I didn't even slightly grasp the meaning of this passage at the time, but it resonated mysteriously within me, so I decided to put it to memory. I love how it's written in The Passion Translation, "Arise, you sleeper! Rise up from the dead and the Anointed One will shine His light into you!" (Ephesians 5:14 TPT)

A constant theme in my prophetic journey with the Lord has to strongly do with a spiritual awakening that needs to take place in the Church. Yes I said it...awakening in the Church! You may be wondering why? It is the sons and daughters of God that must wake up from their spiritual slumber first, so they can be launched out of their comfort zones and into the harvest field to bring salvation, healing and deliverance to those trapped in darkness. I believe that's why I cherished Ephesians 5:14, even before I mentally understood its meaning. Awakening is a central theme on the heart of God.

Unfortunately, while the world is slumbering in the darkness, completely oblivious to the supernatural life that is available to them—the Bride of Christ has been sleeping in the Light totally unaware of who she is and what she's called to. Paul's exhortations still speak to us today, "Awake O sleepers! Rise from your slumber!" If Paul said this to Believers, then it's possible for a Believer to be sleeping.

Over and over again Jesus would say, "...those who have ears to hear, let them hear" (Matthew 11:15, Mark 4:9). Jesus is repeating that same exhortation today through His fivefold ministers. I believe that's why the angel of awakening was depicted as hovering over cities at night. Many are sleeping, but the angelic hosts and the Spirit of God are sounding a spiritual alarm!

Awakened and Passionate Ones

The next vision was similar to the first one. I saw a mass crowd of Believers gathered together in one location worshipping Jesus with everything in them. Deeply I sensed that each Believer had laid their lives down in private and they were ready to go anywhere and do anything for their King. This wasn't mere emotionalism; it was pure adoration and surrender to Christ. During this vision, I kept hearing the Lord say, "Awakening... awakening... awakening is here."

First thing is first. I sense that the Lord is wooing His Bride back into the secret place of holy romance. He's awakening the hearts of His people to first love passion! Passion for His presence is vital for Kingdom advancement. Many want spiritual fruit with signs, wonders and miracles, but they don't want to take the time to abide in the Vine. Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing Jesus intimately and personally.

In 2018, we must make more room for Jesus to invade our lives with His glorious presence again. If you feel like you've left your first love, it's never too late to return. First love passion awaits you as you commit yourself to the secret place of divine union with Him. As you awaken to intimacy, the Holy Spirit will reveal your destiny. Remove the frivolous distractions of life that have held you back in the past and boldly move forward with Jesus. All fruitfulness will flow from staying rooted in God's presence. The awakened ones depicted in this vision were first and foremost worshipers and lovers of Jesus!

Pick Up Your Assignments

The last vision I saw pierced my heart more than any other. In the Spirit, I saw the aerial view of a man's arm leaning on a large desk. I know now that this Man was Jesus Christ. He was very intently and urgently writing down eternal words on several pieces of paper, but I couldn't quite distinguish what was being written. Every time He finished on one piece of paper, it would fall on the floor next to His desk. Over and over, He'd write and the papers would casually fall to the ground to be trampled on.

During this encounter, I heard the Holy Spirit say repeatedly and strongly, "Assignments... assignments... assignments." As I heard this word in my spirit, I automatically began to receive the vision's interpretation. Here is what the Spirit of God spoke to me that night:

"There is an angel of awakening that is hovering over the earth. Angels are being released! Awakening is here! My beautiful Bride that was once asleep is waking up to heavenly realities and a Kingdom lifestyle. She is stepping into her destiny. In times past, I've given assignments to My sons and daughters, but they refused to run with them. As a result, these assignments have fallen by the wayside.

"Destinies have gone unfulfilled because of the lack of obedience in many of My people. Now is the time! It's not too late! You can pick up those assignments I've given to you. It doesn't matter how long you've rejected My voice. You are forgiven and loved. But now is the time to rise up and shine like the city on a hill that you are. Say yes to your calling. Follow Me! It's time to run with the assignments I've destined for you, My beautiful Bride!"

Going Deeper!

It's time to go deeper than you ever have before! Let go of the fears, distractions, and vain pursuits that have hindered you in the past. Don't allow temporal circumstances to dictate whether or not you'll live out your eternal calling. Don't let the impossibilities before you hold you back from going deeper with Jesus in 2018!

I hear the Lord saying, "Dance on impossibilities!" Nothing is impossible for Him who believes (Mark 9:23). Many people want to see miracles in their life, but many don't want to be put in a situation where a miracle is necessary. Don't play it safe this year...step out on the water, and as you do, I believe you will see the supernatural power of God back you up!

Awake sleepers and run with your eternal assignments. Give Jesus a big "Yes!" this year and watch how He pours out His Spirit and manifests His life through you in amazing ways! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Michael Lombardo
Life Poured Out International


Michael Lombardo is an international minister, revivalist, and author of "Immersed in His Glory." After a radical encounter with Jesus, his life was powerfully transformed from being a drug junkie to becoming a lover of God. He attended and graduated from Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, and it was there that he was ignited with a passion for overseas missions. Since then, he has preached the Gospel with salvations, signs, and wonders in over twelve nations. He met his wife, Selina, while serving with Iris Global in the bush of Mozambique. Michael and Selina are now the founders of Life Poured Out International, a mission-centered ministry with a vision to reach the lost, ignite the Church, and care for the poor and orphan. Their ministry is marked with a tangible move of God's Spirit, prophecy, healing, and manifestations of God's glory. They are lovers of God with an unrelenting passion to spread Christ's love across the nations. Currently, they are based in New Jersey.


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